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Congrats on your first Codecanyon item! Looking forward to checking it out :-) Question: would you have any suggestions in regards to getting some type of email/notification (to myself) once they verify their email? Thanks!

Thanks again for buying! OK, so open up the mail.php file. Then find line 38, you should see this:
// This is where you put your code to handle the email once verified.
Below this line add this:
mail("your@email.address", "Email verified", "The user with the email ".$_GET['email']." has successfully validated their email address.");
Replace your@email.address with your email address.
If you need anymore help please feel free to message me through my profile.

Finally got around to it Thank you! Works great :-)

One more question: I just tried setting this up through Wordpress (to easily add forms, other tools etc.) & everything works great until you click the hashed link in the email & Wordpress cuts off the url off after email.php. I know this isn’t meant for Wordpress, but I thought you might know a work around that allows the hash code to remain & thus show as correct. Thanks!

My advice would be to not include any Wordpress PHP functions in the mail.php file until after the email has been verified. I.e. after the
if ($correct == TRUE) {
statement. If this is not possible simply do the comparison before Wordpress is loaded.

Gotcha! I will definitely try this. Thank you for the support!


does it save the ip adress from each of the verified mail adress? So I will have a proof of verification?

No, but this script can easily be modified to do that. In the file named mail.php, on line 38, you’ll see this:
// This is where you put your code to handle the email once verified.
Below this line, you can add a some code to add the IP Address ($_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]) to a MySQL database or a text file. Here’s an example of storing it in a text file:
$myFile = "IPaddress.txt"; // Make sure this file exists and is writable!
$fh = fopen($myFile, 'w') or die("can't open file");
$stringData = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."\n";
fwrite($fh, $stringData);
Then to verify you can search the file for the IP address in the file.

Hi there NorthernOptic, just got your item and must say that i’m really impressed and applications are kinda limitless :)

Also just sent you a pm for a small help in adding another field to the submit form and verification link…

Overall, well well done! 5*

Thanks, I have replied to your email, let me now if you need anything else. Thanks again.’s been a long time since I’ve said “WOW” :) Thank You!

I’m about to get your other PHProtect item and looking forward for your future releases.

I highly recommend this developer and the support was beyond my expectation.

Hi I’m very interested to this, is it easy to customise?

What I need is to send by email the link containing not only the information to confirm the email address, but also at least another code (probably using GET on the url), possibly encoded.

This way when user confirms I’ll have the email address and the code, and I can use those to run multiple campaigns (each with its own confirmation form sending a different code), and when confirming I associate each confirmed email address to each campaign/form it came from.

Yes, that would be simple to include in the script.

hey will it work with php dolphin

Absolutely, but be prepared to do some PHP editing.

hmm iam a bit noob at php

NorthernOptic: brilliant script and well documented. nice job. (drop me a note if you are available to freelance)

Hi, I absolutely am, just email me through the form on my profile page.


I would like to use a SMTP server to send the emails. This is sort of mandatory in order for this code to be useful.

Thank You

Hi, although this is outside the scope of the script, it can be implemented very easily. Firstly download and include PHPMailer in the script.

Then replace lines 35 & 36 on functions.php with something like the following block of code: $mail = new PHPMailer(); $mail->IsSMTP(); $mail->SMTPAuth = true; // SET TO TRUE TO USE AUTH $mail->SMTPSecure = "tls"; // SMTP SECURITY METHOD $mail->Port = 587; // SMTP PORT $mail->Host = "ENTER SMTP HOST HERE"; $mail->Username = "ENTER SMTP USERNAME HERE"; // smtpOnmig $mail->Password = "ENTER SMTP PASSWORD HERE"; $mail->From = constant("fromemail"); // FROM ADDRESS $mail->FromName = constant("fromemail"); // FROM NAME $mail->addAddress($to); // Name is optional $mail->WordWrap = 50; // Set word wrap to 50 characters $mail->isHTML(true); // Set email format to HTML $mail->Subject = $subject; $mail->Body = $message; if(!$mail->send()) { return FALSE; //echo 'Message could not be sent.'; //echo 'Mailer Error: ' . $mail->ErrorInfo; //exit; } //echo 'Message has been sent';

Thank you so much. I actually coded it using PHPMailer but this is a great reference for everyone else.

Just bought this template. I’m yet to implement the bits I wanted into my own setup, but I’ve just read through the help guide and wanted to say what an excellent product this is. For $5 I’m getting some very very clearly commented PHP code, to both use and learn from. Seriously impressive stuff. Thank you.

Thanks so much, hearing feedback like this is the reason I do this. If you have any queries about the code don’t hesitate to email me. Thanks again.

Hi Northern, thank you for making available this wonderful script. It’s a very nice piece of code :) ... I sent you a pm, for a small help in adding another two fields to the submit form and verification link… hope you can help me please.

Mister Northern, sorry to bother. Probably my request was too complicated, could you please help me only in adding another field to the submit form and verification link as you helped “macster” earlier in this comments. I’ll try to figure out the rest. Thanks in advance.

Boa noite,

Gostaria de saber se os e-mails são salvos em algum lugar que eu possa recuperá-los e usar depois.


(portuguese brazil)

can you use with phpdolphin

Absolutely, providing you’re familiar with PHP.

Hi to implement this into phpdolphin, could you pm me a quote please. (If you are available for freelancing)



It would probably be $200 and take around 2 days. Please contact me using the contact box on our profile page if you’re interested.


Hi, first of all awesome script. I’m having troubles with the verification process. I received this error:

Error, the hash doesn’t match the email.

And I really follow all the instructions.

Are you there? 4 days and no answer, ....

Hi; apologies for the delay, it appears that the hash is being incorrectly generated. Firstly verify you’re using PHP version 5.1.2+. I would be grateful if you could check if in the URL on the verification page whether both the hash and the email are in there? If you would prefer, please send me an email from the email section on my profile as it will make things a lot more efficient.

Very good idea , and very good script :)

Thanks for buying. :)

Great Job. I would like to increase width of form.. i have also changed changed width on style.css but it doesn’t work…please let me know

Hi, looking for a plugin like this site Newsletter Here look down page would it be possible to have the same thing

Thank you

Hi Would like to purchase this. Is it possible to add with zend framework

I want to integrate this into PHP Dolphin and I am PHP friendly. Just need to know the process and which general files to alter code. Basically what I want to do is use this script with PHP Dolphin to verify user email addresses and once they verify their email I want to change the verified user from false to true in the sql database automatically without any user interaction to conduct this change.

is this possible?

Just out of curiosity, does this require a writable file? Since the details are not stored in a database.

Nope, it entirely uses cryptographic hashing. No file writing or database required.