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Hi, I know you’re really busy but I would really appreciate your help. I need this code for a live radio station website so that people can just request a song and send it to either a predefined number or something like that. I just need to know how to let visitors fill out the subject line so that instead of a predefined line I can let them write what they need like ” bad romance by lady gaga, etc”. Also, is it possible for you to add Simple Mobile as a carrier in the USA. I promise I’ll buy the extended version once I know how to use this code. Thanks a lot!!!

Sure thing! I’ll wait to hear from you about whether it works.

Hi, I wasn’t able to test it. Can you upload update for me to test on my actual website? I’d really appreciate it.

I replied to your email.


Do you offer support or will you be supporting El Salvador ?

Best Regards!


Unfortunately I am not able to effectively support countries other than the United States. Most of the reason is that carriers in other countries do not usually have email to SMS gateways, which this library relies on.

Hi again, I need to know if your item send sms with this format: per example: or and so on?

I’m not sure I understand your question. It sends to the format expected by each supported carrier. There is a file included that defines the format to be used for each carrier.

if i’ll enter manually gateways for my country operators ?it will work ?

You can modify the carriers.php file in the definitions folder to add more if you can figure it out, but I can’t make any guarantees about it.

ok thanks..i will.not so big price

Hey man, I just want to thank you again for this code, it works wonderfully in the states and your support is outstanding. I was wondering if you’ve ever tried making it work with Google voice. Thanks

Thank you very much for the compliments! :) It’s always great to hear back from people using this.

My other SMS library on CodeCanyon actually does support Google Voice already.

I also found this, which should accomplish the same thing and is specifically made for Google Voice:

However, there is no official Google Voice API, so these are both kind of a hack. If Google changes anything (or moves Google Voice into Hangouts like they seem to be intending on doing soon), then these probably won’t work anymore.

Bummer :( Well I guess we have to wait until they stop moving stuff around. I’m checking out the two codes you refer to ;) Thanks a bunch and good luck!!

Sure thing! And thank you. :)

Hello there any way that users can write their own message and send thanks


That would be on you to program. ;) This is a library to integrate into your own code, not a stand alone form or anything like that.

I just need to get a phone number to return call

Again, that is entirely up to you to code. This has not interface of its own. You are welcome to download the demo source as an example, though. There’s a link in the item page.

Hello how would you use \compeek\ets\gateway::sendSMS('', '(555) 555-555', 'carrier_code', 'Subject', 'The body of the message.'); within a <a href=""></a> tag to send a text message. I cant seem to get it right. Thank you.

This is a PHP library, so you would need to code your own instructions in the server code for handling an HTML form. I’m afraid this might not be what you expected.

Hello I knew it was php just having some problems. I down loaded the Demo and have been looking at it. I will integrate what I find there into what I have. Just needed a pack to send an email through a pop out box. I do like your package Thank you for your response. AmjHtml.

Hi, I just bought it and It has problem. in the line 88, 91 and 96 in the ets file.

Any reply to the above comment?

Finally i have fixed this issue, but when I am sending ams with php code, I am not receiving any message. :( I have a bell account in canada.

I am just now seeing these messages—sorry. :/ However I received your email and will respond to it there.

Hello Might integrate Chile?

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible to due lack of carrier support. :/

if I want to add a new carries in my country, is that available, if so, how ?

You would need to know the email address format the carrier uses for a phone nunber (e.g., and then there is a carriers.php file in my library that you could add it to. However, know that I cannot support anything custom that you add.

okay, another query: where is the text box that I type in the sms I want to send to my friend as example.

This is a library for use in your own code. It does not come with a form or user interface of any type. However, the Live Preview has a demo for testing out the functionality to make sure your carrier works.

hi im not a great programmer – could you please provide the source code from the demo

Emailed you!

do this work in europe? eg. sweden, norway, danish?

No, only the U.S. :/

Hi i am not a programmer , I just need to send bulk sms in USA . Can i achieve using this ? Unlimited ? and how to use that plz help

This is a code library for use in other software. You will not be able to use this without writing other code to use it. And it’s only unlimited in the sense that email is unlimited—the carriers could block you if you abuse it. Also you must know the carrier for each phone number you want to send to because behind the scenes it’s simply constructing the email address for a phone number.

So, no, unfortunately this is probably not what you’re looking for. Even if you could write the code to use it, it’s not really suitable for mass texts because email to SMS is not very robust or reliable.

I mean i have 1000 Phone Number subscribers , all are from USA usually 50% people in usa are using T-Mobile or ATNT . So my question is can i send 1000 sms daily using this library ? I know i have to attach it with some sort of php script . Btw the script you are using in demo why dont you include in files ?

Yes, if you had the proper PHP script coded, you could send 1000 texts per day. However I cannot guarantee that they would all be successful or that this method is reliable. This script simply creates an email for the phone number and carrier given, and the carrier receives the email and sends out a text. If they see you lots of messages per day, they might start blocking you. I’d say that probably wouldn’t be an issue with only 1000 per day to different numbers and carriers, but I’m just letting you know that I can’t make any guarantees. This library is better suited to one-off text messages when you are willing to trade some reliability for no cost of sending.

I can send you the source for the demo. I’ll respond to your email with it.

Hi wish to buy this but i am situated in the UK ?

is it possible to sign up to usa carrier to send SM to uk mobile numbers?


This works by sending emails to the carriers for the numbers you want to send the messages to, so there is no carrier to sign up for, and it depends entirely on which carriers allow sending texts to their customers via email. Unfortunately the only supported ones are the ones listed in the description.

How can i install in my server? i could not understand by Documentation that i got in download file. please give me details Documentation.

Are you a PHP programmer? There’s really nothing more to explain if you know how to require a file in PHP. It sounds like maybe you didn’t realize this was a library for use in your own PHP code? It’s not something to install and run on its own.

i am not programmer. i thought, i will download script then upload server and create db user id pass from mysql….. change config file.. thats it i can do only.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think this is what you think it is. :( As it says in the description, this is a library for PHP to use in your own code. It doesn’t do anything on its own. If you’re not a PHP programmer, then I don’t think this will be any use to you.

Is this still supported and working? From what I have read it works through a php include function. I assume the html and css is easy to format to use in any website template?

I am not actively supporting it although I am around, but it should be working. That said, this is for PHP programmers to use in their own code. It is not a standalone thing that you can just put in your website like a widget.

Doesn’t work for US T-Mobile and Metro PCS

I’m sorry about that, but the description does encourage you to try the demo before buying so you can see what works. I will update the description. Unfortunately there’s probably nothing I can do about it if those carriers stopped supporting email to SMS.

After somebody else contacted me saying T-Mobile messages were coming through with a blank body, I figured out that the charset I was using for the emails was incorrect. Please try the demo again and see if it works now for you. I have submitted an update to CodeCanyon.

Hello, the demo is working? I’m trying to send a test to a cell of Brazil, +5527 prefix but accuses error. /Please disregard. It is giving error because it had a recent update on the numbers in Brazil./

Hey sorry bother you but I bought this item one year ago and was working fine but now my customers complaint me because the message content is blank any idea why happens that, thank you in advance.

Please if you make changes to the library ETS, send me the file to test in my demo, thanks one more time

I was hoping to just quickly try some things and have you tell me whether it worked and then I will give you the updated file.

Let’s continue this conversation by email because I don’t want to share any files here.

If you go to my profile page, you can send me an email and then we can keep talking there.

Okay, thank you


No, sorry. :(