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Hi, It is fun using your Application. It works great.

I have an issue: when I send email to a short list of 10 emails, the map displays users location. Locations doesn’t seem correct, but that’s ok. When I send email to a long list, the Application doesn’t display the map at all. I have completed two campaigns of 180 emails and map doesn’t appear, so no geolocalisation. Can you help?

Thank you.

Due to security reasons location is available only by recipient action. It means that recipient have to accept images in his email. Only in this way is possible to get his location. Some of your 180 receivers have to accept images and you will see them.

I understand your point about image acceptation for location, although the campaign for 10 emails for which locations are displayed on the map are included in the campaign of 180 and their locations are not displayed. The point is that I cannot see a map. The map is not displayed for my campaigns of 180 members.

Thats strange, please send me link for testing by mail.

mail not received.

After send mail receive this message “noreply (bh-51.webhostbox.net). Message has been sent. Check your mailbox.”

but mail not received given address

replied to your mail, please check

is there a way to change the design of the newsletter? because its kinda blane, with just a submit button. anyway on how to change the look of it, you have a popup?

Template is hidden in separated folder. All is written in MVC structure so its easy to make such change but not by one click. What kind of popup do you mean?

1. its possible to get list of user who open the email , bounce emails list… and list of people who click on link in email…

2. its possible to block automatically bounce emails ?

few more questions please…

3. Your code is encrypted ? 4. what is server requirement for your script ? 5. could you guide us how can we setup SMTP ? 6. in your demo where i can see the list of open emails / bounce / click (i mean from where i can see csv to download or i can see in plain text the list of clicked emails)

7. If i give login to my staff… we can strict number of emails sending by staff members?

3. no, you can modify it at your needs, there is special example component added to show how to do it also,
4. min PHP 5.3, 5.6 recommended, best is 7.x
5. yes, but its described in docs, no limits, you can add as many smtp servers as you need
6. in advanced details per each campaign, check in demo, export not included but its possible to prepare new campaign using special filters there
7. yes, you can add as many senders as you need

Hi, Pre purchase question. I want to use my server php to send mails. how easy and possible is that? because i cant find any setting in the backend to use php instead of smtp

Hi, in the settings you can switch between smtp and php mail() sending.


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I am trying to configure, but do not stop loading after login and the option to configure the database is not shown! http://prntscr.com/jpad3g

please run install.php file after logon and let me know results


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Now it’s working normally, thank you!


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Hello, just bought this. Looking great. Just a few minors. - configuration file have to be chmod writable (777) other settings like 755 or 644 or 444, i get error that this file have to be writable in 777. Its not safe in 777 because of sensitive data!!!

- Image manager dont work, i need to upload the images trough ftp and insert than with image url, is that correct? an is there fix for this to use a manager?

- TinyMCE was not working on my server with PHP 7.2, blank frame. Fixed this with a latest Download on TinyMCE website and uploaded. Now TinyMCE is working

The rest seems to be ok for now. Keep up the good work.


This script not change any chmod’s. Its rather depends on your hosting. Some admins change chmods for config files automatically.

Image manager is tested on many servers and works correctly. Maybe after your update of tiny something is not configured correctly or you have some global url redirections. Please check it on some local server like xamp/lamp etc.

TinyMCE and php 7.2 – thanks you for your indication on that, I’ll update it in next release.

It’s been 2 yrs since any talk of an upgrade to a SAAS version was mentioned…is that going to happen or ?

still not


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When do you plan to release new updates? It’s not very clear to me how to use html templates, I’ve tried it in several ways, but it’s not formatted when I get to the inbox!

Do not create individual contact lists, always show them all together after I do the import!

The tags (Unsubscribe) quit the list do not show the link in the email footer!

Try to use sample templates, modify them at your needs. You have to know also that mail clients can interprete your html mail at their own way. It means one template can look different in different email clients, the worse is outlook… Anyway you should read some tutorials about that issue. Use sample templates, they are well prepared for most of email clients.

Use tags or search field to filter zour recipients. The same for campaign preparation.

It will be replaced only in campaign. Make one recpient campaign for check it and let me know.


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Mailer Error. You need to enable SMTP connection in the settings before use.

Gmail. Settings good. It is enabled. please help


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I need to fix it in this folder. Reinstalling doesn’t work. Another folder and server doesn’t work. It is your script that is doing it. Blocking the administration login


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Also if you do a simple comment search on this page. ,you will see multiple people had the exact same issue. I stopped counting at 6 please help

Hi, please check email and let me know results.