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I’m a very visual person. I’ve tried reading about the capabilities and logged into the demo but at the end of the day, I find everything difficult to envision this in real life use. I would LOVE to see a few videos demonstrating actual use from an admin perspective and an employee perspective. In my case, I’m looking for restaurant/catering/party room use. There is full-time staff, part-time staff, reoccurring weekly shifts, pickup shifts, party room booking requirements etc. Any chance you have demo videos like this? Finally, is this responsive? All employees use their phones for checking their schedule. Thank you.

it’s responsive, but not created for phones. Using it on a bigger screen is recommended.

Videos, I don’t have that available at the moment. The next 2 months I won’t have time for that, sorry.

Paul, I was looking at your work here. I am interested in purchasing it. Have a few questions. First, we are trying to create a calendar for a department within our organization that works 24/7 with 4 different shifts. We are wanting to keep up with the employees that are working on these shifts. Is this possible? Secondly, is there any notification system that will let an employee know if they are assigned another shift or if anything changes to their current schedule?

Thanks, David

Hi David,

Thanks for your interest.

How many employees are in that department? You would need 1 calendar for 1 department?

then you could put the employees on the left side as calendars like the 3rd screenshot.

Do you also want to use the hour calculation?

notification is built in.

if you send me a mail, I can send you some screenshots. paul.wolbers@gmail.com

Hi, I bought EWS and I’m really loving it. I would like to know if you have any plans on releasing a MS SQL Server version or even a PHP PDO version of EWS. Thank you!

I’m afraid I don’t have time for that at the moment. MS sql has been asked also by other people. I might pick that up in the future.

Hi! Nice script! I have 2 questions: This script run on php 7? And where I can enable, that I in the calendar see, who has written the calendar-item?

It works with php 7. There is a deprecated error in smarty, but that will be fixed in the next update. I will make a creator ID to make it possible to show who created a calendar item. Good idea.

I’m thinking .. Perhaps creator ID is already in. I will check. .


Before I commit to purchasing your schedule I wanted to ask a few questions.

I want to show a select few clients how I have planned their works into the diary but NOT allow them to move the appoints but can add comments. When they add comments it then sends the admin an email with the comments.

Is this possible?


not right now, but I can make that possible.

do we make our own admin email when installing?

You can set an admin mail address in configs / config.php

are u using the fullcalendar.io plugin.. in that case do we have to buy a licence for fullcalendar

No. The version of Fullcalendar I’m using is open source, free to use.

Hi, I want to ask if I can add users like managers, but different administrative in the calendar, but the admin can administer everything. its possible to do in this calendar?

Currently there is no extra layer between admins and users. Above that is the superadmin. Can’t you use managers as admins?

your demo does not work it is just loading but nothing seems to appear

The server doesn’t respond. It will be fixed in 2 hours hopefully.

Is there a working demo?

The server doesn’t respond. It will be fixed in 2 hours hopefully.

hello i am trying to install the calendar but i am getting (( FULLCAL_DIR is not set correctly )) i read your pdf help file and still at a lost to Open configs/config.php and change the paths (FULLCAL_DIR and FULLCAL_URL) to match your paths.

there is no file or folder in the directory with that name could you please help me with problem thanks orlando

FULLCAL_DIR is the path to the folder on the server, for example: ’/home/paul/public_html/employee-work-schedule’ FULLCAL_URL is the URL to the calendar: example: $http_host . ’/employee-work-schedule’

If you don’t know what to fill in for FULLCAL_DIR you can remove // in front of echo getCwd() and refresh the calendar in the browser.


MySitti Purchased

Hi, I am developing using CodeIgniter framework. Can you provide the code using CodeIgniter?

Sorry for my late response .. I’m not familiar with CodeIgniter. This calendar is build on PHP, Javascript and Smarty. I guess you can just include it in your project.


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Hi, I just bought this script and I must say it works like a harm, just one question. Can I resize the calendar to fit on a widescreen monitor so you do not have to scroll to see the entire month view? Now the last week falls out of the screen and we have to scroll to see the bottom week, and we would like it to fit a 1920×1080 monitor so we see the entire calendar without scrolling, is that possible?


Borreltje Purchased

Yes, that works!!! thanks :-)

great. I will make a config-option for it.


Borreltje Purchased

That would be great, thanks again for the speedy support!


I would like to integrate Exchange Appointment into the employee-work-schedule-multicalendar. I found the option to switch zu Exchange. There I had zu provide Username and Passwort, but no option to specify the Server name.

After trying the email adress as the username, that the System may derive the host, the calendar tried to fetch some events but nothing happend (no err msg, no log and no events).

Similiar failure with eMail sending. Once it worked, then accidently not. Especialy not when an appointement ist canceld. Any ideas why not and where i can figure out what happend?

Third and last question: If the disposition of the employe can’t be stored to en exchange-Account, is it posiible to add an ics atacchament.

Best regards


by the way, there is no email send at the moment when an item is removed from the calendar .. Would that be something you would need?

Yes this would be a decent function for me, because I try to use this calender as a schedule plattform. So the teammember has to be informed if an appointment is canceld or postponed, Otherwise he had to login and check the online calendar (pull vs. push).

The 3rd idea in my initial statement pointed to the idea that you will get also a “workarround” to the exchange problem (not able to update the information), if you send ICS files within then event notifification. So the teammember my setup this local calendar (for eg. on a mobile device). His local generated appointments comes into the the centralizes calender via reading the Exchange events.

By the way. I found the option where to change the server name (event.class.php in …\model), It seems to be work a bit better, but I am always not able to import my calendar-events. Maybe my hosted Exchange provider does not allow to fetch events via ??? (what). So ist might be a problem of my person setting, but I am not able to figure out who does not respond or quit the webservice because it seems to be there is no logging. Echo of vars, didn’t help. Any ideas?

and what exactly do you mean with cancelled and postponed ? .. unassigned/event moved to another date .. ? the exchange events are fetched with ews (Exchange Web Services), perhaps this can help you: http://www.gfi.com/support/products/gfi-archiver/How-to-obtain-the-Exchange-Web-Services-EWS-URL

I still don’t understand your 3rd idea .. Are you German? If you want you can mail me in German: paul.wolbers@gmail.com

Hello, I bought this item thinking it was a wordpress plugin by mistake but it seems to be the perfect solution for what I need but I do have problems in installation … I am getting this errors (I did changed the my url to my path)

Warning: require_once(my url/external/smarty/Smarty.class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /my url/include/default.inc.php on line 139

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘my url/external/smarty/Smarty.class.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/my url/include/default.inc.php on line 139

I am also not sure how to execute the tables in the db like it says in your installation guide. Thank you for your help