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Is there available a Great Sale for the end of year? But, I am interested to buy.

Hi. What is the minimum hosting requirements for this e-mailer? Do you have a recommended hosting?

Hi, minimun is PHP 5.3 with MySQL. I recommend PHP 7 – its much faster. There isn’t any recommended hosting for e-mailer. All works correctly.

Thx for updated version, and for thumbnails. Tell me please is a way to export/import created email layouts?

Hi, you can do it using installed WYSIWYG editor. Just copy/paste your HTML in Tools->Source code editor. In next release will be an option to email created template for testing.

Thank You for fast reply and for great support. Happy New 2017 Year

Hello. Please add the contacts manager, to can store and EDIT the contacts. This will be very usefull to have all-in one place.

Hello, can you clarify more. Manager of recipients is added.

Hello you, so do i have to use VPS for your script?

Hello, you can if you wish but you can also use whatever with PHP/MySQL

Please provide changeling for latest release. I hope subscription widget uses smtp

Thank you !!

Does not save mail templates in the new update

Hello, please update DB also. Use this:
ALTER TABLE `m_template` ADD `thumb_filename` VARCHAR CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘no-picture.png’ AFTER `content_txt`;


does your script use phpmailer classes? if yes, it should be updated at once, see here http://thehackernews.com/2016/12/phpmailer-security.html

Thanks for answering my concern. Much appreciated.

If you like it make some rating. Thanks.

I did my friend. Top notch script!

I think this is a great script! How does the shipping work? With a cronjob or can I start it manually?

Yes, this is possible. Using recipient description you can make as many different groups as you need. Next during campaign preparation you can filter recipients using your special words.

A great script!! Unfortunately I have problems with the php shipping. I have a test group with two emails. Start the campaigns -> then connecting server -> and then “sending (XXXX / 2), please wait …” XXXX = counts and counts but no more. Greeting tito24

... SMTP sending is OK ;-))


PhilBen Purchased

Hi what would be the code used in the translation files to redirect the unsubscribe page. Thanks


PhilBen Purchased

sorry messed that up <textarea>



Successfully unsubscibed from newsletter.


Click Here


Use single quotes instead of double quotes


PhilBen Purchased

Yes I just got it thanks anyway

presales – in demo – where are the Advanced statistics with geolocation for each campaign? is there are report to show EACH recipient that clicked open a campaign?

Still not present in demo version. In full version is possibility to check who and how many times clicked. You can also using special filters prepare new campaign based on recipients and their clicks quantity.

I need to see a demo to evaluate before I can purchase. Where can I view this?

Contact me by mail, I’ll give you link for testing for a while.


PhilBen Purchased

Is there a way to check on / prevent on the system for duplicate emails etc


PhilBen Purchased

Sent my first Newsletter out yesterday 2000+ emails.

1.Tried using the automated setting so I could close the window and it sent 75 then stopped and did not restart after 4 hours. So I sent the rest using the send now option all ok and went. My settings are 450 per hour.

2.The report after is very good however the graphic display (round discs) are not working, they did when I was testing the script.

3. Also the Check bounced mails has nothing in the Choose your server drop down to select ?

Apart from the above all went ok


PhilBen Purchased

2.The report after is very good however the graphic display (round discs) are not working, they did when I was testing the script. IS WORKING SORRY ABOUT THAT

1. probably not valid email address is present in db, please check validity of all emails
2. recipient have to accept images in email for tracking
3. you have to setup IMAP/POP3 params for this

Demo Off? http://prntscr.com/e4mm6m
Is this script and multiuser?

Hi. It is single user, demo should work now.

Demo still does not work.

Can you add multi user function?


Hello, thanks for screenshot. Hopeless hosting. I’m thinking about change it.

Nice script. How does the unsubscribe page look like? Can you show a screenshot.

There isn’t any limitations, you can make your own template. Also using some js redirections you can open any web page.

Hi Pawel, for future update can you make a button to duplicate an email template? I created one that I would like to reuse for other campaigns.

Also, is there a way to edit a campaign on ‘waiting campaign’ to add additional email recipients? there is no way to add, but I’m hoping this can be done in future updates.

Please advise.

You can copy source code of any template and paste it in new using wysiwyg editor. Anyway, i’ll add duplicate button in future releases. Also add new recipients to waiting campaign is a good idea, so i’ll think about this. Thanks.

Is there any link click tracking in this script?

There is included hidden image for tracking. Recipient has to accept images in his mailclient or click any link in the message.

Hi Pawel,

I have a small bug to report. The “Completed” campaigns doesn’t always show in the Dashboard. But, the way that I can have it show up is to first go to “Campaigns in Progress” (even though the campaign just sent is not there anymore), then go to Dashboard and the “Completed” campaign shows up. Also, the same situation is for the “List of Sent Campaigns” link, I have to do the same steps in order for it to show.

I hope you know what I mean.

Is it for ajax or background sending?

my campaign used background sending.

check your mail please

i want an email marketing application.

But i have some question.

1.) Can i sent daily 5M to 10 Millions Email by your application?

2.) is it possible to sent this(large list) email by free smtp like gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc?

3.) If your answer in question number 2 is yes then how much gmail,yahoo or hotmaill account need to sent daily 10 millions email?

4.) can i sent email without smtp through php mail?

5.) If your answer is yes in question number 4 then how i can use it in your server?

6.) Have any tutorial step by step to add smtp (gmail,yahoo etc)?

waiting for your answer



1. Yes, but not tested on such quantities. Tested on 500K mails.
2. Yes, but not daily. Each free SMTP has their own daily limits, usually max 1-2K mails.
3. Using ex. google SMTP with their 2K limit per account just divide 10M/2K, it will be 5K accounts.
4. Yes.
5. The best way to do that is using some dedicated server with no sending limits. I’ll not give my :).
6. Thats easy, I can help you with that if you wish. Anyway its described in documentation.
Best Regards

Error: sending (3/1), please wait… (4/1), please wait… etc…. please help

Can you send me some access by mail to check it?

Message sent