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Hello! Awesome! This script could save my life. I want to purchase it. Just a few questions, please!! I’m freelancer. can I create several SVGs and send them to my client (one web project)? Is it good for this terms of use? And is it work with any browsers? Thanks


Yes, I don’t see any problems with several files. And yes, it works in all major browsers.

Hi, really nice script…

Pre-purchase question I am a developer and have knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP. I don’t have any knowledge about illustrator and have basic knowledge of photoshop.

Can I create SVG animations like the once listed on this page of your demo?

Also can I create new animations like scenes or storytelling kind of things with your script?

Please let me know.

Thanks Harshal

Hello Harshal,

Of course, all the examples on my demo site were created within an animation editor and powered by my script.

And you can always try to create your animations for your previously created SVGs here: before purchasing. Also I recommend to get familiar with the documentation here:

If you decide to purchase my item, the full working animation editor will be available inside downloadable package, as the script itself.

Thanks for the interest.

Can I create my own animated icons with your editor and sell it on my site?

I think yes, you can. BUT your icons will not work without Enliven ‘em script itself, which you may not resell.

Great work :-) GL

Thank you!

Hello is it possible to start the animation via jquery? The svg file is in a div container which is displayed after the page call, but this does not start the animation (see example link) . Or I did something wrong?

I see that there is an issue caused by setTimeout function. Your icon appears with a delay, so my script can’t detect that the icon is in a viewport in a general flow. Also you miss the brackets () after “svgClick” call. For fixing of the issue please try to do the following:

1) Do not use custom class name, like “svgschloss”, please leave the default “enlivenem” one.

2) Add .svgClick() in a callback function of the jQuery animate method inside your setTimeout fuction. Like this:
$(document).ready(function() {

        'marginTop' : "+=257px" 
        function() {


Good luck!

It works! so great! many thanks!

You are welcome!