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demo please

E-mailer – Newsletter & Mailing System with Analytics + GEO location information Disclosure vulnerability

What exactly do you mean? What kind of vulnerability did you discovered?

Hello sir, I would like to create newsletter using your software by getting the recipients email addresses from my landing page form.

I also want that every new subscriber will receive a “welcome” email.

Is that possible?

Hello, yes. Just check how to use subscription widget.

Thank you for the quick responed! I’ll give it a shot

Hi Pawel, do you have any plans to release soon a db bridge?

Please advise, as I need this function in the next 60days and I hope I can get it from your script.


Can’t promise when will be done, but started work on this feature.

Can you import emails directly from a database?

I think your demo is not working.

Hmmm… strange, just tested and its working corectly…

Weird, I had to use a proxy, I’m from Brazil. I like you mailer, I will buy in a couple days.

Hello, how to get a simple message passed through after user subscription ? I only get a blank page.. but in configuration file, I have set the message $afterSubscribeComment but nothing is displayed just a blank page… should I add something into my page like an include or something ?

In ‘After submit subscription widget’ group check ‘show txt message’ radio button to show your $afterSubscribeComment message. Please check and let me know results.

Hi I’m using latest version and downloaded sample csv file. change some text inside file. uploaded it again – but it just shows me email addresses. No person name, description, tags,... what i’m doing wrong?

Hello, there is possibility to decide which column contain such data. In the import preparation you have to add column numbers apropiate to your CSV format.

Thanks for quick reply!!! i have forgot to add the numbers. Now it works like a charm :)

Pawel, I have to give you a big THANK YOU!

I need this bridge and it works beatifully in the import function. The only thing I don’t know is how to append a column to the first name. I have 3 columns in relation to email. a) First Name, b) Last Name, c) Email Address. I don’t know how to append first name with last name (or full name). Is there a way to do this?

Thanks again for this great update. I appreciate it.

Hmm..thats what I didn’t foreseen… I’ll think how to in future updates. But it is still possible to get such data. You have to make view concating 2 columns in your database and connect to this view by the script as to the table. It should work, let me know results please.

Thanks Pawel. I don’t know how to do this, if you can provide instructions, it will be very helpful. Otherwise, I would have to wait for your next update.

contact me by mail, i’ll give you something


Hope all is well, It’s been awhile from I purchased your email script and as you may recall experienced some issues. However, since then I have moved to a different hosting company due to IPs continuously being blacklisted and Would like to try and set this up once again, It is currently still installed but I noticed that there has been a couple of updates since that, please can you advise on how to implement these updates.

Kind regards, Roy

Please advise as to where I can send you the login details at your earliest convenience.

you can use envato contact form

Just sent those details

can be used by multiple user?

No, its still single user app

i tried to upload html code. but it’s always broken randomly. No matter what part of my template i used. (i.e. stampready, ...). I also copied the html directly into the database. Same problem. It just shows a part of the original layout.

This script don’t remove any part of html template. It uses directly what was inserted. The problem can be when template is not validated and some mail client parse it by themselves. Also some mail servers can filter some tags, depends on server admin. If you want me to check, please send me your zipped template by mail, I’ll see what is wrong. To be 100% sure disable also tinymce editor, its only one place where something can be changed by this editor. Be informed also that not all html elements are supported by mails.


Thanks for advice. I disabled editor. I run it through email checker for validation. But it still crops the body code after about 800 lines. is there any special setting in the php?

Hi, please send me zipped template by mail, I’ll check it.

can I do cold emails with this?

There isn’t any limitations, you can write in your email whatever your need, so you can do cold mails.

This is a great email newsletter problem but with little issue that might need developer attention. According to the developer dashboard instruction copied below.

1. Email data base Add Tags: this will help you find customers and will help you easily prepare an advertising campaign. Next Add Emails to your database system. You can also Upload CSV file with emails to your data base.

The only problem with the instruction above is that the program only allow you to add email one at a time to the tags created. However, you are not able to import CSV file email list to the tags. For example you have 10K email list in csv on your computer and wanted to import it to the E-mail newsletter program tags created they is no way to do that.

Although you can import csv file to the program but the entire email will populate to the default without organizing. In my case I had to delete all emails once finished sending from the system to enable me import different email list again for alternate newsletter. Better option, if the tags created you are able to import your CSV email list accordingly, that will help you organize for example (tags names dealers will hold email list for dealer, tags named investors will hold email list for investors, etc).

I hope pklopotowski can make this easier.

If you import csv you can configure which csv column contain tags, the same for email address, recipient name and description. Olny one restriction is that you have already created tags in the system, thats all.

permission advice? Hi, I’d like to know how to secure the configuration.php file after installation. I first put the permission to 777 but after this I would like to make it less vulnreable. What is the correct value after completed configuration?

2nd question: Our client will use this to create his own newsletter but I do not want to show him the database config and all the rest. Is there a way to create a content manager only who does not have the right to change the system config or even delete the database!

Oh, I see. Thank you.

BTW there are useful keywords for the templates like {UNSUBSCRIBE}. How do I use them? Just put them in a link like click here to unsubscribe ?

<a href=’{UNSUBSCRIBE}’>unsubscribe from the newsletter</a>

cool. Very clever! Thanks


pkouadio Purchased

Hi, Very nice application. Congratulions for your work. I have one problem, geolocalisation works but most of localisations points are wrong. Can you help to fix that? I have a Google API.

Thank you.

Google API is needed to display the map itself. The location is taken from http://freegeoip.net based on the IP address. Apparently, the internet provider in your location has an internet connection elsewhere.


pkouadio Purchased

Thank you for answering. I don’t know what goes wrong, but I don’t believe that people around here (canada) have internet provider in china, Portugal, Netherland, Morroco, etc.

We can’t rely in 100% on any internet data. There is always possibility to fake them. This script is collecting IP’s based on $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”] and check it using IP geolocation from freegeoip.net. All is stored in PREFIX_geolocation table. Check it and give me some wrong localized IP’s, we will try to track them to see where they are. If you are 100% sure that some localization is wrong you can correct it in database in this table.


fra84x Purchased

Hi guys! I am using your software with Amazon SES smtp server…but when I try to send more than 2 emails it doesn’t anything and nothing is sent. If I try to send like 2 emails it works good. With like 33 emails it just says Campaign sent: 0 contacts!

Try any other smtp server and let me know results.


fra84x Purchased

No way…the smtp server works good so I really don’t know why it doesn’t work. It says Campaign sent: 0 recipients! Anytime the same, I was able just once to send a newsletter to 30 contacts.

Try ajax sending, there will be server info displayed on the screen in case of any errors. Please check it and let me know. If you can check server log also, maybe your server is blocking background scripts.


faith24 Purchased

had my first mass mail, have to say i am happy with the software, however there are 2 main problems which i hope you can fix it soon. i am using php7

1. background mailing not working, it stop randomly at less than 10%, but ajax mailing work well.

2. Check bounced mails dont seem to be able to connect to my imap or pop3. No matter how i try to configure it, i keep getting Connection failed to XXXX.com,995: Connection timed out

any solution for the above 2 problems?

1. please check server log, maybe server blocks backgound process, log should get info about this, try also different server

2. for sure the configuration is not correct, try different smtp, if you can give me some access to test it


Lillmuzze Purchased

How can i make different mailing lists?

use tags or description to differentiate recipients, next use them to filter mails for campaign


Lillmuzze Purchased

Is not work, when i upload many mails adres..?

configure your csv, firstly add tags to the system, next add the same tags to csv, disable also ignore errors option during import
use component to connect to external db resource


pkouadio Purchased

Hi, is there any way to see in detail statistics, all clickers instead of Top 15 clickers? Thank you.

Hi, its possible only in advanced details and special actions there. Just click one of prepare button.

hey, can you help me please! WARNING! file ‘configuration.php’ is not writtable. Settings will not be saved. Change file permissions before saving.

Fatal error: Call to a member function execute() on boolean in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/wingu/components/default/view.html.php on line 20

Run install.php to build database tables. According to configuration.php you have to set permissions using your favourite ftp client. Some servers blocks config files as default.


When i will save the ‘Setup your IMAP / POP3 for bounces’ but no happens when i click save

If you can’t write configuration probably your hosting server blocked saving permission on configuration.php file. Use your favourite ftp client and change these permissions to allow saving.

But this button will not reload or something when i click?