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Does it autoplay and loop? Can you pause/unpause video? Does it take the actual vine player?

Hi Marius, the Vines are loaded and automatically looped with the actual vine player. Vines cannot be paused for now, but I’m planning to release a new version of the plugin.

Nice plugin as we all know Vine is becoming the next big social video app for marketing online. Are you willing to add some features? This looks very promising…

Hi Charlesclift, sorry for the late reply. Yes I’m planning to release a new version with support for the unofficial APIs, so it should be able to show your latest Vines and add a lot of other integration capabilities.

Why don’t you have a simple demo? Can embedding result in http://vinescope.com/ like simple vine embeds? No links under the video and autoplay on

Hi nigesz, thank you for the suggestion, i will definitely create a demo as soon as I can. However, the result is exactly like on that website, including autoplay. You can choose different sizes and put the vine everywhere you want in a wp page, post or widget, and set it as the product image in wooComerce as well.

Hey this is pretty clever, I’m surprised not more people are using this! Will buy in the near future when I get some customer submitted vine videos :)


I have some pre-sales questions. The first question that I have for you is if this plugin is compatible with the latest version of wordpress which is version 4.5.2. My follow up question to this would be how this plugin would be maintained during future updates of wordpress? My second question is if this plugin will function with my custom wordpress theme, which I have customized to my liking. My main concern is when I usually make a post with a vine code embedded in the post, the video does not normally display on the homepage as a featured video. So my question to you is when I use your plugin will it enable the embedded vine videos to display as a featured video under-neath title of the post? If not how can I achieve this? My third question is if the vine videos autoplay? If not how can I get it to autoplay? My fourth question is if I have to use the vine video link or if I can use the custom vine embed link.

My fifth and final question is if I will receive instructions of how to implement and use this plugin.

I think this is a great plugin, and I look forward to potentially using it!