Encry - Securely Send Encrypted Informations

Encry - Securely Send Encrypted Informations

Have you ever send a password via e-mail to one of your collaborators?
If so, bad idea. I’m sorry to tell you that your password will be FOREVER INSECURE: Who other read or monitorate your collaborator’s mailbox? Is your message forwarded to someone? What if someone steal his notebook? What if this mailbox is compromised? What if…?

If you are one of those people that CARE about their digital businesses, you already know that there are so many methods to avoid this problem: Some are pretty uncomfortable (send mail with user and another mail with password, GPG stuff, and so on…), some others are really smart (webapps that encrypts data and then deletes it, as this script! :D), but you cannot ever know where REALLY your informations are stored..

..Unless you have a self hosted solution!
This means:
- 100% full control of database and data stored.
- 100% assurance of data deletion when information has been decrypted
- You know how EXACTLY your data is handled
- You are 100% sure that your information reaches your collaborator, and he only, for one single time, since only who know decryption key is able to get your data.


- Super simple! Install in minutes, and create a shareable link in seconds!
- Super secure! Your data are encrypted with SJCL (Stanford Javascript Crypto Library) which uses the industry-standard AES algorithm at 256 bits; the SHA256 hash function; the HMAC authentication code; the PBKDF2 password strengthener; and the CCM and OCB authenticated-encryption modes.
- Encryptions (key and data) are generated client-side by the JavaScript Engine of your browser. Encrypted data are then written in your database, but decryption key is only printed on screen to get copied.
- Multi User: share your Encry installation with your collaborators continuing to maintain the full control!
- Shareable link expires by views or days, depending on what you set during creation (Default is customizable in settings)
- Ability to set back active an expired link
- Ability to get notified when an information has been correctly decrypted
- Fast “copy button” or direct in-app e-mail sending to share generated link and decryption key in a ash.
- Self hosted! You have full control of your data. Really.
- Fully responsive and cross-browser



Administrator User: admin
Normal User:
Both with Password: demo1234


- PHP 5.3 + (7.0+ recommended)
- MySql 5.1 +
- Apache mod.rewrite
- PHP PDO drivers
- PHP OpenSSL Extension


- AdminLTE theme
- Bootstrap 3.3
- jQuery 2.2
- SJCL 0.8
- Animate.css 3.5
- DataTables 1.10
- PHPMailer 5.2.22


03-22-2017 – Version 1.0.2
- Feature: Get notified by E-Mail when an information sent has been decrypted.
- Feature: Receive copy of the mail message when you share a crypted information by E-Mail.
- Fixed: On some particular systems, the “Logout issue” could still be present. It has been permanently deleted. (Inspired by comment #15483716)
- GUI: Added a confirmation message when you share your crypted information by E-Mail. (Inspired by comment #15391519)
- GUI: Redesigned and improved error/confirmation notifications with real-time, in-app, Growl-like messages.
- Patch: Now the information is deleted only when correctly decrypted, and not the first time user tries to decrypt.
- Patch: Clearer error messages in case of non-well-compatible systems.
- Security: Updated PHPMailer library to v. 5.2.22, to avoid CVE-2017-5223 and earlier vulnerabilities.

24-12-2016 – Version 1.0.1
- Feature: Multi-User capability
- Feature: More complex data expiring options (by days or views, default settable)
- Feature: Added capability to send link and key by e-mail within the app
- Fixed: Logout issue
- Fixed: Tables sorting by date
- Core: Improved support for PHP 7
- Patch: Minor bug fixing, code optimizations and stability improvements