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This looks like the exact plugin I’ve been looking for!! I have multiple property owners who want to update their own info and etc. Is it possible for an owner of a property to login and be able to edit/see ONLY their own property information? (Master admin should be the only one who can access all info) If that function is there, I am sold.

Coming in next version. Leave your email address, through support form.

Thank you for the quick reply. When the new version comes out, would it rebuild the database and etc.? (Any risk of losing inputted data and etc?)

We are mostly busy with multiple projects. We can update you via email as soon as new development releases but are also available for freelance hire.

I’m very interested in this software, but need some custom work done. Do you offer customization services?

Thank you for your interest. Why not email me the details of customizations you need?

Hello, where are the details of the updated version latest? And are there any user account rights options?

In the latest version, we fixed more than 4 bugs, two in frontend and two in the backend. We have not yet completed the user account levels.

Is this them only for rental or you can ad property for sale, in demo shows only rental property, and the system is it just in english ?

can you send me new demo to this mail

Please check your email. We are waiting to hear from you.

Hello, I want to know if exist the french translation for this script ?

Yes, we have a language file that you can edit for convertion to french!

Hello I have purchase this script but I can’t install it can you help me.

Thankyou for purchasing. Can you send me a private email, i will help you.

Presale question: I do not understand if it’s possible to setup the script for multivendors. Or, if there’s an option to charge a commission once a reservation is done.

Ok, but you didn’t answer the first question.

Are property owners able to login in the backend and manage their own – and only theirs – properties?

Yes, infact that feature has been launched very recently and we are officially announcing it after testing in 3 – 4 days!! Enjoy!

Hello, we have made user accounts for property owners. Go download!

What version of Laravel does this product run and when do you expect the multiple-property owner feature to launch?

It is based on laravel 5.1. The multi-level admin panel for property owners is being tested for quality and launching in few days.

Hello, we have made user accounts for property owners. Go download!

why im sale property error ?

This is what i am doing with sales property page: http://noble-soft.com/eminent/description/sales-property.png Write your question directly to support @ noble-soft . com

Hello, Is it possible to account for meter readings charges for water and electric on long term rentals monthly? We need to have hybrid system booking for daily rate and monthly rate where the monthly rates have charges of utilities water electric usage by the meter used. Please advise. Also is there installation instructions? Could you post or send links to it or email us at www.yensabaipattaya.com thanks. We have purchased your script but have been waiting for bug fixes and major improvements before trial. Thanks in advance.

1. Use the admin notes feature for recording the values of meter reading. 2. The script is designed to support daily, weekly, monthly prices. 3. Documentation helps you in installation process. But i will still support you for any kind of inconvenience direct to your email address. 4. Thank you for purchasing ;-)


Login details in the demo not working.

Please check and correct for us to test the system.

best regards,

I just checked, it is working fine. Can you try again?


imcabal Purchased

Hi, when you login as owner, and try to make a reservation, on the modal appear the dashboard not the calendar information for the reservation, can you check this please.

Please contact me at support@noble-soft.com, i will fix that out!


Don-G Purchased

Hi, how can i change currency

Reservations complete even without paid, you can therefore remove the payment form on the checkout page by editing the view file.


Don-G Purchased

ok. Am not sure how the payment works. Where can i manually update payments from the admin. or balance the remaining payments after adding the half payment from the front end

The admin panel only shows report of payments but the guest will only pay from the frontend.

Love the script but I have a quick pre-sale question. Can you set different levels of accounts? I.e. a basic account allowing 1 listing and a premium account allowing more listings/benefits?

Also, what payment system does this use and where are the settings? I can’t find it anywhere in the demo other than “live/demo”.

1. Right now there are no defined packages for sub-accounts. You will just manually deal your agents. 2. You will need to sign up on the website of stripe to get a key that i will assist you putting in the script. 3. The required customization can be done upon request.

And is it possible for the owner to change their deposit amount? On a property-by-property basis?

I like the script but I’m hesitating. Is this script encrypted at all or is it fully modifiable?

1. Special features can be added on order. 2. It is open source and if you understand Laravel/MVC, you can modify it

There is one huge major oversight when you compiled this script: Guests do not have a proper location search filter on the front end! My guests want to search for locations close to where they are visiting. By placing just random owner listings on the homepage does not serve anyone’s purpose. Guests need to search for cities and the neighborhoods within those cities. The way it is now, guests will loose interest quickly because they can’t search for the exact neighborhoods where they want to stay. If I have 2000+ listings, this will become exhaustive quickly for the visitor.

The backend admin properties listings link are showing up with an error page. Please fix!

Thanks for your nice advice. I am upgrading the search feature. The admin panel bug is removed.

noblesoft – Excellent design.

I am in need of a custom design for this.

We’d like a custom build for this to include the following: (on top of the current features)

*Allow Users to sign up or “post” their own items to rent, set up their own times and manage those items. *User is charged either monthly flat fee or per item basis (set by admin) paid to Admin

The items will be anything, not just for homes or vehicles. This could range from tools, equipment, toys, services, etc.

Is this easily possible? What kind of costing would this require?’

Thank you. Send me a reply to here: nimeskernmedia@gmail.com

Yes, we do offer customization. Please check your email for the offer details.


kczilla Purchased

presales question – I am trying the demo but I can not update a rental in calendar view.

I am getting javascript errors. Please send me a link to a working demo.

see http://noble-soft.com/eminent/demo/public/admin/calendar-view

ReferenceError: $property_id is not defined  /eminent/demo/public/js/reservations.js:91:77 Object.success()  /eminent/demo/public/admin/_noblesoft/cropper/assets/js/jquery.min.js:2:27309 j()  /eminent/demo/public/admin/_noblesoft/cropper/assets/js/jquery.min.js:2:28122 Object.fireWith [as resolveWith]()  /eminent/demo/public/admin/_noblesoft/cropper/assets/js/jquery.min.js:5:22111 x()  /eminent/demo/public/admin/_noblesoft/cropper/assets/js/jquery.min.js:5:26030 XMLHttpRequest.b()

Are you trying to add a new reservation from calendar view? Send email to support@noble-soft.com for detailed information and help.


kczilla Purchased

I purchased the software and emailed you that it has bugs in it that I had to fix to install the software. Then it had bugs in the admin panel.

I am still waiting, over 2 days, for you to give me the fixed version of the software.

I have a client that I have to use this software for and I need you to give me the fixes immediately, as in today.

I have started the support communications through email.

Does this allow for contacting owner to negotiate order? Does this support ical gcal import / export to live update with airbnb and vrbo?

your work is good but i need material design clean ui

Thanks for the appreciation! We don’t have that.