Discussion on EmojiOne for WordPress

Discussion on EmojiOne for WordPress

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Is it compatible with Divi?

Hi, This is pre-sale questions,

Is this for admin or the front-end?

Does it work with bbpress, buddypress or default wp comment box?

Please advise before buy, Thanks

Great Plugin!

Can I add Emojis to my gravity forms similar to how I add images?

I bought this plugin. Why is the project abandoned?

can I transfer images to my server?

Would it be possible to have a look into ticket #52? No response since ~6 days … which makes me some kind of sad because I can not use your product right now.

I’m really interested in this plugin. Mainly for use within comments on posts. Is this possible?

Yes, that can be used in the posts comment if you are using tinyMCE there as well.

Is that the standard wordpress framework or another plugin?

This is the site in question if you can tell from viewing the comments on it?

Can these be used within posts comments?

Yes, that can be used in the posts comment if you are using tinyMCE there as well.

The issue is not solved and anther problem now also with admin panel editors for fronted: TypeError: str is undefined for admin panel editors: ReferenceError: emojione is not define


Sorry for replying late I tried using the wp_editor function and its working fine.

Please send me your working code on


Are you trying add tinymce on fronted and test it ?? Do that and you will meet the issue.

Yes I tried that adding tinyMCE to frontend

Hello, I am sorry but there’s anther issue with fronted tinyMCE editors:

ReferenceError: emojione is not defined wp-emojione.js:288:5

This error destroy the editor what can do about this?

Are you develop this plugin to work with Wordpress admin panel only?

Thank you but I am sorry it’s still not working with anther error: TypeError: str is undefined[Learn More] emojione.min.js:19

I really hope found a solution to make it wokring on fronted.

Any news about the issue?

Yes, have done it and push the update for review.

Hello, I use TinyMCE on the frontend of the site can I use your plugin to add the button on my frontend TinyMCE editor?

this is my code to understand me more:

function editor_settings($args = array()){ $buttons = apply_filters( 'bold,|,italic,|,underline,|,link,unlink,|,bullist,numlist' ); return array( 'quicktags' => false, 'media_buttons' => false, 'tabindex' => 5, //'wpautop' => false, 'textarea_name' => 'post_content', 'tinymce' => array( 'content_css' => get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/editor_content.css', 'height' => 150, 'toolbar1' => $buttons, 'toolbar2' => '', 'toolbar3' => '', 'autoresize_min_height' => 150, 'force_p_newlines' => false, 'statusbar' => false, 'force_br_newlines' => false, //'forced_root_block' => '', 'setup' => "function(ed){ ed.onChange.add(function(ed, l) { var content = ed.getContent(); if(ed.isDirty() || content === '' ){; jQuery(ed.getElement()).blur(); // trigger change event for textarea } }); // We set a tabindex value to the iframe instead of the initial textarea ed.onInit.add(function() { var editorId = ed.editorId, textarea = jQuery('#'+editorId); jQuery('#'+editorId+'_ifr').attr('tabindex', textarea.attr('tabindex')); textarea.attr('tabindex', null); }); }" )); }

Hi, the fix has been done and plugin is queued for review.

Great i am waiting thank you :)

Thank you and welcome

Can the emojis be resized to a specific font size?

Will be checking tonight

New update fixed the visual composer bug, the rest are still there. The emojis did get a bit smaller but are still too big. New update added a new bug too – it seems the plugin looks at the entire page, not just the content part and changes the ‘&’ into an emoji ’#’ symbol.


If you are talking about this one:

It is due to the wordpress emoji functionality not due to the plugin. You can disable the wordpress emoji functionality from the setting.

For font size I have added the custom css and now user can select the size from the setting panel for this you have to wait for the update release.

Thanks for being with us.

Can you add the option for subscribers can use it to post comments

That can be done. But no sale yet

Congrats, good luck with sales – DCSF

Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

Cool Item! Good Luck!

fantastic ! i wish you all the best for your sales and a nice day ;) keep up the gerat work

Thanks mate


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