Email This Page Widget for Adobe Muse

Email This Page Widget for Adobe Muse

The Email this Page widget for Adobe Muse is a great way for your visitors to share you site content by email with friends and colleagues.

Add the widget to the page, customise it to suit your design. When the icon or link is clicked, a new mail message with your predefined text and a link to the page is opened using the default email application.

Key features:

  • Choose from 4 icon sizes or just display the link alone
  • Change the colour of the icon
  • Customise the subject and message text

  • Quick Start Guide

    Widget installation:
    Download and unarchive the widget zip file.
    Double-click the creative muse email this page.mulib file to import it into Muse. Alternatively, you can use the Import button in the Library panel within Muse and browse to the file on your hard drive.

    Using the widget:
    Go to the Library Panel in Muse.
    Open the Creative Muse – Email This Page widget folder
    Click and drag the Email This Page widget onto the design canvas
    The icon can be hidden by disabling the Display icon option. The instructions assume that the icon is visible.
    Set the colour of the icon or choose no colour to use a transparent icon
    Choose the size of the icon from one of 4 presets (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
    Change the button link text
    Set a custom subject line; the subject will be the page title if this option is not set.
    Write the body text for the email. This will be added above the page link.
    Set the link text style. This is done by selecting the widget frame, then using the text panel in Muse to change the font, colour, size and link style preset.
    Preview the page or publish the site to test the widget.

    You’re ready to go!

    Full Installation and setup information can be found here: