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Hi, added in the my collections. Good sales ;)

thanks LcParrini for support

I hope to buy soon, great for a new customer in July ;)

ive noticed a typo on employee end.

it says registre hours rather than register hours :)

will be looking to purchse this later today/tomorrow looks good, im just wondering what the coding structure is like as i will be doing some modifications to this to fit my needs, does it use mysql/mysqli/pdo etc.? what version of php is this build for and the lowest version it can handle?

thanks Ice

thatnks for your note, i used php pdo with mysql and i build it in php 5.5 but i tested also with php 5.3 and it work fine

also lowest version will be good


I purchased the script. Unfortunately, I am having a forbidden error message after the installation. I have sent you a mail showing the details, but no reply from you since the last 48 hours. Please do check and help me out.


personalities can be authenticated through fingerprint with fingerprint reader ?

Hello, Just purchased script and owner password is not updating. Please advice. Thank you! PS: Nice job. :)

installed it and comes up with a login field without any credentials? Submitting will cause a white screen. ?!

Same thing as previous. After install login field is shown. With what should I login to?

i cant add new user and cant change password

please help

After install login field is shown,login field without any credentials? Submitting will cause a white screen. Can you help me ?

It might not be connecting with your database. Go to login.php and remove lines 3 and 4:

error_reporting(0); @ini_set(‘display_errors’, 0);

Removing those lines should show you the php error. Make sure to add the lines back once you have resolved the issue.

great work mate . good luck ^^

Demo is not working. I am interested to buy this script. Can you put it online please, i want to show how it works. Thank You

anybody know what kind of credentials should I use as login and pass after installation?


chrgun Purchased

Not able to change password, add new use. Seems like i just bought the demo version. :(

@ Varcredoft: Default: owner / 123123

Hi, can you fix the demo version?