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Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core is finally here. The waiting is now over. Creating a full NFT Marketplace in WordPress has never been so easy. We’ve put effort into a $30.000 USD project and added all the functionalities included on this plugin at only $299. Road Map

NFT Marketplace Features:

  • NFT Owners/Artists/Sellers can:
    • Purchase NFTs. (ERC-721 and ERC-1155)
    • Sell NFTs (ERC-721 and ERC-1155)
    • Resale NFTs (ERC-721 and ERC-1155)
    • Create NFTs (ERC-721 and ERC-1155)
    • Import NFTs
    • Mint NFTs *
    • Add the NFT to favorites.
    • Track how many views an NFT has.
    • Create collections.
    • Plan NFT releases
    • Sell multiple NFTs in one transaction
    • Make NFT purchasable for a custom period of time.
    • Edit NFT’s metadata
    • Vendor Panel
      • Manage all NFTs in one place
        • Edit
        • Delete
        • Update
      • Manage Collections
        • Edit
        • Update
        • Create
      • Manage NFT Contracts directly on the blockchain
        • Update NFT’s image location
        • Update royalties
        • Maximum mint number
        • And many more functions that the contract has.
      • Logout
      • Edit user information
        • Cover Image
        • Link Account With
          • MetaMask
          • WalletConnect
        • Social Links
          • Facebook
          • Youtube
          • Instagram
  • Show NFTs in
    • Categories
    • Collections
  • Shortcodes (Elementor and WPBakery)
    • Owner Profile List
    • Recent Category
    • Collections Group
  • A lot of integrations with:
    • MetaMask Authenticator – Authenticate/Create Account/Link Existing Account with MetaMask inside WordPress.
    • WalletConnect Authenticator – Authenticate/Create Account/Link Existing Account with WalletConnect inside WordPress.
    • NFT Creator – Create NFTs directly inside WordPress (works without the NFT Marketplace Core).
    • WordPress NFT Bulk Minting – Create Unlimited Number of NFTs at once
    • Media Types For Enefti NFT Marketplace Core – Display a multitude of media types on your Marketplace.
  • Quality of Life
    • Multi-Blockchain Solution (EVM blockchains only, scroll down for a list of Unsupported Blockchains, also if you have a custom EVM, please ask before)
    • The NFTs are completly compliant with the MetaData standard. (meaning all your NFTs will show normall on any other dApp be it Wallets, other Markets or Games)
    • Sell NFTs on your website or/and let other users sell theirs/yours.
    • Add-ons Manager
    • Themes Manager
    • Autoupdates for all our purchased addons
    • License Manager
    • More than 8 Action Hooks
    • Online Documentation.
    • Multilingual (via Loco Translate or WPML)
    • Dark & Light Modes
    • Compatible with any theme
    • Hooks for Developers
    • Voiced tutorials
    • Easy to use and manage
    • Multiple ways to earn money
    • Plugin Settings for displaying what components go where and a lot more.
  • Marketplace Owners can:
    • Manage Marketplace Fees (a % of the nft’s value after sale).
    • Deploy contracts for someone else.
    • Deploy contracts on multiple blockchains.
  • Pages:
    • NFT Single: A page displaying the NFT alongside it’s details and price.
    • NFT Author: A page displaying the Author of the NFT and the NFTs he owns.
    • NFT Listings: A page with all the NFTs available on the website alongside filters and search.
  • Contract:
    • Secure
    • Audited (Using ThirdWeb)
    • Gas optimized
    • Fast
    • Easy to extend funcionality

Video Tutorials:

When Documentation is not enough! *New Video Tutorial released!

Check out the video playlist on YouTube

Frequently asked blockchains that are unsupported :

  1. BitTorrent Chain
  2. Solana
  3. Hedera

Works perfectly with:

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: A Prerequisites list?
A: Yes, please see the list here

Q: Are there any server requirements?
A: The optimal server requirements can be checked here

Q: Do I need to activate my license?
A: Yes, the plugin isn’t working if not activated. How to activate

Q: I got access by purchasing the Enefti Theme. How to activate?
A: Use the item purchase key received on your Enefti theme purchase.

Q: Enefti Theme vs Enefti Marketplace Core?
A: These are two different products and should not be threated like one. Please read why here

Q: Is the MetaMask addon included?
A: No! You should purchase it from CodeCanyon separately, here

Q: Is the NFT Creator addon included?
A: No! You should purchase it from CodeCanyon separately, here

Q: Is the Enefti Core compatible with Elrond network?
A: No!

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