Discussion on Enliven 'em! - SVG Animation Engine for WordPress

Discussion on Enliven 'em! - SVG Animation Engine for WordPress

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Could is possible to save animation created with your plugin as SVG files and use it on my clients site? Is your plugin work with WordPress 6.0?


I see there is some misunderstanding.

In general, all animation data is stored within SVG code of your files. This data could be created and saved inside your SVG with the help of Animation editor which is included in a downloaded package. This editor you want to use locally on your computer.

On the other side, the plugin itself contains all necessary scripts to make that data “alive” (to animate a SVG) on your website.

Thus, you can create animations on your computer and use them on as many sites as you want including your client’s one. However, all these sites must have my plugin installed.

And yes, my plugin is compatible with WordPress 6.0

Thanks for the interest.

Forgot to say: you can check more info here:

Thanks for your answer! :)

I’m concerned that the plugin has not been updated since 1 July 2019?


Please don’t be. The plugin successfully performs its functions and is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

Hi, am I right in thinking I need a license for each client I use this for? If so, do you not have packages that offers a bit of a discount? I have about 30 clients and at least half of them would love a nice animated logo?

Unfortunately, I can’t help with that. I don’t control the license system of Codecanyon, on which I sell my items on an exclusive basis. And I can’t make any quantitative bundles.

In any case, thanks for the interest.

Does the module support the current version of WordPress?

Yes, it does.

Also you can find the general info about how to use the plugin here:

Are there any updates coming?

Hi Dee, I really want to buy this plugin. But a have one question: Does it work with the Divi Theme? If it does I’ll buy it immediately. Thanks


I don’t have Divi theme, however, my plugin doesn’t have any dependencies on any theme files and it should work with any theme which is coded with industry standards.

I know some buyers do use my plugin with Divi, but I don’t know the details. The main issue might be to add the “enlivenem” class to the “img” tag with your animated SVG. You can either use a wrapper shortcode or try to embed your SVG in a raw format or you can try the steps for using my plugin with Elementor one as it is described in the documentation here:

Thanks for the interest.

Hi there, I have a pre-sale question: Can I use your SVG plugin on multiple websites, or is this just a license for one website?


As any other item on CodeCanyon you may use my product with one license on a single website only. Thanks for the interest.

I bought DIVI and can use it on as many websites as I like. Cheers

As I know, Divi is not sold on CodeCanyon. They have their own license rules. Good luck!

Pre sales quiestion: Does this plugin work with Beaver Builder pagebuilder please?


Yes, the plugin could work with Beaver Builder. Its using is very similar to Elementor one. You just need to define a container class on the General Settings page of Enliven ‘em plugin and add that class for your animated SVG image on the Advaced tab inside Beaver. Please look at the section in the documentation about Elementor to get the idea: Thanks.

With over 100+ people across the web on different channels specifically asking for better support for Revolution slider, I would imagine you as a product owner would prioritize this. At least provide some work arounds and solutions people can use, even if it isn’t supported in the official product.

Is there any known way to support animations on multiple slides within Slider Revolution?

Everyone wants this, please provide some kind of solution, even if it is a temporary hack until better more official support can be implemented.


Unfortunately, there is no way to support animations on multiple slides within Slider Revolution. It is impossible.

As it’s said in the documentation in a part of sliders integration: “The plugin doesn’t have and will not have a purpose to work inside any sliders. So, Enliven ‘Em plugin doesn’t compatible with Revolution Slider and there is no guaranties that it will work inside the slider. Furthermore, Enliven ‘em animations may work in the very first slide only! It will not work in second, third, etc. slides.” Sorry.

Hello I am looking for a dynamic animation engine for the website . The goal is to recreate an icon based on different icons. For example : - Icon A = a landscape - Icone B = a man - Icon C = Icon B in front of Icon A Knowing that Icon C will be a sigle image. Would it be possible thanks to your plugin ? Regards


I think it can be possible if all your three icons’ data will be in one SVG file. I recommend to put your data into individual groups (<g>...</g>) for each icon and try to animate them inside the animation editor in a demo mode here:

Thanks for the interest.

Can your plugin achieve something like this?

The SVG lines are drawn, and then the real image comes in.


No, I don’t think so. On your example page the lines are “erased” and then the raster images appear. My plugin can “draw” lines of vector SVG shapes only and after that those shapes themselves are fade in. In any case thanks for the interest.

Hello i just sent you a private email , for some reason the animation stopped working, can you please check it?

It is ok, i fixed it, the smush plugin was causing the issue


Is it possible to have the svg as the background image of a row (in Visual Composer). I quite like what you have done with the background in the header of this page:


No, I don’t think so. However, I don’t know all the tips of Visual Composer and maybe there is a way. On my demo site I don’t use any CMS and that page is an HTML one, which I can fully control. The general idea is the CSS absolute positioning and appropriate z-index of the div with my animated SVG code inside. Another div with all the text is placed above it.

Hello, I am using the plugin for 1 svg animation, but for page speed the best plugin that improved performance for my site :Smush Image Optimization, Compression, and Lazy Load effected the animation and just brings out file name. GIF89a!� ,L;. I can not stop using plugin as as compared to other smush ones which also give option to exclude a file, this worked best for page speed. I will really appreciate if You can give me a tip to exclude the enilven svg from such plugin compression. Regards

I also tried using image file out of wp media folder and using url but same issue


If you talking about this plugin: then you should look at its Lazy Load settings inside Smush Dashboard. The only way for my plugin to work with Smush one is to disable “lazy loading”. You can do that either for all .svg media file type, or for a specific page/post/url, or for IDs/classes, for example .enlivenem one.

I have just carefully tested all those options one by one on my side and EnlivenEm animations work fine.

Good luck!

By the way, your support period is expired.

Hi there, Is possible to use the animated svg as elementor background?


Unfortunately no, it’s impossible. Elementor adds its background images via the CSS style

background-image: url(https://path_to/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/your-image.svg);
But JavaScript (which my plugin works with) can’t be used to animate the “background-image” style. Any JavaScript animations could work with embeded SVG code only.

Hi! I have this product for Wordpress and it works great, but when I try to add a link (I tried doing it by adding a link in Elementor, and when that didn’t work, by editing the SVG code), it shows a blank space – this is the error I’m getting:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘attr’ of null at HTMLDivElement.f (enlivenem.min.js?ver=c9dc3fae7160:75) at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:4) at Function.each (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:2) at a.fn.init.each (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:2) at Object.<anonymous> (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:4) at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:2) at x (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:4) at XMLHttpRequest.c (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:4)


Can you please email me the URL of your page/post with the the help of the “Support” tab above? Without that I will not able to help. Thank you!

Hi I am having a problem with the media library not displaying images/thumbs. I noticed an old fix for this you posted

Can you please comment the line 245 in “enlivenem-for-wp.php” file which you can find in “wp-content/plugins/enlivenem-for-wp” folder on your server by adding 2 slashes at the beginning? Like this: //add_filter(‘wp_prepare_attachment_for_js’, ‘enlivenem_prepare_attachment_for_js_filter’, 10, 3);

But as the enlivenem-for-wp does not exist I can’t use the work around.


Yes, that instruction was valid till version 1.5 and now it’s not actual any more. There is a more simple step to fix that media lib issue.

1) Please be sure that you use the latest version (1.8) of the plugin.

2) Go to the General Settings page of the plugin and check “Disable SVG thumbnails” option.

3) Save Changes.

Hope this will help.

Hi – pre-sales question. I just wanted to check that this works with Visual Composer / Bakery page builder system. Thanks.


Please look at the documentation here:
for the section “How to use (integration)” > “4) with WPBakery Page Builder (formally known as Visual Composer) plugin”

Thanks for the interest.

as you can see here: we have an animated svg-logo; could this be created with your plugin too?


No, I don’t think so. The mouse effect can’t be reproduced by my plugin. In general, you can try to animate your SVG logo here: to understand what my plugin does. Also, its main purpose is to animate your SVG once it becomes visible on a user’s browser view-port.

Thanks for the interest.

Great plugin!

Looking at the demo on

I was wondering if you could add an option to have the animation play out fully and then continue to play in the reverse order?

Also, for a car going in reverse, it’s not possible to have the car tires set to: ‘Various’- ‘Wheel C- Out’ and then for the tire to finish visible. Right now the tires start visible and disappear after the animation. I noticed that with ‘Wheel C – In’ the tires start invisible and the animation has the tires end up visible. So is it possible to make ‘Wheel C- Out’ the same, which is start invisible and end up visible?


1) As I said in the documentation: “If you want to make several animations on one basic element, wrap it with additional <g>...</g> tags as many as you need animation steps and apply different animation options for these groups.”

2) I think it will be better to use “custom” animation option. To reproduce the “WheelC” effect you just need to set “t0,0r-720” to the “Transform” option. Please look at the documentation (the section “Custom” animation) for the details. In general, if you want your shape to rotate three times, then set the transform option with “t0,0r-1080”. If you want to rotate it counterclockwise, set the option with “t0,0r1080”, etc.

3) Please keep in mind that “custom” animation doesn’t control the changing of an opacity. So you can wrap your shape with <g> tag and apply the simple “fade” effect with zero value of the duration. Here is an example to get the idea:
<svg xmlns="" width="400" height="300" xmlns:xlink="" data-global-elvn="enableViewport, disableClick, none, startInvisible, notResponsive, 0, notLoop, 500">
    <g> <!-- the group for additional animations, if you need -->
        <g> <!-- one more group for additional animations, if you need -->
            <g data-elvn="fade, in, 0, 0, linear" class="elvn-layer">
                <rect x="120" y="80" height="70" width="70" fill="#00cc00" data-elvn="custom, in, 0, 1500, 100, linear" class="elvn-layer" data-elvncustom="t0,0r-720"></rect>


I have a personal project and I want to buy the licensed product if it solves the following problem:

Basically I want to animate a logo. I add the right selector. It animates the logo while I am logged in Wordpress as admin and acces the front end, but after I log out, it doesn’t work anymore, there is no enlivenem class attributed to image . BUT, if I add an SVG in a post page and edit the image adding at the class field, enlivenem, then it works after I log out and acces the page as regular visitor.

Does the 1.6 version solves this issue? PS. It might sound surprising, but in eastern Europe, spending 50 dollars ( tax included ) on such thing, it’s too much but if I can’t find another way, I’ll buy it.

Yes, I was right. You use an illegal copy of my product. And it doesn’t matter what purpose you do have: experiment, exam or what ever. I’m afraid in that case, until you don’t purchase my plugin, I can’t provide any help or assistance, especially if you have a strange, not usual issue on your site.

As a matter of good faith, I’ve bought your product before you answering my previous question. I hope we will make it work and not spend money on experiments…

I will come latter with questions, but now I have to study something. Wish you the best. Hope you didn’t get mad about it. Inteligent life is everywhere on Earth, but only few can afford buying software, barely the hardware. If it wasn’t for illegal software, few people would actually know how to use a computer, create content, granted, often mediocre in quality compared to wealthy societies, but better than nothing. We learn from you guys :-).

Ok, thanks.

So please download and install the latest version of the plugin and write me a support message via the “Support” tab above, with the URL of your page/post where I can see it being not logged in as any other your site’s visitor.

Also it will be better if you give me a temporary access to your WP dashboard.


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