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Please let me know how to fix this error message for bounce.php undefined function imap_open()

For many email id not providing results. Please let me know how to solve.

There there a limit to check per day. ? does it use any external service to provide output.

Hello the item not work at all

I upload the demo site files but dosnt work when i try to check hotmail accounts, why?

I upload the demo site files but dosnt work when i try to check hotmail accounts, why?

Query: Passed: false

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘SMTP_Validate_Email_Exception_Timeout’ with message ‘Timed out in recv’ in /home/coastalw/public_html/emailchecker/inc/email_checker.class.php:855 Stack trace: #0 /home/coastalw/public_html/emailchecker/inc/email_checker.class.php(873): SMTP_Validate_Email->recv(3) #1 /home/coastalw/public_html/emailchecker/inc/email_checker.class.php(804): SMTP_Validate_Email->expect(Array, 3) #2 /home/coastalw/public_html/emailchecker/inc/email_checker.class.php(632): SMTP_Validate_Email->rset() #3 /home/coastalw/public_html/emailchecker/inc/email_checker.class.php(182): SMTP_Validate_Email->validate() #4 /home/coastalw/public_html/emailchecker/index.php(141): emailChecker->check(‘paul.davies@fir…’) #5 {main} thrown in /home/coastalw/public_html/emailchecker/inc/email_checker.class.php on line 855

Hi, Can you confirm that the script comes as per demo. i.e. I can upload the script as it is to my server and it will work as in the demo. Thanks.

The smtp test sending is not working at all, this was the main reason for me bying it. since I see nobody is answering customer questions here, I am afraid I need to file for a refund.

I did a test but dont work with hotmail.

seems to be a lot of errors in this application also, not been maintained so depreciated and doesn’t work like the demo

This script is it ready to php 7 ?

I buy this script but SMTP Check not work .. I send to you an email can you answer me please ?

It doesn’t validate yahoo email, if we put a fake yahoo email then also it shows it as correct but it validates gmail properly, is there any update for yahoo?

Do you any new releases of this script in the works!!! Your fans are waiting to see your NEW work!

We use emailchecker for all our email checking needs on our site and it’s one of the best i have seen anywhere online

Why dont work this (SMTP simulated send mail deliverability test ) on my webdemo ( ) its work ?

Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

It’s obvious that this is a DEAD script!

No one is responding for last few years

I just enter no existing email in demo checker. It shows as valid. Why?