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Haha, thnx for the enthusiasm :-)

Just out of interest…why don’t you send the mail with wp_mail and have it part of the plugin, rather than open up the default mail client?

Hey Danyo, I wanted the first version of the plugin to be as simple and lightweight as possible by just collecting all email adresses. I might add this in a future release though, but then I would have to consider batch-sending as well (perhaps using wp cron) and maybe add a wysiwyg editor or so. Then again, that would almost make it into a newsletter plugin :-) Thnx for you message though I will consider it when I have time to work on it again.

can you please add an option to users decide if they want or not receive newsletters?

and add another option to send MUST needed emails, like system alerts, etc,

the previous option is for newsletters, and the second for system alerts or major actions to do..

thanks a lot, this is what i have been looking for always!


Hey Vexy, thnx for your message. I’m not sure that I understand your question completely. The plugin (for now) collects all email addresses, lists them per User Role and you use just your own default mail program to e-mail them. Would you want to directly send emails through Wordpress, so it would become more of a messaging service?

i mean, on this time you send messages to all registered users, is ok.

however i want use too like a newsletter system, for example my user mark “i want receive updates from this page” and we send news only to those users… who marked that option…


hmmm yeah that makes sense, I could build that in as an option maybe in a future version. Thnx for the input!

I’m looking to purchase this. If I understand it correctly, it does not use wordpress to send the messages. I would have to copy/paiste the email addresses into whatever email program I use?

What about mail merge for usernames or first names? The messages we send (user-role specific) need to come from the site and would only be used to update or alert users.

Does this also support custom user-roles? We have several custom user-roles and need to send messages that are specific to that member and their subscription level.

Thanks & hopeful :-)

Hey there. Sorry for the long wait, I was on holiday for a few weeks. The messages are indeed not sent through WP but just your default email program. Basically all the plugin does (for now) is collect all email addresses by Role with a direct mailing link (so by clicking you can just email them).

Check out a demo here -> http://www.atypisch.nl/live-plugins/category-colors (login with user: demo , pass: demo) and check out Tools -> Email Registered Users.

can this send different emails based on role?

Basically it just filters out all the email addresses per WP user and orders them per user-role, so you will be able to send a mail (using your own mail program) to all users per user role or individually.

Nice plugin for WordPress, but not if you have over 100,000 users. It list each one, ONE AFTER THE OTHER and when you click on the link “email all contributors”, it does nothing because it is too many to e-mail.

The author may want to consider how they list each contributor or subscriber. If a user has a WordPress website with over 100,000 users, they are out of luck.

Plus it locks up my website when I attempt to use it…..

Hi! Sorry for the delay in answer, I was away for a whole month. How does it lock up your website? If you load the page? I haven’t tested the plugin with 100.000+ users I have to say, but I might be able to work around it.

Your demo logins are incorrect. I’d like to try your demo…

hey there, sorry for the late reply. Someone thought to be funny and changed the password, should be fine again now!

If all users have the role of subscriber and I create a new role called group1 group2 group 3 etc. Can I assign some users to each of the secondary roles and then email them based on that role without removing them from subscriber?

Hi tlemmy, thnx for your message. Good question and interesting case. As of yet, no. The roles specified in the plugin are now based on the standard WP User Roles and don’t take into account extra roles yet. But if this is a wish I might take it up on the next release.