Support for Email with Multiple Attachments (HTML5, PHP)


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Do I need to change or adjust MAX EXECUTION TIME, MEMORY LIMIT, MAX FILE SIZE for this script?

MAX EXECUTION TIME: is number of seconds a script is allowed to run.
MEMORY LIMIT: is the maximum amount of memory in bytes that a script is allowed to use.
UPLOAD MAX FILE SIZE: is maximum size of an uploaded file.
Post Max Size: is Max size of post data allowed.

You do not need to change these usually. Default server settings are best for these. In rare cases if you want to allow your customers / users to send you large size files, or you want to set a lower limit for security reasons or to save bandwidth – then you can adjust these from PHP script, php.ini file or by using .htaccess file.

We have explained in the documentation how you can adjust these values to best suit your needs.

How can I restrict users so that they attach only file types that I specify?

Script comes with support for PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, RAR and ZIP file format support. That means user can choose these files to attach and send you via email.

If you want to remove any of these, its a matter of just removing a line of code and that file type will be restricted to attach and if you want to add file type then you have a way to get the file type and add it in the script. Documentation explains how.

Email Not Received or Marked as Spam

Make sure two things. 1- There are email headers e.g. “from”. From is the senders email and it can also contain name. sender’s email should be email from your domain. Use email like [ info at yourdomainname dot com ] or [ admin at yourdomainname dot com ] or [ no-reply at yourdomainname dot com ] for from variable or from header. Don’t use sender’s email address. Sender can be anybody and his email can be rally random or an email that is fake e.g. [ 1234 @ fakeemailaddress dot com ] – Avoid that. Make sure you are sending email from the official email address of domain name at which script is hosted. 2- Make sure no empty variables are used. I mistakenly left $mee variable empty and that created problems of email not received or it landed in junk. B.T.W. $mee can be just a name if its in script e.g. $mee=”no-reply”;

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