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Awesome! Good luck with sales!

Thank you. I wish the same for you.

Nice !!! how do I add that php scripts to a wordpress theme?

Hi, You’ll have to install one of those php scripts separately. Each of them comes with installation instructions, for ex: http://www.codiator.com/Classified-Made-Easy/Help/Installation.html

After installation, you can use their URL in the plugin shortcode as shown in the example. Cheers.

this is amazing to add such function, however…i dont know how to do it at all… i m a newbie…

Hi, Please check your email as I replied to your pm.

HI csgraduate,
i wondering it is work for auto dealer ship themes or only Real estate ?

Hi, It works for Auto script/theme as well.


This is a super plugin. However, as a newbie I would like to know if you can install the appropriate script? Also, what is the updating procedure in full.


Hi, I am glad you like it. After activating this WordPress plugin, you’ll have to install one of the following scripts: Real estate made simple, Classified made easy or Auto trading made easy. You can pm your purchase code for one of the above mentioned scripts (not the WordPress plugin) and cpanel login along with the domain. I charge $15 for installation of the PHP script. Alternatively, you can install the php script yourself by referring to installation instructions here: http://codiator.com/wp-map-listings-made-simple/plugin-installation/ or http://www.codiator.com/Classified-Made-Easy/Help/Installation.html



Help me to understand.

I want to install Wordpress on a website such a good opportunity

Real Estate Made Simple

Should I buy this plugin and “Real Estate Made Simple”?

Can I use my existing real estate and add it to the map?

And I can add to the search form any search criteria? (Taxonomy, category, yardage, especially any that is not important) Though gold bath and bed.)))) All that I want 20 piece, or are there any restrictions?


Hi, Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Using ‘Embed made simple’, you can embed any website on your WordPress page/post. So it can be a website powered by ‘Real estate made simple’ script or your own existing website. In case of the former one, you’ll have to purchase it and do the setup as mentioned here: http://codiator.com/real-estate-made-simple/Help/Installation.html . You can also change some ‘style’ options in the search form as mentioned in a faq here: http://codecanyon.net/item/real-estate-made-simple-/1520788/faqs/15664

hi.. I have an existing classified theme.. what I want is I just wanna use the map when user post their listings. they gonna pin their location while they fill out the listing form and map will appear on their listing after listing published. Map will show their listing location on the map…

can we make this happen or not possible ?

Hi, This is just an embed plugin so it basically embeds any website into your WordPress website. For map based classifieds, please check ‘classified made easy’ script.

i have a question , about when you embed the Wikipedia full page can you embed only a part of any web, like (from today’s featured articles) or it have to be the full page. thank you

It can be embedded, if it has its own url. But as featured article keeps changing so its link also needs to be updated.

pre-purchase question, i want to create different posts and paste a shotcode to include a specific url every time, is this what your plugin does? thanks

Hi, It can also be used to embed any page, post on other post or page. So you can use your post url and embed it on other page/post.

Hi, The url above is redirecting to the login page so not able to view the plugin. Can you please add it to another page/post and check again.

Is there an example of short code structure for this word press plugin that I’m missing? Can someone give me an example of the short code structure to make the embedding of the classifieds 800px high instead of the default 400px please?

[wpems width='100%' height='800px' header='0']http://www.codiator.com/Classified-Made-Easy/?city=new york[/wpems]

Examples: http://codiator.com/wp-map-listings-made-simple/

I do not what the enlarge feature, it conflict with my theme. How can I remove it? see: http://drtransitions.com/listings

Hi, This is a part of the plugin. If your theme allows to write custom css, which most of the themes do, then add the following to custom css section:

#wpmmsexpand > img {
    display: none;

Hi there,

I purchased both of your Embed Made Simple & Real Estate Made Simple for my current project. You done a great job and both are working fine.

‘Embed Made Simple’ shows the whole Real estate page in a frame. I dont want to show Real Estate Header (Home,Favorite,contact.Login tabs) because I am using my own theme header already.

1) How can we hide it? Is there any Css you can provide

2) I made two buttons on my homepage – ‘House for Sale’ & ‘House for Rent’. I want 2 different URL for these pages from ‘Real Estate Made Simple ’ one should show only Rental House and other should show only House for sale.

Right now it shows me same url for both different searches.

3) there is a check box in Admin Option for Mortgage Calculator to enable/diable. Is there a way to use only Mortgage Calculator itself on blank page .

Regards, Narr

H, Thank you for purchasing. Please check below for my comments:

1) You can refer to ‘header’ attribute of the shortcode: http://codiator.com/wp-map-listings-made-simple/shortcode/

2) Real estate made simple scripts allows you to load results based on certain type of parameters but what you need will require customization and you can pm me for the quote. You can also refer to: http://codecanyon.net/item/real-estate-made-simple-/1520788/faqs/16335 and http://codecanyon.net/item/real-estate-made-simple-/1520788/faqs/15771

3) This is only possible with some customization.

Kind regards

Hello, very nice plugin I just need to ask you a few questions first. I am doing a city directory where people can put in there business like bars, restraints movie theaters an so on, Is the plugin fully responsive. I am using the Divi theme by elegant themes will it work with this. I am looking for a plugin that won’t slow my site down, is it a light weight plugin.

Hi, Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Please note that this is merely a WordPress plugin to embed other websites and if you wish to embed map with businesses etc, you’ll have to first install one of the PHP scripts mentioned on item’s detail page. In you case, I believe that Classified made easy would be more appropriate. The script is responsive but map mode has certain restrictions with smaller mobile screen size so please check the demo before purchasing.

Pre-purchase question. Can you use your own custom image for a map and place the pins with info on top of your image instead of using a google map? thanks

No, this isn’t possible.

Hello i interest in plugin,it work good with Real Homes – WordPress Real Estate Theme ?

Hi, This plugin can be used to embed other pages on your existing WordPress page/post. Please check the demo. I can’t tell about the theme you mentioned as I’ve never used it.

Hi there, Is this plugin working????

Yes, please check the documentation.