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hi friend this is great but can you create Emoticons For wowonder??? i am waiting to purchase it with social share pro for wowonder….

please give a reply friend…

& i know that you are super fast and create it within minutes….

please do it friend….

Addon is submitted.After review process,you will get this add-on within 2-3 days! :-)

As per your request,Emoticons For Wowonder addon is available.Please check this link

Hi?I have some trouble to install it. I followed you instruction, but the site just broke down. Could You please help me for it?

Send me your cpanel or ftp details through contact form>>

demo account user, pass?

Hello friend!Demo account details are already mentioned in description :-) website>> Username:sntest password:123456

heyy have u added new emo???

if i want to add my personal emoticons is possible ???

if possible can u add in code that admin can add his personal emo uploading o with url

Hello friend,If we try to add this feature,then “database part” will also involve in it and also increase price tag of addon,too.And, it will make more difficult for website admin to update their website,after release of new version of sngine!Because one small mistake in database will destroy website within seconds.So,to protect conflict with original script,I always try to avoid this option! :-)

Thank for your Reply :)

hi i am looking for all kinds of Emoticons and stickers in folders different types in each folder do you have any thing like this kinda like yahoo messengers has i have a crea8SOCial pro script a social networking script will they work with them and when will you have them more like the ones in yahoo messenger let me know ken

Sngine2 uses a third party site to pull its emoticons from. Does this also do that or are these emoticons stored and pulled from the same file sngine is installed on your own server.

It also uses same third party site to pull its emoticons from.So,there is no issue about bandwidth or no load on own server!

Hello, I love what you started but it would be awesome if you can add stickers as well, like what facebook has.

Hello friends,New updated version was already submitted and will available within 2-3 days!

I can custom changer icons of emotions defaut?

No,it’s not possible to change emojis icons with another icons!

Hello prashantre, I installed the emoticons plugins and it works fine but it damages the color box plugins and also affects the option to name someone in a publication, Could help me with that thanks.

Yes,I can!Please send me cpanel details through contact form,I will help you to configure it with ldrmx add-on

I have already sent the details through the contact form


Hello friend,please dont create different post for same query!You are asking help which is related to 3rd party add-on!And ,author’s response time can be up to 2 business days!

Hi, I already sent you the information by mail

pre-sale : 1- your plugins work with sngine 2.4.3 ? 2- you can develop any plugin for Sngine? 3- you develop custom theme for sngine ?

Yes,my plugins work with all new updated version of sngine!