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can it extract email address via key word?


Hi, I just bought your software. But when I go to this link: http://code.google.com/apis/loader/signup.html. It’s said that The Google Loader no longer requires keys.

Hi is this product still being supported? I went to the live preview and it gives a blank screen.

Must be an issue with codecanyon, the live preview is on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDNCg-rsNP8

Is there away to eliminate certain links form being crawled?

This does not work at all even though I have followed every post on here! REFUND me please!

Will it crawl on HTTPS links?

I am sure it does, give it a shot.

Hello, This software do not seems work. Please, give me the refund. There be the message “Waiting” always.

Could you explain how it is not working for you?

Hi, I want to purchase your item, but I have 2 questions: do a newer version will be available to purchasers for the same price? Does this program crawl deep links? (not only the main domain but subpages) Regards.

The updates are available for free.

Hi, I just bought your software. But when I go to this link: http://code.google.com/apis/loader/signup.html. It’s said that The Google Loader no longer requires keys, but the softaware is still requiring

g_api_key= g_api_url=


Lerie, the software works, but when you try Crawler > Google Search, the program send a pop up window with the following: You need to specify the API and URL in your config.ini then restart Email Spider. Do you need me to send you attachments or maybe a video to demonstrate you this? Please tell me where to send you any of those. Kind regards,

Yes, Google discontinued that API service. I will release a newer version that supports Google.

Thanks a lot! I will be waiting for it.

Hi I am very interest your work. good ideas. however, I am not sure how it work. there are 2 question for you. 1) if I put like www.abc.com, is your code will find all email under www.abc.com e.g www.abc.com/contact.html or www.abc.com/contact.php.etc..

2) can I use it to find like “cafe in Melbourne”? If I do search in Google after “cafe in Melbourne”?


can I get all email from https://www.zomato.com/ their are a lot of restaurant contact I want. can u help?

does it also work on javascript encrypted email addresses?

This is in development for the next release, thank you for your question.

Hi I buy this product Email Spider but dont work

My links to extract email are: http://njoftime.com http://flip.al/ http://fleteteverdha.com/ https://duapune.com/

Thanks in

The scrip dont work bro. Please REFOUND

There is nothing wrong with the software, however if you feel like you need a refund shoot me an email and I will add you to the beta list for the next software. Other than that, http://codecanyon.net/legal/market

my email is agstudio.al@gmail.com have you extract email from web I give to you?

I buy the script for job not for funny. If is not work, Refound, is sample

this product has not extract any single email since i bought it. help

What links are you trying to extract

Hello, do you have a solution to extract emails from facebook pages/groups?

I will be adding this functionality to the next version, please be patient.

Good evening,

I buy codecanyon email spider and dont function in my computer.

I want my many devolution.

Thank you.

What operating system do you have? This application is .NET based.

I buy recently this code but its not working properly, got stuck on 48 contacts and status is waiting from the last 1 hr

Could you be more specific? Are you able to provide me with the link you are having issues with?

Hi, Is there any option to extract phone number from business directories as well ?

Hi Lerie, can you contact me? I’ve send you an email through codecanyon about the google search that doesn’t work (waiting….). Please advice how to solve.

... it’s not a big deal program. The searching it’s very limitating… are you intended to make an upgrade or I must ask refund?

Hi, does this software works with, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appyogi.vfeeds&hl=en.. or itunes app link ?? I need developers email ID’s ..

Can I extract Yelp data?

how can I exctract emailc from here: http://powierzchnie-reklamowe.pl/ogloszenia/ I tried all ways, but nothing is works.
No it isnt: take look here every single offer has email address http://powierzchnie-reklamowe.pl/sciana-reklamowa-60m2-centrum/ Also is not working with this site: http://miejsce-na-reklame.pl/#tabs-menu=3%7Csearch_results%7C0

The first link is still blank for me and I don’t see any email addresses on the second link. This software pulls email addresses from links you provide, it does not crawl links. You can find other link crawling software online or here on codecanyon to crawl links, https://codecanyon.net/item/deep-link-crawler/1455958

so You should give me refound please.