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I like your script and go through the detail of description but

1) it does not mention about employees clock in/out…is this feature exist?

2) does it support employee txt notification or email notification for example; “hey Brian, you today schedule is 10 am to 5 pm”

Thanks your time replying my email

1. no 2. notifications when an admin assigns an event is already in. Reminders (I guess you mean that ?) are high on my TODO list .

yes….BTW can an event stay forever? it is for our store manager setup employee schedule

sorry, I didn’t see your message before .. what do you mean with ‘stay forever’ ?

Hello, I am setting the calendar up for the first time and had a question about the Custom Drag & drop items. I need around 30 items, but the text I have to put in each one makes the box have up to 3 lines. So is the a way I could change the text size and the box width in css? I looked around and played with a few css settings but was unsuccessful.

Hi, I just made a config-option to set a + value on the width. It will be in the next update, I hope within 2 weeks.

Hi, Can admin see private calendar ? we need employee to edit theirs, but no shows for other users. thank you!

sorry, i overlooked your question ..

You mean private calendars that users created? the admin cannot see those private calendars.

How do you go about adding custom fields to the registration of user?

if it’s just a textfield i can make that in quickly. If you want to try for yourself here are some directions:

- in /register/index.tpl you can add the fields.
- add the fieldnames in the $arr_submit in /register/index.php in the register function.
- add the columns in the user table in the database.
- add rows in the INSERT query in /model/users.class.php

that’s basically it..

Im going to need to add a few so ill try it myself. I just wanted to know all of the files associated. Thank you so much for your support

Ok, when you have questions let me know ..

I have a couple of questions. First, can you have a supervisor for each private calendar who is allowed to add add events or employees to a calendar? Say you got 3 departments, and each department has a shift supervisor who add workers to shifts. Also, does it run on php 7? Thanks!

You have to create an admin for each private calendar.

Yes, it works on PHP 7.


Turash Purchased

Hello, I am working around with this item. But is it possible to change the timeline in agenda view, which is displayed vertically to horizontal view? i.e horizontally scrollable, so the time axis will come in the x-axis. Thanks in advance


Turash Purchased

Welcome. Is this possible to get the daily resource view? “http://lvps5-35-241-55.dedicated.hosteurope.de/img/resource.png” Thanks

I will look into it, I might be able to create a second custom view. I think you want the sme as langlangfan.


Turash Purchased

Hello, thank you. I wish you good luck and am curious if you sent langlangfan the code already. This is my purchase code 9b82579a-280a-4654-a51a-5178c5406289. You can save a live if you can make this view for me. Thanks in advance

Hello, wolberspl. How are you? I am Lang Lang from China. I’ve purchased your Employer Job Scheduler to make my personal job scheduler to use at my office. I like your project and thank your high-quality work. I want to add one view on your product. Please check this. https://teamup.com/ksf66c7mgw95fx8iax As you can see, there is Scheduler/Week/Day view on this calendar. I love Scheduler view because it is proper for my goal. I want to show schedule side by side on each employee. If I try to add Scheduler view on your project, can I do it easily? I am very thank you if you help me. dd54cfb8-89b1-42d5-ac0b-7f1feca4981f That is my purchase codes. Thanks, Lang

I replied on your mail.

Please help with Instruction “Add a field to the edit dialog” – the “phone” pole is used. Can you make another instruction for actual version of EWS with pole “row1’ for example, please?

I just updated the PDF, it was not corresponding with the current code anymore. can I mail it to you ? You can mail me: paul.wolbers@gmail.com. You can just replace all the ‘phone’ ’s and ‘PHONE’ ’s for the fieldname you need. And insert all the blue parts in the files and functions. all described in the PDF file.

Dear Paul! Is it possible in custom agenda table view make empty rows with dates? Right now we see only rows with events. Maybe its easy to you to say hows display all days, even they are have no events? It`s usefull sometimes to see table in such format for understanding that you have free days. Thanks for EWS again!

I made a config-option for it. It will be in the next update. Do you want the background-color white, like the dates with events ? If you want I can mail you the 3 changes you have to do in 3 files..

Please check – works in email to admin dropdown1 and dropdown2? I see empty rows in email.

I wil check it further monday.. i’m on holiday at the moment.. I was already researching the issue but wasn’t ready yet..

“Unfortunately it happens sometimes, that users move existing entries by drag and drop the event to another day. Is it possible, to deactivate the drag function for existing events?”

Is there already a solution on this? Previously posted by a buyer which I’m experiencing now on a mobile.

Touchfriendly_drag_events on false should work.. can you mail me the URL so i can try it?

YES!! Finally, it works. Thank you, thank you!!


Is it possible to make multiselect dates in copy event function?

You mean to copy the event to several dates at the same time?


i will put it on my TODO list. working on other features right now ..

Hi there, i have sent an email to paul.wolbers@gmail.com, i have some questions before buying. Thanks!