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Hi there,

Does it work with custom post types? Does it work on BuddyPress?


Hi! Yes, work with custom post types. I try install buddypress plugin and active it. All plugin works normaly.

How do you add this to the post?

I mean is there a shortcode or php code for it? I have over 2k posts and cannot go through each one to add it to the posts, I would also like to choose where it is displayed. THanks

Add new buttons in admin panel. Redownload item!

Your plugin looks great. But will it soon be updated. Do it work in the newest 3.7.1 version of Wordpress and do it support newest versions of browsers.

Yes, work. Update plugin params.

It would be nice if registered users could preserve their ratings so that when they log in next time they could see how they voted… Is it possible?

Is there a widget that can be used to show how many posts received an emotional reaction? For example, 1. Display chart with blue for total posts liked, yellow for total neutral, red for total hated 2. Display text widget with top 5 posts for blue, top 5 for yellow, top 5 for red ( in tab). If this is not implemented, how tough will it be to create this feature? Thanks!