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hi what new in new last update

Hey Spham, there was still an error in the installation folder. So now its fixed. It’s working correctly.

thank you, no features ?

M working on new features. Will release on May 15th.

Hi How I can download latest version of this code?

I had uploaded the new version with updates and no error. I guess the review did not change the zip files. Send me your email I send you the zip.

Thanks ! May I know the Admin user id and password ?

Admin username:- Admin, password:- password


When I change to show more lines in To Do List and Goals List or I advance for next pages the Done and Delete functions doesn’t works.

As I can see, in the demo version it also happens.

Could you help me?

Best regards,


Hi, Did you change the code in To Do List and Goals List.

The Done and Delete functions are working perfectly.

Hi, please can you guide to remove this icon? I want to remove it from main page and dashboard. Please check the screenshot

In fact I really recommend you to remove the icon from the default version because this icon is a doctor so it is not related to business. I am sure most of buyers will request to remove this icon.

Please send me the file asap because I dont want to use it with the icon.

Thanks for your support and this great script.

Done, I already removed thew icon. Thanks. I want to request you add in next version the option to add users by the admin and also set ON/OFF the registration of new users. Thanks.

Thanks alot cubanito for your great advise. I would definitely work on it as soon as posible.

And thank you for being able to solve the problem.

Why I cannot remove the default users? Please let us know how to remove the default users because I dont want to have fake or unknowns users.. Thanks

Login as Admin, then you can be able to delete the users.

No, even I delete the users when refresh the users was not deleted.

Can you send me the link I check it out. Pardon for late reply.

Hello ..when someone register there is not the email field. How to make it required on the regisration page? And yes it is not possible to remove users from the admin..need your help Thanks

Hi, saydowin. The email field will be added in the next update.

In the demo, deleting users in the admin account is disabled. But in the zip file which you get after you buy, works.

Deleting the users use the red button on the users list to delete.


Hi, saydowin. The deleting of users by admin is not working I am working on it. Would update the source file soon.

I have installed the Script onto my server. I am also able to create a new user and login through the credentials. But I am not able to login as an Admin. The link to the script is :-

Please let me know if you require the server details in order to fix the bug.

Awaiting your response.

Hey prateek, first of all thanks for purchasing the system.

I have checked on your website, but it seems nothing is working. Did you create a database before installing the system? Can you check on the system database and check if the database installed correctly.

Get to me as soon as you check them out.

I have checked and the database is created. I would like you to please check it from the server side .

Okay, can you send me the details on my email

I have checked and the database is created. I would like you to please check it from the server side .

Sent. Please check your mail inbox.

Okay. M checking it out. Thanks

Hey, good news, its now working. Check it out.

Hi…Install ran correctly but when I go to the index file I’m getting the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/content/79/7100279/html/NTGSITES/es/index.php on line 35

Hi johnned, Thanks for purchasing the script.

Can you send me the link I check it out.

Thanks for the reply

Hey, email me your mail. I will send you the system with no errors. Here is my email .

I have to know what will be new in the next V as i am shopping for the a system for myself. Do I need to wait or not

You shouldn’t wait. Buy it now and get free updates every time new version comes out. Thank you.

are you open for some ideas? if yes, can we talk tmsass@skype

Yes, am open to some other Ideas. Can we email –

hi im following Entrepreneur Project. Nice update, but i want to write some ideas, coulbe interesting, use entrepreneur for a personal space, for example: Write a Ebook or a note, this is usefull for many people, journalist, entrepreneurs and anywhere ( the researchnotes is an option Yes, but, the possibility to set public the note, couldbe amazing. ) a Project managment is good but codecanyon have many of this, a simple filemanager woulbe a great option, where the users can save theirs personal documents, a business note. with files. (Business ideas an Quotes) only quotes is good. Todo List, Goal List, ( coulbe the same section ), the research notes is the most complete editor WYSIWYG in all entrepreneur script. set this in the top options of the menu is really important. i want to use entrepreneur, and the new changes are so good and congratulations, but please, dont make other Project manager, thinks in the many of people as need a personal space to write, save simple files, i want to use entrepreneur in: im using noteplex script, but author is dead. i have more tan 2000 users ! and i now what im saying!... GLWS! Great Update! :)

Hi, Venewood. Wow thanks for the comment.It is very insightful, I actually have learned something new.

I was actually thinking to include a Project Management features but now I see that the system would be more or less like the other project management systems.

Can we get in touch through my email

Thanks a lot Venewood.


Gappu9 Purchased

Hi I am getting this error: SQLSTATEHY000 Connection refused

I am hosting it on amazon for now:

Still working on it. I will get back to you today. Thank you.


Gappu9 Purchased

Any updates? Thanks

Hi, I have sent you a Mail. Thank you.

Is this product not being supported anymore? Last update was in August and the last comment about problems was 12 days ago and not solved.

Sorry how does your short reply answer my question?

Hey, the system is still supported. If there is any issue with the system ask and it shall be solved.

Thank you.

Sorry vague answers don’t instill buying confidence


I try to set up the software but is not working. I even had my hosting company try to install, and it didn’t work. Here’s their response:

Hi, Upon checking your concern I’m getting the same error ‘SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)’ with the given zip file. I have tried to edit files and manually added the database details but no go. It seems that the zip file is corrupted. To sort this I suggest you to contact the plugin development team. We are happy to assist you if any server side tweak needed.

I need a working file please.

No I never received it.

Can you send it again. Or you need to refund my money.

It does not take 2 days to send a file.

Hey, this is the second time I have sent the zip file to your email. Can you give a Gmail email I can send it to you.


I sent you and email with the new email address.

I don’t understand how I can receive your emails but not the email with the file.

Please note that if we don’t get a working software by the end of the day we want a full refund.

Thank you


I’m having install issues. After creating a new DB, user and pass; uploading the directory and navigating to the directory in my browser window, I am getting: SQLSTATEHY000 Permission denied and SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Is there a way for me to correct this?

May I add you on Gmail?

Yeah, send me an email here so I can help you out.

Appreciate your help!

I followed the installation steps but receive this error when attempting to install: SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Any suggestions?

Hey lets chat through Whatsapp here is my number +254708605021.

Thank you for being our customer.


hbaggi Purchased

Good night, I did exactly everything according to the installation orientation and when accessing the root folder of the site where I installed the script the following error appears: SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Please, how can I solve this problem, I noticed that several people also found this error and I bought this script today, you do not have a definitive solution to this error?


hbaggi Purchased

Friend, so you offend me … I followed your guidelines for the installation, if an error occurred, this error was not mine. I can not correspond to you with Whatsapp. But I emailed you, please check. I await your reply in the email. Thank you.


hbaggi Purchased

Friend, good afternoon, have you seen my email? I need to solve the problem


hbaggi Purchased

My friend, having to beg for you to help is a bit embarrassing, as I think you have to have the minimum of responsibility with your creation and also have to give the support when we buy a product in that market. So this is not a favor but a contractual obligation of yours. Can you kindly give me an answer? Because the question has already been asked.


guesswhat Purchased

Take extra caution if you plan to buy this script. As many buyers have reported various errors and frustration with the author not responding effectively, the installation IS a nightmare. I have found lots of errors during and after installation, and I’m giving the author 24 hours to help solve all of them right now. This is a warning. If there is still no effective action taken, I will make more concrete and serious complaint here and file to Codecanyon for a refund.


guesswhat Purchased

Please stop fooling your buyers around. After the nightmare installation (many errors that you could have easily corrected but never does), and before I could check anything else, here’re the recap of problems that I’ve found right after installation and I’ve emailed you several times about them clearly:

1) can’t log into admin area using the following credentials guided in the documentation: ” Admin

Username – Admin Password – password “

2) can’t register, having the following error: “There was an a problem creating an account.”

To login to Admin add /Admin/ infront of the URL

To make it register, please make sure your PHP Version is 5.5.12 and Mysql Version is 5.6