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This is great, is there any way we can upload our won custom email templetes?

Yes, you can use your own template.

ok how would i go about doing that, i will buy this now. also another presale question , what is the best email server to use because i dont think my server can can you point me in the direction of one or do you have one we can rent

To write a template just visit: https://mail.xcoder.io/template. You can paste your HTML design there. But you have to write inline CSS. Yes, we have server you can take rent to send email.

Hi I purchased your script, I’m not seeing a shortcode for ‘Unsubscribe’ ?

To get support, please use this form

There will be an automatic link for unsubscribing. You don’t have to make any link. Unsubscribe link will be automatically made.

Thank You – very fast support ;-)

how do you install this?


how works the Verifyingof Addresses? Ist there a Funktion to check via SMTP? Can i export only existing Addresses?

I want to use your System only to verify Addresses – is it possible?

Yes, possible. We can build a system for you to export valid email.


msaleem Purchased

hello is there option in this script for Amazon SES sending Quota and rate ( Max Send Rate :14 emails/second ) ?

Yes, it’s possible. In that case, you have to use any Linux server.


Does this SAAS app have all features available on your email marketing? here: https://codecanyon.net/item/email-marketing/16798044

Yes, it has all the features of our email marketing

We have purchased your Newsletter Saas Application. Can you please look in to this issue i was trying to configure Mandrill, elasticmail and Amazon SES SMTP. All showing below error while sending. Already sent emails to support@xcoder.io, xcoderdotio@gmail.com. But we are not receiving any response from your end.???

Swift_TransportException in StreamBuffer.php line 269: Connection could not be established with host smtp.mandrillapp.com [Connection timed out #110]

Please add the following Cron entry to your server.
  • * * * * php /path/to/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

I have added cron entry. still its not working.?

You have to put correct php path.

Can you schedule email list?


can you point me the suitable hosting for this script works well? i want to buy this script but afraid if the hosting cannot support email delivery

Would you please make me clear, what do you mean by “make automation email series”

after someone subscribe to any list, system will send automatic email for several days depends on my campaign setup.

It might come to our next release.

Hey maybe you can add click rate ????

i mean click rate for link ….there is only open email click rate

Hope, you will get this on next releases.

nice thx :)


zomzom Purchased

Hi, This is a nice email script but I’m getting this after adding MySQL

“Not Found

The requested URL /market/install/store was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

I can’t find any install folder in the zip file Can you tell please why I’m getting this not found Error?

For support please use this form https://codecanyon.net/item/email-verify-marketing-saas-app/17367649/support
Looks like your server’s mod rewrite is off. Can you share your server access using that above form, please?

hi, i don’t get difference with no saas apps. can you explain ?

This one is SAAS version And you can validate email address before sending email.

hum, i know what mean SAAS, but what mean SAAS in your script. just validate email ?

Nope, you can add multiple (unlimited actually ) users. And those users can set their own SMTP credentials. As an admin, you can manage those users. One user’s data doesn’t affect others data.

Please tell me the difference between Email Marketing and Email Verify & Marketing (SaaS App). I am considering which one to buy.

This one is SAAS version And you can validate email address before sending email. You can add multiple (unlimited actually ) users. And those users can set their own SMTP credentials. As an admin, you can manage those users. One user’s data doesn’t affect others data.

Hi, presale question, i use some software on my pc to deliver mails, the issue is the bouncing rate, as spam, i read on your item features that is 100% delivery rate,

Is there a way, with your Saas to improve the delivery? i mean, to avoid to my emails go to spam folder, best regards

Before sending mail, you can validate email address. If you get any fake email, simply remove those email. If your IP / content not spammy your email will hit to inbox.

Does this come with Paypal/Stripe payment gateway/terminal/processor? And also does it come with a Membership portal that they need to sign up and have access rights to?

Payment method will be integrated into our next release. Others thing you mentioned already integrated with our system.

What about Membership portal? And upload other file extensions such as: .txt, OpenOffice, Word or Other?????

Hello, Very nice script.

You mentioned that “Email validation is paid service” does this include in my purchase?

Or have to buy from other links provided.

You to buy that service from the given link. There is a free validation service included with this script already.

hello, i have pre-sale question: you mentioned about 2 months ago that you are integrating payment gateway with your app. When is that version coming out? and what laravel version is it going to be built on? How about currently what laravel version is your app using? Finally, can you add an option for users to choose API setting for mailer (e.g: mailgun, etc..) because now only php mailer and SMTP is supported.

Thanks for your interest.

New app will come up with larave 5.4

Features will be

  • Payment gateway
  • Mailer API with SMTP/php mailer
  • More way to track your sending mails
  • Way to use your cusotm html/css email template

thanks. when is it coming out?

Within next 9-10 days.

The new version is coming out today or tomorrow?

We postpone the release for few day.

is Hostgator Cloud server works for your script?

Yes, it does. But for better performance we recommend to use Linux(ubuntu) based VPS.

Hello, When will you be releasing the new version? Also can I only upload email list in excel format? what about txt and csv?