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1) Is it possible to add in-app purchase in order to buying money? 2) What if I would like to make an Android app but don’t have the full version of Construct 2?

1)-Not it’s not possible 2)-You will need the full version of Construct 2

Hello, Thanks a lot for your great game, I’ve successfully created extra questions and added them to the game, but I’m facing a little problem, starting from question #100 there’s no count shown of the current question number appears on top , the last question number appears is #99, when I answer with a correct answer and move to question 100 then it shows just a blank green background with no question number, this happens for both question #100 and all new questions I’ve added to the game. I hope you fix this for me,Thanks again,


Issue fixed, thanks

Hello aekiro, Thanks for a nice game. I am facing a problem regarding exporting in Cordova from construct2. After exporting, when I am trying to run that index.html it is not running, just blank page. After inspecting , I have found cordova_plugins.js is not found(Error code 500). I also tried intel XDK according your documentation , same blank UI . How can I get rid of this problem, help ?

N.B: Exporting to HTML5 is working perfectly.

Okey, I will try to see if I get the same issue. and thanks for letting me know about the new intel xdk.

Hello, I am facing some problem regarding admob banner ad placing. Would you please give me your mail address so that we talk over mail, Thanks .

Please send me an email here :


There is any way to remove/hide buttons without having a Construct 2 license? For example the fullscreen button has no many sense on mobile.

No, but you can contact me by mail, I’ll send you one without the full screen button.


i want a problem (latin-ext font). I change alphabet in config.txt file. But not see ğ ü ş i ö ç.

can i help you_?

Hello, can I add myself in emoji quiz game question? How Can I do this? So, the questions is Can I add myself?

Hi teacher. Intel xdk can you give me the format please? my construct 2 and I don’t have an account. I don’t understand. Thanks you can write to friend. ( abdellah pls )

Hello. I don’t want 100 questions. please. Enough with the 20 questions and 50.

Please help. How do I do it

Email me, I will explain to you how to do it.

What’s the answer to the 3rd question? I want to test the game more but can’t figure it out XD


Hello. I want to add the time for each question. is that possible?

Not possible.