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Hi my question is can the user of the form attach images from a selected image folder within the structure of a website. for eg. \\

or can the user just attach images from their own computer

You have to browse computer to select files. But there is a way to browse for file and give the URL of image to be attached.

Thanks for great product. You wrote earlier that SMTP support is coming to an update, when does it happen or is there already? Could it be easy to make it work with PHPMailer?

Yes PHPMailer can be used for this. I plan to integrate PHPmailer in this but i don’t know exactly when I will find time to do it.

Can this be used as email order form ,mean user can order item and Qty. and mail is sent as order.

Thanks , what will the charges to modify and how to pay.

Hi I have difficultiies with the form, when I clicked ‘Send Email’ a message ‘Could not instantiate mail function’ appears.Your script is hosted on One.com.

The demo is hosted on techmynd.org Please send me details. Did you change the form in any way or used as is? Did you change the receiver and from variables?

Hi. How to setting the localhost? Can this form send data to SQL?

No SQL support yet but we hope to add that in update.

I am facing the issue i have already make a design on my website for the form, i just want to customize my existing code with your how its possible ?? please help me with proper solution…

Can you send me the page that has the HTML or show me the page live. Send details at admin [at] techmynd ]dot] com and I will look into it.


i buy you item Email with Multiple Attachments (HTML5, PHP).

i am facing an issue i was making a online application form i already create the form in html with bootstrap how can i customize my code with your. can you help me to complete this online application form.

@Hashir: Please check your email.

Excellent. Thank You So much for support, excellent support,

You are welcome. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything else for that script. Just email me the page with code and I will update it.


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Hey, I hope you can help me. When the math test is wrong, it should say “Simple math test verification failed! Please try again”. But the page loads again only, the inputs are gone and no error message appears.

2nd problem: The paragraphs in the textarea are lost in the e-mail. How can I change the code to insert paragraphs? The site is http://mini-labradoodle.de/test

Thank you!


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Thanks for your tests. As I already wrote in the second mail, I have solved the problem with the error messages already. The other functions you mentioned were not the problem. My problem is that texts that contain paragraphs, arrive in the e-mail as continuous text. All paragraphs are gone. Can you please help me with that?

Please forward me the email that you receive. I will look into it.

If you are saying that email is not supporting the HTML, I have forwarded you another email that clarifies it that HTML email is supported.


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Can you take a look at the following error message?

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).validate is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (start.validation.js:1) at j (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at Function.ready (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at HTMLDocument.J (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2)

The form also no longer checks whether the fields are filled.

If you see the online demo, its working. You can use browser console to debug the javascript related issue.

Hi – I am hosting this script and iframing it into a shopify theme. This reason being shopify does not support server side scripting or php. So How do I submit the form and the email is not coming through? thank you

Script needs PHP on server side.


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Hello, Unfortunately a field for the name does not reach. I would like a field for “first name” and a field for “surname”. Where do I have to change the code everywhere to include the form “First name” and “Last name” or how can I add new fields? Best regards Oliver

Look for the name field and duplicate it with changed name and then get that second name field by variable.

Hello, before buying can you answer me does it supports conditional (dependent) fields? Thank you for answering.

Please explain the requirement more.

46840592-f05f-4638-96fb-f15149efe19e – 6 Apr 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

i was wondering how to have the multiple files not go away if i have to select from different directories? right now i can select multiple files and they all show up but if i need to add another from a directory it gets rid of the previous selection. anyway you can help me with that ?

great code by the way

That needs a script update. Right now its not supported in the script.

I want to have the applicant send 10 photos and have this a required field. I can only get 1 photo to be required. how do I fix?

You use multiple fields example and make each field mandatory.

Everything works as expected when using my email address, but if I use any other email address, it does not work? Even the auto reply does not work if using any email other than my own. Yes, I checked junk mail. What am I missing? Thanks.

Please make sure you are using sender email as the domain email address e.g. info at yourdomainname dot com

I should have clarified, my email is different from the domain name and it works. Then when changing the sender email as the domain email address, it does not.

How do I enable multiple file uploads? Purchase code 2c420543-227c-4ac1-92d1-603dcffbe705 Current url http://cybermotorcycle.com/testcontact3.html Final url will be http://cybermotorcycle.com/euro/contact.htm

Single field can do that too. Please see example one.

Example one allows only one file to be attached. Attempts to add second file cancel first file.

Hello Mr. Support, I would like to know how to setup your php code for newsletter?

Thanks for your response.

Hi there,

Thanks for the code. It saves a lot of my time!

But right now, I have issue with receiving the mail in the inbox. When I clicked submit, it shows, “Your email has been sent successfully.”

I received the email on Gmail but not on domain site, e.g. contact@yoursite.ru.

I have changed all $headers .=”From: ”.$mee.” <no-reply@yoursite.ru>”;

Am I missing anything else?