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Can I add my own images instead of emojis?

Hi kenzapsia, I tried to download your apk from the link you gave above: http://work.kenzap.com/files/EmojiKeyboardApp.apk

But there is a username password I should enter. Is there another way to get it ? Thanks

Hello There,

Is this for eclipse or android studio? Also, is it easy to change the current emojis to my own images and emojis?

Regards, Digital Chica

We have both, but Eclipse is not supported. Yes you can completely replace any emoji icon.

Can i have my own custom Emoji’s on the keyboard?

Yes sure, the source is open

Can i use this app to send my own emojis over the standard messenger on phones like the disney blitz app does it? notethe disney app send emojis like a picture.

Actually it is not working in this way. The keyboard sends emoji code not picture, its not possible other-way. The code will be parsed locally depending local keyboard settings. The code snippet is best to use when building your own messenger app.

How the monetization method works for this app? Can I show ads?

Yes you are free to show ads.

I will defenetly buy this app if I can use my own emoji/sticker. If you make an update count me as a customer. ;)

You actually can!

Hi, Is it support eclipse ?

Eclipse is deprecated, we are not supporting it as well

How easy to add your own category of “Emoji’s” is it?

Android studio, as for editing heavily depends on you skills and knowledge but the code is open and all emojis are structured in folders.

Okay, I have no experience / skills in this field, would it still be simple to figure out / edit?

I would say no then. At least basic development knowledge is required.

This keyboard is listed as “for an existing application”.

Can this be uploaded and sold in the app store as a replacement keyboard as is? Meaning, I open it in Android studio, change some emojis, restyle it, etc and then upload to the store for people to use as a replacement keyboard?

Yes you only embed it into your existing app code. Otherwise you can use it as a library of organized emoji.

I just bought this, I am having issues launching it on android studio, is there any extra information we need to know? Thanks

Please provide error details which you face

“This project does not use the Gradle build system. We recommend that you migrate to using the Gradle build system” Not sure what to do

Thank you for purchase. The project is pretty simple without complex dependencies. Could you please open the project by just importing it.

how i can ad my admob To this source

maybe you should update the Item Details and make it clear its only for apps and cannot be used like the title states “Emoji Keyboard” very miss leading

Everyone already knows it since it is described in description. Even though the ones who bought migrated it to normal keyboard easily

how much to do that ?

Not sure we were not checking this.

Hello kenzapsia, Can I use this keyboard in Messaging? Regards.

Unfortunately we are taking small freelance jobs.

can we chat in skype?

No unfortunately we are not allowed to do this legally. We have to sign agreements first. Usually we start working if sum is greater than $500-$1000. Sorry for inconvenience. We will try to help you for free and support but are unable to provide free consultations.

can I use it on eclipse and is there any documentation about how to use on any project.

The app source code is open and simple so the usage example may be versatile depending on your needs. Eclipse is not supported already by Android officially.

Hi there! Can I add custom emoji or stickers??

Yes source code is open. This keyboard is intended to be used with your existing app not a standalone keyboard.

how can i this extension to my android keyboard app which is developed by me.If yes then how?

Sorry could you please explain in more details.

Haven’t tried the APK just yet, but I’m assuming that it works as a separate switchable keyboard with the emojis inside of it. Having said that is ti possible for me to add custom images and Gif animations? that is the only thing that is keeping me from buying it.


No unfortunately you wont be able to use it as a switchable keyboard. Icons, gifs are possible to change.