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hi, what are the requirements for this script?

min req. PHP 5.3 + MySQL

Purchased and testing, ran into some issues, sent an email to your webmaster address

answered, please check

Will this project be Laravel 5.4 version

If you are using the larave5.4l framework, Maybe you were selling more, The use of Laravel is increasing rapidly, If you were using Laravel5.4 , I would definitely take it

Maybe some day it will be refactorized to use laravel.

I’m expecting hope soon thanks

once i installed and logout, and i try to login again it is coming like this access denied

this can be the same issue as your 406 error

i deleted all the files and i reinstalled and it is coming like this “Error 406 – Not Acceptable Generally a 406 error is caused because a request has been blocked by Mod Security. If you believe that your request has been blocked by mistake please contact the web site owner.”

1. It can be browser problem, try different browser, scan your computer with some antivirus program.
2. It can be problem with hosting server, where mod_security has to much restricted rules. Ask admin to disable it. Maybe you can do it in your cpanel. Ask admin to check logs which script is causing this error and how to change it. There is interesting discussion about this error.

thanks for replay ! but i turn off the mod_security, again it is showing the same error

Can you try on other computer/browser? Can you ask your hosting admin about this error, maybe there are still working rules.

Does this need windows hosting?

It doesn’t matter, it has to support php + mysql.

Is there a way to make a translation in my own language?

Hi, YES. How to make it, is described in details in Q&A section in point no. 4.

When I use my own translated language the HTML view of templates doesn’t work anymore… When I set it back to englisch everything is perfect again. How can I fix this?

Hello, please prepend all apostrophes and all quotation marks with back slashes in your translations. It means replace ’ with \’ and ” with \” and let me know results.

Found the problem. I changed define(“LANG”,”en”); to define(“LANG”,”nl”); and that was the problem.

Is there a way to change costumers their tags in bulk? I want to change a 100 persons their tags to the same tag but don’t want to do it person by person.

Its possible only using export recipients to CSV, change their tags and/or description and import them again.

I am not sure what is wrong with your software or my IP. If only works when I install this. Once I login immediately I loose the access to the software. It says access denied. I am tired of this now after trying to install everytime it shows the error. I have tried all the possible ways but still the problem is not solved.

Solution sent by email. Please check.

The widget doesn’t work. pasted the html code in my wordpress website and I always got an error that I entered a wrong e-mail. How ccan I fix this?

Hello, please send me by mail your generated widget and link where you placed it.


Thanks for the solution. For other people who have the smae problem. If you use https and disabled http, you have to use https in the widget also.

Hi, I would like to buy this solution but I am not sure if is possible to upload own design.Can you explain how? At this moment we are preparing template by graphic department and they are exporting their job to html. This HTML is currently very easy copy to newsletter system and pictures are uploaded to the system as well. And the next function what I am looking for is possibility import contacts from other databases (our CRM and other websites).

Hello, Yes its possible. All is written in MVC structure and template is separated, so you can replace it with your own any design. There is included CSV import possibility, so you can use as many sources as you need.

Hi Pawel, do you have any plans to release soon a db bridge? This is for connecting to external db and retrieve name/emails to import into the script. We discussed this in the past. I’m hoping you can release this function in your next update.

Please advise.


Hi, I can’t promise this feature for next release. I’m working on multiuser and admin option now :). Next such bridge will be developed.

ok, thanks for your response. I hope that it can be done by September.

Great work! But I miss some things. Like bulk actions to delete multiple items, or edit multiple tags. I really miss this.

I’ll think how to in future releases. Now you can use import/export CSV files.

Hi – great product, I’m in need of a few things can you do custom work?

is it possible to see which links in a email was clicked when viewing the user? like the top link clicks, however almost like the life of the contact e.g. danny and below list of links he clicked in different campaigns.

also is their a bulk sms system we can integrate?

Hi, interesting idea. I’ll add link stats in future release. SMS plugin is in future planes also.

Hi, I have a problem with your Newsletter after installation on panel admin “access denied” with update settings

Hello, please send me details by mail to logon and check.

hi, what is your email address?

Hi, please use my envato contact email address.

from the demo i see that when seding campaign it asks to select emails to send – an we create a list like mailchimp such that it sends to all the emails on the list. then from what I am seeing here on Mailwizz https://codecanyon.net/item/mailwizz-email-marketing-application/6122150 there is an option to create a customer dashboard while your own is just a one time login thing.

Emailer has statistics for each campaign, please check details in demo version. Just click advanced details button in the list of sent campaigns.


I think you need add a “Recover Password” option please. I dont remember the password of one site i have installed this script. Can you say me how i can recover the admin password?


Hi. There is configuration.php file with settings. Edit this file using any ftp client. I hide in this file encoded hash for demo password and login. Just replace your hash with my, login as demo/demo and set up again your private credentials. Best regards.


Please i have one problem, i need send my first camping but i cant do it, i only see:

connecting to server, please wait…

But no email sends, the database have 72.000 emails, i have complete a sucefull SMTP Connection test, and i have configured all account.

But i dont know why the system dont send the emails.

I have PHP 7.0.21

If you want me to check, please send me your link and access by mail.. Use envato contact, I’ll login and see whats going on.

Email Sent! Please help!

Replied, please check.

Hi there, system works, smtp works, sending test mails works. But E-Mail-Templates are destroyed (by the editor)? If I copy&paste my html-code in the editor. It deletes style and head parts, wrapping anything in p tags etc. No matter if use the predefined ones, its the same problem.

Is there a way that my html code isn’t “touched” and changed, but just stays like i want it? Or did I miss something?

Otherwise its not useable for my, I’m sorry.