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demo not working

Seems like it is working on my end. What exactly is not working?

Amazing application. Pre-purchase question: Can I provide (upload) multiple files for a project. Then can I give the one assigned client access to those files to download as needed? Hopefully this question is clear, thank you.

Thanks! Yes, currently you can share files by attaching them in the tasks area. There will be other ways to share files in upcoming versions.

hi. how does it work exactly the form builder??? can we create a little quiz to the users to measure his knowledge??

You create a form and then add fields to it. It is meant to be accessed from the login page. It could be any kind of form you want. I am playing with the idea of making it into some kind of component that you could place anywhere.

ok. but it can work like a test for my users??? this question can be evaluate it to gave them a qualification??

It does not respond to the user other than to say successful submission. Any kind of functionality you are mentioning would have to be performed manually by you on the back end. Other than that, anything you could get out of a standard form could be built using the form builder.

Do you offer customization service?

I do not currently offer customization for CodeCanyon products. However, depending on what it is you need and what your budget is, I might be able to help you. The main reason I don’t normally do it is because of how my apps get updated. If the Code Canyon version gets an update that doesn’t work for your customization, then you get left behind or pay for a custom fitting. I do offer cheap custom development work. If you are interested, check out my ballpark prices: http://www.zenperfectdesign.com/services/estimate

Thank you for your reply. I will check your website.

hi, i can’t login into the client’s demo

Thanks. I reactivated the test client account.

demo not working. redirects back to sign in form.

Which login did you try? Username: admin with Password: admin is working.

Hello, My Name is Roosevelt, and You have built an awesome app, I’d Love to buy it for use in my office but i’ll need it tweaked to fit my office, I dont know how possible this is, i can provide a UI design and Heuristics setting for how i want it to look and work, Your Quick Reply Would mean everything to me

I have seen your pricing, can have a more private conversation via whatsapp or something

Shoot me an email using the CodeCanyon messenger or email support (at) zenperfectdesign (dot) com

i just messaged

Calendar = coming soon :)

This script looks good. I’d like to create project categories and disable payment options as I intend to use this for my in-house employees, not freelancers. Would this be possible?

And what Framework is this built on? Thanks?

Thanks for the comment. Entity will not see any new features after Jan 2018. I only have two more feature releases planned. Project categories are not a thing, but I could add it in. Payment options are disabled unless you configure them. Right now, Entity only supports Stripe – PayPal never was fully implemented, but will be. It isn’t built on a framework, I built it from the ground up. All of my other applications use the Slim 3 Microframework and Entity’s replacement will be built on Slim as well.

Thanks a lot. I actually prefer it not to be on any framework as I plan to integrate this to my existing ticketing system. As long as this is just pure PHP I’m optimistic.

When do you think the PayPal and installation problems can be fixed? I wanna grab it already. Thanks again

Hello I’m getting a white screen when I try installing the system on Godaddy. The server is running Php 5.4.. Is their a issue with Godaddy hosting… Thanks for your help on this Travis. Could you tell me what was the issue?

Hello I’m getting a white screen when I try installing the system on Godaddy. The server is running Php 5.4.. Is their a issue with Godaddy hosting… Thanks for your help on this Travis. Could you tell me what was the issue?

On Step 2 of installation I was unable to create an administrator account .

SMH. Sometimes the easiest answer is the one not seen in the beginning. You need PHP 5.5 or greater. After testing, I realized that the password hashing algorithm is the reason I set the minimum requirement for Entity to 5.5. If you upgrade PHP using your cPanel, you will not have any issues. Let me know if I can help further. I would recommend going with PHP 5.6 or greater. Entity is compatible with PHP 7 as well.

Also, I will update the installer’s PHP indicator to make sure that this kind of issue doesn’t happen again. Entity is an old application, and I have forgotten a lot of the subtle common problems like this one.

Thank you very much, We have updated our hosting so, I should be fine and I’ll keep you in the loop.

I would like clients to submit request via form but it seem clients can only access the quote form. How can client have access to forms withing their profile page?

Sent email response. At this time, this is not possible.

Hi, everything works beautifully until I try to view user permissions, or save certain settings. I assume it has something to do with htaccess – it only happens on links like this: http://mydomain.com/access/view/1

Ok, I sent the requested information over. Hopefully we can get this working. Otherwise, I’ll just move it over to a domain.

It seems to be an issue with the server’s Apache rewrite configuration. I was unable to duplicate it on my local machine. I am still working on a solution. It is affecting all routes which have a secondary layer, such as projects, users, forms, settings, etc.

While I am checking into other things, see if you have access to your apache config file and make sure your rewritebase is pointing to the proper folder. Here’s an article with more info. http://www.epigroove.com/blog/laravel-routes-not-working-make-sure-htaccess-is-working