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Hi, I don’t see a single point why the animations need the live server to animate, while the fact is, all it needs is HTML (for svg tags), CSS and javascript to animate.

Is it because these animations are communicating with external servers (may be APIs ) for the animations to happen? if animations always need communication with external servers for animations to happen, when those servers die, animations too die. As far as I know (for that matter everybody know), HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, all renders on browsers without the need of internet. but why your plugin animations needs connection to internet?

Finally I would like to ask, Will I be able to pull out the animations offline, by extracting the relevant Code of html, css & javascript, offline on to my local desktop and animate them without the need of internet or not?

We don’t want our animations to run by connecting to external servers (through APIs or any). We want all the source code to be there with us, not partial code with us and partial code on external server APIs.

The non-minified file “enlivenem.js”, line 145

Hi, Thanks lot for quick responses Dee! :)

1.) Minified version has the ajax code too right? Referencing minified or non-minified enlivenem.js, both does work, but for code efficiency one has to go with minified, isn’t it? Or you have declared both non-minified and minified enlivenem.js files into your plugin application?

2.) And first thing, it doesn’t have to be wordpress, the created html page with all the reference links to Appropriate CSS and JS links and that html file put into “htdocs” directory of XAMPP and that html page opened up on the browser with protocol “localhost:8082/animations.html ”, will showup the animations too right?

1) No. Only one of them should be used (minified version by default). The source file is for an experienced developers for their customization.

2) Yes, it should work. Simply try.


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hey i love your plugin. any chance you will add more primium animated icons? if not do you know where can i get them?

I don’t know. You can create your own by using the Animation Editor after purchasing.


eli1356 Purchased

can i use this plugin to upload svg files and animso they will be animated on my website?

Yes, you can upload SVG files. But before uploading you need to create your animations in the Animation Editor locally. You may want to try a demo version of the Animator before purchasing here: http://enlivenem.com/animator/animator.html
Also I strongly recommended to read the documentation of WP version of my script: http://enlivenem.com/documentation-wp/index.html


This plugins works really well, but sometimes the animations don’t load when its added on revolutionary slider.

when it does not load it gives this error in chorme

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘attr’ of null enlivenem.min.js line 154 and on Firefox, it gives this error TypeError: svg is null

In the revolutionary sliders we have added this code jQuery(’.tp-caption.enlivenem’).each(function() { jQuery(this).find(‘img’).addClass(‘enlivenem’); }); jQuery(’.tp-caption.svg667’).each(function() { jQuery(this).find(‘img’).addClass(‘svg667’); });

Hello, we bought this this theme sigma http://themeforest.net/item/sigma-business-multipurpose-latest-technology-responsive-wordpress-theme/15301789

Does your support include for themes, if yes I will ask my collegue to write to you.

And its not non-existing elements, the animation loads sometimes and sometimes it does not

According to this policy: http://codecanyon.net/page/item_support_policy#whats-not-included-item-support you should ask for the support your theme author.

Good luck!

Thanks, we will do that.

Hi there, Great idea, love it.

I’m trying to enable, drawLines but in reverse. (So you see the animation when you scroll to it, and after a delay animates away).

I’ve tried the “Out” tag but I’m not sure I’m using it right.

Can you please help? Thanks.


Maybe there is a misunderstanding. drawLines effect doesn’t have “In” and “Out” parameters, it works when your SVG appears first time only. If you want to animate away you need to use some other effect, not drawLines. For doing that please wrap your elements with additional <g> tag and apply an “Out” effect with desired delay for that new group.

Hi, Thanks, yes I ended up using a various > fade animation on a top level group. Not what I really wanted but I was just checking in case I missed something.

I hope this feature in future updates though I would definitely use it, and I want to keep using this plugin for future projects.



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Can I upload my own svgs?

Regards, Deniss

Hello Deniss,

Yes, of course, this plugin is created for working with your SVG illustrations exactly.

Simply create your animations in the editor, which is included in the downloaded package, save ready animated SVG code as a new file and upload it into your server.

You can read an online documentation: http://enlivenem.com/documentation/index.html and try the animation editor here: http://enlivenem.com/animator/animator.html with you own SVG code before purchasing.

Is it possible to add filter effect? In particular the feDisplacementMap?

No, not in a current version.

Hi, are there currently any documents explaining how to use the morph command? I have no idea how to generate the code that I need to put in the morph command field.


I can’t explain here in the comments in details, so please look at the “Morph” animation section of the documentation.

In general, you need to prepare in a vector software (like Adobe Illustrator for ex.) 2 paths in your SVG file. The first one is an initial state of your shape and the second is an end one when a “morph” is complete. After that you place the value of the “d” attribute of the second path into your “data-elvnmorph” attribute (the “Morph command” in the animation editor). Please don’t forget to delete or comment the second path, from which we take the “d” value, in a production file.

I can put animations within revolutionslider or layerslider? Thank you

No, I don’t think so. It can’t be achieved with easy.

Can insert the scrolling animations or layer slider revolution? Thank you. z

No, as I said, there is no easy way to work within slider revolution. And, please keep in mind, that my support doesn’t include any help with sliders’ integration at all.


MARKOB Purchased

DeeThemes, i want to inform u that your plugin is awesome. The way u did it its great. I dont have any bad comments. Everything works as descirbed. I am contacting u just to ask if u have any plans , or will u exteened new animation ways or simmiliar ? This plugin is like a small animation factory. Since your coding skills are on top ,and program is awesome ; please tell us what are your plans for future on this plugin. Thank u in advance ,and thanks for making these

Thank you for your words! Honestly speaking, another job takes all my time now and I can’t give any promises about future updates timeline. However, I hope I will be able to add something new to this product. Once again, thank you for the testimonial and good lick with your project!


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Is it possible to put the animation in a footer widget?


Did you try it already? In general, if you footer widget supports shortcodes, I recommend trying the Enliven ‘em one, information about which can be found in the documentation.

I’ve got a pre-purchase question.

The plugin looks great, but is it being maintained and updated, or is it parked in terms of development? I ask because the last update listed on the right of this product page is the same as the creation date, and WordPress has been updated many times in the 2 years since the plugin was released. I’ll almost definitely purchase it, but I want to know if I can expect updates down the line



Plugin works fine with all last versions of WordPress. And I also have a plan to make a big update with new features, but I can’t say when exactly.

Thanks for the interest.


kaizan Purchased

Hi there,

Your plugin looks awesome and I am thinking about buying it for Wordpress. However, I have heard that SVG files are not secure and are a risk of malware. Can you tell me if using this plugin I will be at risk of malware or will it be safe?

Thank you!


It depends from what resource you’ve got your SVG file.

In general, any SVG file is a simple text in XML format, which is not obfuscated or minified. Very good SVG tutorial is here: http://tutorials.jenkov.com/svg/index.html

The potential problem may be caused by <script> tags and some “on…” commands (like “onClick”, “onLoad”, etc.) within SVG code, but you always should know where you get your SVGs and check them for untrusted code.

Furthermore, my plugin has the functionality for sanitizing SVG code while uploading files with whitelisted tags and attributes, which don’t include any <script> and “on…” commands.

Thanks for the interest.

Hello! I can animate different svg any images with this plug-in, and I do not need to know the code? Is this plugin effect wandering glow, I like to create – http://pskurs.ru/animation/animirovannyi-bluzhdayuszii-effekt.html?


First of all the main purpose of this plugin is to let you animate once any vector graphic presented as SVG files in many different ways when your vector illustrations become visible in a user’s browser viewport.

You can try to animate your own SVG with Animation editor here: http://enlivenem.com/animator/animator.html Simply copy-paste your code and play with options.

And no, there is no any glow effects. You link points to Photoshop tutorial. I think that it’s impossible to achieve such effect with JavaScript.

Hi, After buy the plugin can I use animated SVG files in other wordpress pages? Or need the buy more licences for each project?


In general, one internet domain (site) – one license – one installation of the plugin itself. But you can use a same animated SVG file on many sites as you wish.

Thanks for the interest.

Hello everyone,

I’d like to inform you that there is a bug in WordPress 4.7.1 with uploading non-image files in media library (https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/39550), which affects SVG files too. Developers promise to fix it in WP 4.7.2. As a temporary decision, I recommend using https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-real-mime-check/ for now. Thank you.

The issue was initially set to be fixed in 4.7.2. But since 4.7.2 was an urgent security release (https://wordpress.org/news/2017/01/wordpress-4-7-2-security-release/), the fix didn’t make it into that version. It’s now supposed to be fixed in 4.7.3.

I’m interested in this plugin, but can individual elements be animated on click rather than just restarting the whole animation? i.e. If an individual shape was clicked can just that element move or change colour?


No, they can’t. The main purpose of the script is to animate SVG files when your vector illustrations become visible in a user’s browser viewport. And the whole animation only can be repeated on click or tap event.

Okay. Thanks for the reply. Still looks a great plugin.

Juste a pre-purchase question, Is there a way to On hover trigger the animation it’s not mentioned in the docs and i didn’t found it in the animator.


No, there is not. The main purpose of this script is to animate a SVG file in many different ways when it becomes visible in a user’s browser viewport. And repeating an animation on click or tap events is just a bonus.

Does any of your code files (php or js files) contains obfuscated code. (or) every bit of code is easy on eyes and readable or understandable?

No, they are not obfuscated, however, JS files are minified.

Hello! Your plugin looks great and I want to buy it. I want to know though if you are able to at least update it with the latest version of snapsvg from github. Doesn’t look that it hasn’t been updated from 2014 although you say it works fine with the latest version of wordpress. Even if no new features are on the update, several bugs and a better version of the code would really give some fresh breath to this awesome piece of software. I really hope you update it so I can buy it. I ‘m pretty sure a lot of customers don’t hit the buy button because of this.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the suggestion.