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Nice! Where can i see all 170 supported services?

please refer to screenshoots, or all supported sites.

I will buy this later but I am wondering how is this different from the wp plugin provided by embedly?

Hi, This script include a collector(extract supported urls form every content just pasting content), for those who look for a easy and fast publishing time, extends native oEmbed Support, render media in comments, render Slideshows for easy viewing, Make galleries, etc., and is easy to implement another slider or application, please watch the video demos, thank you for you intereset :)

Demo site added, for Collector or way to use watch the videos :p

what can this plugin embed in terms of facebook functionality?

i think this has great potential but I’m not sure… please reply to my question above :)

important to note, I believe this needs Embedly subscription unless your ok with a very limited free version, is this correct?

Hi, the script support all the videos, audio and photo services from embedly, services and support is updated automatically. since embedly won’t support facebook this scripts also doesnt.
When you try to embed image urls are treated as RAW and never run over the embedly api, also, when you make a big request (>25 items) are treated as “chunks” this make your embeds works faster and use less api calls. every item is cached and the script only process new embed sizes.
Sorry for the late answer :D


I am looking for a Plugin that allows me to embed videos on sites. This without using Vimeo or Youtube!

So is it possible to embed a video on my site that is just on my server? If yes does it work on any device and browser like Vimeo and Youtube?


BR, Pascal

Hi, to allow this, you must upload the videos somewhere an then embed. please take a look

Hi, i would like to make a question pls, is it possible the widget slider to have timer? i mean i want each picture change in specific time of the day!! Is this doable? Thanks!

Hi, right now, out of the box no, but we can do it for you. have a great day

I just bought the plugin and got this error…

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home1/thomasso/public_html/ on line 354

I would like to embed RTMP Url Live stream URLS from say like into my members profile in buddy press profile. Basically placing insert an area where they can place RTMP video’s in their profiles. i know nothing of php and code if I bought this plugin could you help me implement it into a buddy press profile?

Example –

How do I add a service to this? For instance, I am using a service called to house our videos. I need these videos to be easily embed into our site. Can you tell me if it is easy to add them?

Thanks, Nate

Hi, very interesting plugin !

I wanted to try out the demo but it’s a blank page… is it normal ?

Kind Regards