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Hello and welcome to the discussion forum for this Ultimate Client Manager Plugin: Email Import Ticket Support System

We hope you like the added features this plugin gives your Ultimate Client Manager system!

Support Requests:

Please send support requests to our dedicated support website by following this link: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

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Hello, i like this system, but i dont have expirence with this kind of system….. can i to conect with another web sites like wordpress, opencart, etc?. can i to conecto the mails?

is It to dificult to admin this software?

Thank you very much

can this work as a stand alone without the system?

This only works with the UCM Lite system.

Or, you may purchase UCM Pro and this ticket system (along with all other plugins) is included in that.

You are free to disable other parts of the UCM system if you do not wish to use them.

Hi, will this create a ticket even from an email address not in the system. Maybe create a new customer? For instance my customer is on the database as sales@ but he emails me from info@ and so the system does not detect him. At present i think it just ignores his email inquiry and leaves it in my inbox. hope to hear soon….

If you set a default customer in the ticket account settings then this new “unknown” contact will go under that default customer. We’re working on a feature whereby one of these “unknown” contacts can be simply moved over to a new or existing customer within the system.


i wanna ask about Ticket Support Script do it has the following: Tickets can be seen by all Operators?? Customer can see all the replies by Operators? Operators can not see each other replies?



will operators from different departments can view other operators replies?

what i mean i need all operators can see and reply to any open -ticket but they can not see each other replies?


Please see the demo under Settings > User Roles. The only permission close to this is under “Ticket Access” which is “Only assigned tickets”.

So this means operators can only view their “assigned tickets”.

So a senior staff member would have to assign support tickets to each operator.

Please feel free to setup some user accounts in the demo to see if this software will be suitable.

Best of luck with the project.


How do we set the email function to block unwanted file types? Right now if someone emails a .php file to the support address it downloads it into the system.

It supports all file types, the php file won’t be “run” due to the way the file is saved so no security worries there. Thanks, dtbaker

Is this included in the UCM Pro Version?

Hi, can I add file like PDF or excel to system and can be available all the time for the users to attached to the ticket and if yes can you tell me how I have UCM PRO.

This isn’t possible sorry

only one account for a inbound mail..?
i need 6 mail accounts email fetching in 6 departaments..
its possible? thx