Discussion on Emantals – Hospital Management System with Website

Discussion on Emantals – Hospital Management System with Website

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Note : make sure you storage symlink is created by running the following command : php artisan storage:link Please, how do I do this.

installation not free if you want 15 usd for install :)

I never asked you for installation. When you checked, it was installed. Your script is not working fine. That’s was what I asked you to fix.

our script work very good you install script with wrong way and you its not the right way to install laravel with subdomain like that so try to see this video

Is it possible for patients to edit appointment? Like, cancel or add appointment to an existing one?

God forbid I send you my details again.

Time waster

Nothing come brother this is the mail


I like your new version update. Please update multiple language support. Supports multi-languages (Default languages: English and Arabic and german). My country is Bangladesh. Would you add support for multi-languages in Bangla? is it possible? if you add my language in Bangla, I would be so happy. Thank you

Hello Brother we hope you good today The New Update have multiple language and you can see the new admin how it awesome also you can text Us on Whatsapp : +90553 910 24 92

Love You man :)

Hello, Any update soon. Thanks

Hello Brother as now we work on and you can buy the theme and we will help you with any step thank you for Being Here :)

is ssl require for installation?

Are these features available?

1. Personal profiles (Login and Registration)

2. Appointment booking & Preferable schedules

3. Video calls

4. Texting (Real-time chat)

5. File Storing (view attached files like X-rays, scans, etc).

6. Leaving notes

7. Write prescriptions

8. Payment gateways

9. Reviews and feedbacks 

3 – 4 – 6 no other yes

The software installing company is still saying this that not all of the photos are showing please fix please here is the message that I had sent to him and here is the link you can view to see this that not all of the images are working like in the preview and some of the titles are not matching in the preview correctly like the pharmacy is not saying it is the pharmacy but another depart it is a whole lot of departments that is not matching it’s photo the photo and the title is incorrect please fix. Again. Thank you so very much. Karen Atkins. Sir thank you so very much for helping me it looks like I am going to have to send the hospital software company this link so that they can see that not all of the images are there like in the preview hospital management script. Thank you so very much for helping me. Karen Atkins.

images preview it must be like this this envato role also you can see that we can send you all this image in your gmail send mail to us and we will send it to you :)

Hi! I had just purchased this script and the company that installed the script said this to me a few moments ago please fix because it is not show anything at all now. I have used his device’s for my other business software script for him to install they are working but now we gets nothing at all. Karen Atkins.


your purchased script is empty from picture and data. you need to contact support of script to provide media thank you

images preview it must be like this this envato role also you can see that we can send you all this image in your gmail send mail to us and we will send it to you :)

hello Meteros please how to import storage commande in hosting ? thank you

brother you have to link storage by go to public and delete old file storage and go to admin panel and you will see note that link storage click ok :)

i mean media and picture not showing in my site

thank you its fixed its need only need permission

What can I search in the searchbox ?

لماذا لا تساعدني؟ لم تنته فرصة دعمي. ما زلت أواجه صعوبة ، مع رمز المستشفى.

عندما أقوم بتشغيل عمليات الترحيل ، لا تظهر الصور ولا يمكنني تحميل الصور.

After the documentation you sent me it still isn’t working. Please handle this yourself. This site is pending, as it’s needed urgently, please.

Hello Meteors, I’ve been on this for three days and cannot solve it. I get this error,

“Illuminate\Database\QueryException SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘rivewkhi_hospital.sessions’ doesn’t exist (SQL: select * from `sessions` where `id` = AlvXNfKSgNWaSVk4JSJGP0XSZAiI8cpy082kKXd4 limit 1)”

this is my site. please look and tell me possible solution.


Hello, i have no reply from you concerning my problem it is taking too long

brother go to public folder in your script and remove storge folder then go to admin panel and click on make link on button that it

مرحبا ميتيروس ، أود الحصول على خمسة خيارات للدفع في موقع الويب الخاص بي مثل 1. خيار التحويل المصرفي 2. خيار شريط 3. خيار PayU 4. خيار البيتكوين 5. خيار بطاقة الائتمان حتى يتمكن زبائني من اختيار أي شخص. الرجاء مساعدتي ، كيف أفعل هذا. شكر

we work on install 2- you have to speak with any freelancer to make it for you Thanks

I’ve sent you another mail, from Cosmas Onyekachi.

please check

Please, is there any other way I can contact you, as to this is very important. thanks.

dear meteros,

I’ve sent you the cpanel login for in email again. Check now Subject is Cpanel Rivendale Hospital.

again there is no Email come

Hello Meteros Team,

I’ve emailed you a new cpanel info for Please help me, it’s urgent. Thanks

there is nothing mail come meteors

Hello meteros,

I’ve sent you an email, with subject: cpanel is my site. thanks

The login is invalid.

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