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How data will store in app ??

The notes data will be stored in app database.

App is updated and you can check it soon with version 2 logs.

Hello i downloaded demo app but Getting popup ” unfortunately app stopped working. ”. Can you solve this problem

App is updated and you can check it soon with version 2 logs. Thanks

Purchased. I would require your small help.

Thanks, please let me know where you need my help. I am here to help you. Please email me at vishbodkhe@gmail.com. Thanks

App is updated with app stop problem fixed. And added Parse notification push service with some great features in it only. Update will be approved soon. Please check.

App Updated, please check.

can i use my custom font & RTL support

Yes, custom font is possible just by updating existing font files. But RTL I have not checked, how it will looks. You can check demo app if it works well, you can purchase. Let me know if there is any problem in RTL, will try to fix. Thanks

Cant click finish in import project http://prntscr.com/832tv5


OK DONE. Please rate the item

Hello Vishalbodkhe,

It’s will better if you can: - Add password function - Add export pdf button

I also want to edit a note with changing content but don’t want changing time post. How to do it ?

Thanks & Best regards

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I will take it in my plan to update this app, but I cannot say when. For changing content, it may need some code changes and I cannot explain that. Will do same in update. Thanks

Hello Vishabodkhe,

This app usually display “white screen” when I open it from smartphone, and next, I can’t go out from the white screen. I think it has problem with splash page. But I don’t know how to fix it ? Please help me !

Thanks & Best regards

Will check and update the item. And you can send me your apk, and your phone configuration on my email vishbodkhe@gmail.com. Thanks

I have had so many problems with this app, i do not recommend to others.

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)

Thanks a lot.

Very interesting but you already have it in the play store and loses its value

Thanks for your interest and comment. But there is really no meaning in my app is live and for sale. The value is same. There are 5% apps here in code canyon which is only for sale and not on Play.

Second and most important if I don’t publish the app, not means no one will publish after purchase this item, does it really mean?

Like If you purchase, make some changes and upload, what happen now, there is one app on Play already, not right?

I suggest don’t think like this because when we come up with some idea and solution, in that period the same solution taken the market already. There are lots of similar app in the market already.

I am not telling you what to think and what not. It;s your point of view. and I understand it.


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