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emailed you my problem regarding sending campaigns please have look and reply at earliest

replied, please check

Hi Pawel,

do you have any plans to release soon a db bridge? This is for connecting to external db and retrieve name/emails to import into the script. We discussed this in the past. I’m hoping you can release this function in your next update.

I hope you could do it before the end of 2017. Please advise.


Hi, its still in progress. Firstly multi user feature will be added.


Look, you created amazing app in its area, but I believe that if you add an option for email jobs purposes like: emails extract, email validation, email filter, email split..etc

I see that this previous option will dramatically boost your sales!

Hi, all suggestions and requests are appreciate, we will see what will be added.

This script is a great script. Can you please include ability for admin to create email group or Email list so that admin or sender can easily import email files to the list created, like marketing, Musician, Real Estate.

Without that feature this script is not complete.

Secondly, bulk data delete feature is missing. Cannot delete emails contact in bulk but only one at a time, so for example deleting 11800 emails contact from the system will take forever.

Please add soon ability to enable admin. 1. Create Email Group or email list folder. 2. Ability to delete data in Bulk

1. The best way is to use description for each email. I mean if an email belong to some group add their description to that email. In this way you can prepare unlimited quantity of groups. Let me explain, lets grand we have 1k mails for investors, 2k mails for clients and 3k for marketing. All are stored in one table in db and to select one group just use ex. “clients” word in search field. In this way all clients will be filtered and we can make campaign for them. 2. to delete emails you can use usefull extrass / clear database / remove recipients button.

Anyway, thanks for advise, I’ll add more detailed deleting to the next release.
Best regards,

I can’t login after logout, access is denied, please reply my email, I sent email yesterday. look forward.

Hello, I replied you yesterday but your server rejected my message. Just did it again, please check and let me know do you reveive it.

very interested but have some questions- 1. can i use gmail smtp? 2.can i use hotmail,yahoo smtp?

is gmail, yahoo etc still working?

4.can i use php mail only?

5..have any trial site not demo to see exact work?

waiting for your answer.


1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. No

Very Nice App but one suggestion

In Next release please remove the tag search option when we compose the new campaigns. Its takes long time to load the emails from bigger database like 8K.

Instead of loading emails just need a TICK ( Select option ) on the tags list.

Like when we need to prepare a campaign show all the available tags with select option. Just need a tick to select the tags of people that need to send the newsletter. Loading all the emails taking very long time.

Hope you got my point . Other than that very nice app i really liked it.


anusunu Purchased

Thats Great News !!! Waiting For The Update


anusunu Purchased

Thank you for the updates !!! How can i update ? Do i need to replace all files in sever to update ?

yes, please replace all

I am very interested to use your product. But some question before buy it. what is the hosting requirements for running this? Maybe you have some recommended hosting or vps with high capability or unimited capacity? Thanks….

  • Hosting server with PHP minimum 5.3
  • MySQL database with PDO library
  • Online hosting and domain
  • Online browser
There isn’t any restrictions or limits.

I Like Your Work . Before Purchase I Need Some Answers. 1. How much Emails Can We Add In Add Recipients 2. Is The Script Requires Sub domain or Can we Adjust in Sub Folder ? 3. Do You Have Any Documentation To Create New Templates? 4. Do All Mails Go Through Php Mail ?

  1. No limits
  2. Can be installed in any subfolder
  3. There is TINYMCE installed for easy creation, also HTML code can be copied
  4. Can go thru PHP mail() and can go thru any SMTP, you can add as many SMTP as you need, no limits

Hi, I have just bought the script. While creating a campaign I get this error : “DataTables warning: table id=campaign – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7" I have big tables. Can it be the reason? What is your suggestion?

Replied to your mail, please check.

Hi, Is it possible to easily change the language from French to English? My question is in reference to the buttons, popup notifications, etc… Thanks!

Thanks for the response. Could you please tell me why the demo (who seems to be in English), in the “templates” section, the buttons and alert popups are in French? It says “Annuler” “Recommencer”, etc.. I was just wondering how come the languages are mixed all together.

All languages are in separate files which allow to easy add new translation. After language switch all data are taken from completely different file. Can you send me screenshot of this?

Never mind, I refreshed the page and now it’s gone. Umm? Thanks anyway for the very quick answers, this is very much appreciated!

Does this script have autoresponder series feature? Or, is it just single broadcast per campaign?

per campaign

Please update email select and delete option ASAP…...

1. Did you update all files?
2. Did you update your database also?
3. Use CTRL+F5 in your browser to reload cache.
Please send me link for testing by mail.

does it work with smtp.office365.com ?

it works with any smtp server which allows sending by php scripts