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Amazing work… What about having a public service to use this system… Example: with a Paypal subscription service…

Have users sign up for a small charge each month?

Hello Author, How are you getting on with the new update?

Hello Phalon! Some new features and bug fixes are already completed by now, some others not yet. It will not take long :)

Brilliant work… I look forward to purchasing and seeing the new update… Will the following be included: Public/MultiUser / Paypal Subscriptions? All the best Author… :)

Like this – would like to see ability to send decryption key directly from the admin panel using online SMS service. Nice Work

Very good idea! I will seriously consider this request. Thank you!

+1 vote for sms and multi user subscription model. is most popular

Nexmo Clickatell SMSGlobal

thank you! i will check

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you very much!! :)

how about uploading images. they can be base64.

Good one! I’ll give a look!

Hello Author, do you have an estimated time on the next update, and will it include the PayPal subscription service / Multiuser? As I have at least four projects that will require me to purchase the extended license.

Kind regards Clare :)

Hello, i don’t think you have to wait so much.. ;) Please follow me to get immediate notification about new updates!


Hello Author, Will the new update contain the multi-user and paypal?

Not the imminent update, which will have multi-user, bug fixing, some mail features and some more complex expiration settings. For subscriptions i need more time (especially for user registration features)

@clare73 Author says in a few weeks time…. :)

confirmed! ;)

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pablo_r Purchased

Hi! i habe downlodaded and installed as the doc says, here is my config: <?php

/* * Encry Configuration File * */


//Database hostname (Typically “localhost”, but check with your hosting) define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’); //Database name you’ve created for Encry define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘r409434p_encry_db’); //Database user with all privileges for above database define(‘DB_USER’, ‘r409434p_encry_e1’); //Database user password define(‘DB_PASS’, ‘1001ALE’); //Full URL with Trailing Slash of your installation (Ex: “” or “”) define(‘URL’, ‘');

// These informations should not be edited unless you know exactly what are you doing date_default_timezone_set(‘Europe/Rome’); define(‘DUMP_FILE’, getcwd() . ’/db.sql’); define(‘LIBS_PATH’, getcwd() . ’/libs/’); define(‘DEFAULT_PWD’, ‘116a9bedcd83502f024dc9a81ab7ec30270adca220d88e2f5d2a4914749a247baad175c7d950eccb1ed775f776f9b487ab8835017041a660c022b8fd5a28a058’); define(‘DEFAULT_SALT’, ‘b80086497868bcc706c128c7a52c7784506ec1ce806c97290413575052901ab0064fdb7173f7c2328db9678d5f22a58cc9bf6b14d7fdb8b7f112c7cf33d1fe4a’);

but i receive this: Unable to connect to DB: 1045 SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user ‘r409434p_encry_e’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

Sorry for the nuisance, what can i do? Thankssss

Hello Pablo! If you have double checked your db user, db password and db name, please check with your hosting provider if your shared server has PHP PDO Drivers installed and enabled.

Let me know. Mike


pablo_r Purchased

Hi again, try access to i could enter but when i create message it does not show link…. also i could not change password in settings can u check? thankssss

Hello Pablo, seems you don’t have OPENSSL PHP extension enabled and this does not allow to create a valid security token in your session. Please enable it. Also please confirm what PHP version are you using. Thank you


pablo_r Purchased

Also i cannot delete entries…..


pablo_r Purchased

sorry, now its says

Notice: Undefined index: loggedIn in /home/r409434p/public_html/encry/libs/Auth.php on line 10

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/r409434p/public_html/encry/libs/Auth.php:10) in /home/r409434p/public_html/encry/libs/Auth.php on line 13

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/r409434p/public_html/encry/libs/Auth.php:10) in /home/r409434p/public_html/encry/libs/Auth.php on line 14

Hi, php script “Encry” its actual with user+password system (private), if i i buy script, can i easily edit to be a public encrypt service in my web? im noob in php

Hello Alex. Basically, is possible to avoid login system by removing 1 single line of code. Probably then you want to hide some pages or features not needed at this point (user settings for example, or the history of created values), this will require some extra editing by commenting parts of source code. We can help you for that. Please provide more info, what exactly you want to achieve for your site?

Hi. Looks great. Just purchased. Thanks! Can’t wait to try it out.

By the way, I’d also like to see the MultiUser/Paypal-Subscriptions as well as the image upload options.

Are the files 100% static with the only changes occurring in the database? In otherwords, If I restore the database to an older backup, do I need to worry that the current files don’t match, or do the files never change?

Thanks, O

Hello, thank you for your purchase! Multi-user feature is ready and i will send the upgrade in days. For Paypal subscription i’m still developing for now, but it will come. Currently not sure about image uploading.

I confirm that files are 100% static. For future upgrades i will change some database tables, so you have only to match if db and files versions match.

Hi. I’m trying to install, but it keep saying I have a wrong password. I tried the initial password username and password many times and I know it’s case sensitive. I checked the database and it has in it only tables from a wordpress installation and another software, but nothing new (i.e., from Encry) so the default username and password should still be working.

Let me know where I can send you private info for it.

Thanks, O

Hello, seems your database is not populated. If you have already some tables in your DB check if there aren’t tables with same name as Encry (“users” and “data”). Please note that this is not officially supported at this time, you need to have a dedicated DB. Try to manually execute in your db environment the .sql file in the root folder, this file writes the tables in db and the admin user information for login. Probably this will return an error.

Write me in my profile page for private comunication.

Thank you

Thanks for the speedy reply.

Switched to a dedicated db and it worked fine. But when I logout, I get these three error messages:

Notice: Undefined index: loggedIn in .../libs/Auth.php on line 10

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/libs/Auth.php:10) in …/libs/Auth.php on line 13

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/libs/Auth.php:10) in …/libs/Auth.php on line 14

You’re welcome! Yeah This error is a bug that will be fixed in next release. Logout actually works but There is a problem with rendering login page. Just go to main page for now. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi. Also, I couldn’t find debug_mode anywhere, even in config.php

Hope you can help. Thanks, O

Debug mode is already active for all installations by default, so don’t worry about that.

Hi. It occurred to me that even though the encrypted content is deleted from the database, it might still be recoverable with special software.

Can you “shred” the encypted content first, that is, overwrite it with other content first. Even better is if you overwrite it with random characters so it still looks like encrypted content. That will keep a hacker busy for eternity!

Thanks, O

Yeah, but database will be busy for eternity too… :) I don’t think that a feature like that is covered by Encry purposes: if you follow all security improvements for “delivery” of your information (and that’s YOUR responsability) you’re most probably safe from data stealing. Let’s say, for example, that you send to your collab a decryption key by mail, and corrispondent link by SMS: If someone steal decryption key, but don’t have the link, this guy have to: Hack your DB (again, a secure system is your responsability), recover ALL deleted keys (all keys are deleted after decryption, and decryption is done client side, so in the database is NEVER stored the clear information), and, in the unlikely event that have recovered 100% of deleted data, finally can try stealed decryption key for each link.

Besides, as per @clare73 comment, no key = no decryption. :) So, even with full access to db or its backups, no one (nor you) without a specific key is able to decrypt data.

@envatoswift even if someone got hold of the encrypted data, it would be useless without the code.. Am I correct Author?

@phalon that’s great news

Clare, i’m supporting this item. Next update will be uploaded in some days. It’s a little bit early to talk about next updates. I can’t help you for that in this moment.

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Smooth installation… All working fine.. Apart from admin log out produces errors… Looking forward to the new update so I can start my project.. All the best

@clare73 have spoken to author, he is away on business and back soon with the new update :)

Is Multi-user feature live now ?

Not yet. We are testing the new upgrade, it will take some days.