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This is really similar to one of my plugins! ;-)

Sorry to know about it corsonr, but this is one of the best feature we have worked on 2011 for our list building plugin ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ and its just that, we have separate ‘Send email to FIRST Commentator ‘part and place it on codecanyon :)

Always, i wish best of luck for both of us ;)

Yeah, of course, good luck with sales, your item seems to be nice!

Thanks corsonr

It says first commentator. Does this mean that only the first person to comment on the blog post will get an email? It’s a bit confusing the way it’s worded.

Yes, it mean ONLY THE FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT on the blog will get an email.

Sorry about all confusion

Read your line again and missed to add one point, plugin does NOT send email to the first commenter who comment on your newly added blog post.

So this sends a custom response email to a visitor who is commenting on Your blog for Their first time, is what Im understanding.

You are 100% right Truest.

Does this work with Disqus? Thanks, Adam

No it does not work with Disqus. But we are working to make it compatible with the Disqus.


Damn, such a good idea for a plugin too. Great :) P.s sent you a support request Re the ad pop up

We checking your ad plus query.


Hi, I’ve been waiting for months. Is your awesome idea now compatible with DISQUS? : )


It would be awesome if in the Thank You email it would include the post url which the commentor had first commented on :)

And then with some share buttons underneath the url for the commentor to share via Social Media.

Sorry to say plugin is not yet compatible with DISQUS, but beside that plugin is capable of doing remaining stuff.


Hi, it seems that it is compatible with 4.3.1 edition but the last updated date appears to be from 2013. Can you check and update that?

Reply me on this. Thanks

We suggest you to purchase our another product the ‘List Fusion’


It covers all that feature of “Email To First Blog Commentator” and much more.


Ok. Thanks for informing me. I run a WordPress tips and solutions blog. Many WP development companies have reached us for reviews and product offers. I will definitely try to start using ‘List Fusion’.

Let us know if you need any help.