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Unable to install. getting 500 server error. Mail sent.

Send me cpanel access through mail please.

Hello, I have configured the SMTP settings with my provider but I can’t send emails. I tried with port 465 SSL or with port 25 or 587 without SSL. I hope you can understand me and help me, too! Thanks in advance Regards

Please give me your ftp access through this link: https://codecanyon.net/item/email-marketing/16798044/support

Thanks to have quickly solved my issue. That’s very kind of you!

No english support? Wtf?

It’s fully in English. In fact, it has full multi-language support. You can add any language in this word.

Could this work with Sendgrid?

Yes, it works fine with sendgrid.

Hello I do not see any server requirement list? Please can you tell me what is required for this to work correctly? Thanks

PHP >= 5.5.9
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension

hi, which version of laravel please ?

Laravel 5.2

Tried to test with my server but the not allowed to input my server details.

1. how many mail can be sent at once

2. Will all the mail go to Inbox or Junks

3. Can all email deliver at once

1. Unlimited (Though depends on you server)
2. Email will hit to inbox (If your content not spammy)
3. No, email will deliver by fellowing queue rules (10 email per second ) to make sure all email hit in inbox. After clicking send button, sit back tight, all email will delivered automatically.

I’m looking for a solution to send different emails to the same recipient. Kind of status information about a system. By other words, a customer can have multiple systems but only one email address to receive the notifications. Thank you for your answer… Thomas.

Firstly, please have a look on this: https://codecanyon.net/item/email-marketing-saas/17367649

We are upgrading that product. You can send from multiple addresses (multiple sender addresses)

hi, i am interested but have a few question.

1. user need to upload / insert email manually?

2. how about email that dont want to receive my email, they can unsubscribe?


1. You can upload email from excel file.
2. There is a scope to unsubscribe.

hi mate i really interesting in your script, i got a question? i need to have a VPS server or i can install into normal web hosting?

Share hosting is only capable of sending small scale of email. For better performance & better queue management you should use Linux VPS.

hi no payment plan option and payment gateway for customer ?

No, not yet, but on next release, this product https://codecanyon.net/item/email-verify-marketing-saas-app/17367649 will come with pricing (payment) option.

Hi , i have question, is it possible to send transactional email with template already stored ?

example i would like to call from API REST http://mydomain.com/template/1/params?name=&title= ...

Sorry, we don’t have api support right now. But we developing you will get REST API support on our next release.

Can you respond to Japanese? Do you support multiple languages?

Yes, our script support any language in this world.

Unable to install. getting 500 server error. Please help me out!

I want to ask, For one domain or more domains???

Your question isn’t clear to me. If you want to use under multiple domain you have to purchase extended licence.

How much purchase extended licence???

Php installed only for one domain or multiple domains. Install another domain and hosting are not???

If you want host multiple domain in single server, you can do that. Even, if you want to install in different server you can do that too.

Is it possible each user with admin creds to have his own lists or all adminis see all users?

All admin will see all users but if you want to hide one admin to another admin you can use this one https://codecanyon.net/item/email-verify-marketing-saas-app/17367649 That one has also the same feature with some extra facilities.

No I want every to admin to has his own users, lists and templates but as I understood this is not the philosofy of the script so maybe it doesn’ t fit my needs

As I understand your need, you can try https://codecanyon.net/item/email-verify-marketing-saas-app/17367649 this. This saas version includes every feature of email marketing. That saas version’s admin will be treated as separate company and every companies data is not accessible to another company.

Unable to install. getting 500 server error

Sorry for the previous link. I meant to go you this link https://codecanyon.net/item/email-marketing/16798044/support

Hello , I can’t getting you people support Where you asked ? Still Din’t get Any Email about Support

this script support for subdomain ? it is support for one time purchase ? sorry my english

Yes, it supports subdomain. Yes you have to just purchase one time.

Your English is absolutely fine. :)


I am interested in your script, I have some question to your asked.

1. I would like to know if I can install your script on my ftp server? Because I do not know laravel, and I’m afraid I have to go through a very specific method. 2. I logged in to the demo, and saw that we can send an email via the form. We insert the information, choose the template and send.

However I would like to know if I can send the direct mail in edit mode, or I import my template but if I want to change some information I can change and then sent

it’s possible?

Thank you

Yes, you can run this script to any web server. We will help you to install you can’t install by yourself.

You can design your own template before sending mail. There is a build in template maker you can write your own template.

Hello and thank you for your answer,

I have seen that we can send emails via template,

What I wanted to say is sent an email directly via your interface, it opens the template to me the fields I need to modify and then I preview and send

Because I have to modify variables in the template as

Current_date Sales_date Name_customer

Etc …

Thank you