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I am interested can I see the documentations first?

What time is the email sent?

What is “add user” for?

I also encounter the same problem as rafimd: Why when I add a new event, there are 2 new rows inserted instead of 1?

If I input a new reminder during 12 midnight server time, does it mean the reminder will also go out during 12 midnight server time?

In addition to the above question, may I know if its possible to set a recurring event (recur once every year)?

And can I edit an event instead of deleting and submitting a new one?

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Thanks Danil.

- I purchased the script and it is awesome and you can even customize further.

Danil was so helpful, Goodluck! Keep selling! :)

thanks… ;-)

Hello – I like this but would also need to set recurring events – annually is my requirement. Is this something that can be done?


Purchased and had some changes made for me by the author Very Helpful, Professional Guy

Mank Thanks

thank you…


Great script! Just checking if there is an option to enable recurring renewals? For example a domain that expires every year, can the system send out emails every year when the domain is due for renewal?

Thanks, Dan

hi, send me a private mail. i will answer you there…

Hi mate i plan to buy this script but i want to take a look “Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)” for this application.

Dear danilotrix86.

The Event text will be in message area from the email? How can I add/edit an Subject in the email (via event)?

Thanks dunster


Can this app be used to send clients reminders to complete certain tasks by certain dates?

Thank you in advance

Hi, of course yes. EmailReminder is a web application that informs its users by an email of approaching expirations dates and deadlines. The application is fully customizable and currently the default configuration is (1,2,3,4,5,7,10,15,20,30,45,60). Meaning, the user will be informed 60 days prior to the event then 45, 30, 20 and so on.

I see that people have asked if this script allows for recurring reminders. It does not look like it does. Can you confirm? If it doesn’t, what would it take to get recurring reminders?



I purchased this application and I have a question. Is there a way to give access to more than one user?


Is it possible to add a CC field inside the Sendmail function? If yes, maybe you can tell me what I shall build inside your Email Reminder app.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I’d like to buy your script. I sell domains and I’m searching for a script that let me input the domain data and user data and automatically send the customer an email one month and 15 days before the domain expire.

Is that possible with your script?

Good morning, Are you still supporting this script? If so, I am interested in purchasing it. I have a quick question, when I set up a reminder my email came in one line and the date came in the other, is that how the system works? My hosting has the ability to cron jobs. I think I saw that I will be able to set up how far in advance I can send reminders, is that correct?

hi, yes i am supporting it. can you explain better it “my email came in one line and the date came in the other”.

and yes you can set up how far in advance you can send reminders.


Simple and great script, thanks.

1 Question, does it have a break in between sending emails? (to avoid being as spam)

Check your email please…

Where is support?

hi, I am not able to install this plugin even following the steps that you shown in your website. Would you please advise how to do the installation? Thanks!

can this be used to send a email to a user for their birthday ? can I create a template ?

already bought and installed this, but is not sending me mails, i think its the cronjob, can you help me?