Emoji Top Bar For Wordpress and WooCommerce

Emoji Top Bar For Wordpress and WooCommerce

Emoji top bar plugin lets you display a notification about a promotion or about an important update or anything you want to display. High information efficiency is provided by emoji. They attract attention and provide your visitors with good mood.

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  • 1445 emojis 
  • Responsive design
  • Customizable with Live Builder
  • Call To Action
  • Smart Visibility Filter
  • Import / Export Settings
  • Preview
  • Regular and sticky options
  • Formatting element support
  • Compatible with most plugins and themes
  • Secret ingredient

Main Features:

Live Builder interface
Quick and easy composing. Build any Top Bar in minutes right in your WordPress, no coding skills required.

Emoji Top Bar is a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your message to mobile devices and the desktop or any other devices. 

EmojiOne is a complete set of emojis designed for the web.

Call To Action
You can customize the options of action buttons. And you can also add emoj.

Smart Visibility Filter
Show or Hide Emoji Top Bar by ID, Page Title or Slug. You can also  allow / disallow your visitors to close Emoji Top Bar and indicate the moment of its next appearance.

Import / Export Settings
If you like the current top bar – you can save it using the export function via JSON. Keep the settings of the plugin wherever you want, for example, in a text file on google disk. Import the settings on any site where Emoji Top Bar is installed.

Do you want to see how the Top Bar looks on your site? Do not want to disturb visitors? This is not a problem, the preview function will show the Top Bar only to you.

To use this function, hover the preview icon on the plugin settings page. After the icon becomes active, click on it. You will be redirected to the main page, and your Top Bar will be seen. If you want to test the Top Bar on another page, do the following:

1. After you make settings changes, hover the Preview icon.

2. Go to any page on the site and add ‘?etbar_draft’ at the end of the url to get something like ‘’ and press Enter

Formatting element support: 

<b>      - Bold text        <b>example</b>
<strong> - Important text   <strong>example</strong>
<i>      - Italic text      <i>example</i>
<em>     - Emphasized text  <em>example</em>
<mark>   - Marked text      <mark>example</mark>
<small>  - Small text       <small>example</small>
<del>    - Deleted text     <del>example</del>
<ins>    - Inserted text    <ins>example</ins>
<sub>    - Subscript text   <sub>example</sub>
<sup>    - Superscript text <sup>example</sup>

Be careful. Any other HTML markup can make the Top Bar look ugly.   Use only the specified HTML formatting tags. Any other tags are allowed, but are not officially supported.


== 1.0.1 ==
== 1.0.0 ==
    Initial Release