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I cant install it on my server.Please help me to install it

Sure please share your server’s ssh/cPanel access using this form https://codecanyon.net/item/email-marketing/16798044/support

Please check your mail.I have sent you all details but nothing done yet

Is it possible to send emails on special occassions like birthdays for that subscriber only?

I dont see a form at that link. It simply lets me open a new ticket (public) Can I email my cpanel / ftp details to you privately? Please let me know how

Thank you. Sent you an email with details

First thank you very much with the installation help and the support you provided so far. Appreciate it. I am facing the below issues after the install. Can you please help?

1) Getting an error when I try to upload contacts in CSV. Screen shot and file sent via email.

2) When I try to set new mail settings (SMTP), when I provide any wrong details, it simply gives me a crypted message and all the details I entered this then simply disappear. Is it possible to provide a more meaningful message and retain the data I entered so I can correct and retry

3) Still couldn’t figure out how to schedule emails for birthdays and special events for individual customers. Can you please let me know how?

Hi guys, I sent you an email with all the details but with no results. Can you please check it please? Thank you ps the problem is that I am not able to install it on my server.

Hello i have bit problem i don’t understand 1.how can users change system settings? 2. when you try to edit user info, then you save it whiteout enter any password it will auto change the user password why? 3. why users has access to admin block and black list, FAQ pages? 4.why if package of costumer change it still remains with the old email limit? 5.why you have email verification api but there is no where to verify emails or emails will be sent for verification before delivered??

why am i getting this error and i sent support for installation no reply Ask your hosting provider to enable “Apache mod_rewrite”

Please check your mail.

Can you please check for me i sent like 5 emails

any integration with zapier?

Umm, not now.

you have feature of Open rate, bounce rate, click etc ?

3. Not encrypted. But it’ll run on your server so there is no scope to see the code from the browser for users.

4. We recommend ubuntu VPS. A shared server is ok but not for large-scale email.

5. Yes, even will help you to install.

6. You can see the statics but can’t download as CSV https://email-marketing.xcoder.io/email-list

7. Yes you can.

I bought it,

Your setup wizard is not working is you mention in documentation. http://demo.whoisdatacenter.com/

there is no index file or setup file in root… Please suggest what to do…

Check mail.


zafaridi Purchased

Purchased this application. But it is not running on my server. Need help.


zafaridi Purchased

I need assistance. This application is not working on my server.

Please check mail.

Your script seems very awesome :)

Is it GDPR compliant, please?
(If not yet, when will it be fully GDPR compliant, please?)


Not yet but we are working on it.

Yes..this is what i looking for

But pre sale question 1.How to add visitor to our subscriber Are you provide how to optin as leads ?

2.Can we send broadcast message to our subscriber?

3.Can we send scheduling mail to specific time on auto pilot

If you has state this script like mailchimp, then you must get this feature

If all of my question is yes, i will buy this

4.if this saas system, then how i can sell this to my client like create a package about how much email can be send per month

5.I not see the name variable { first_name} + {last_name} on your system which can give more personalization mail

All yours 5 features are available but this script has to be deployed at Linux (ubuntu ) VPS with at least 4 GB ram. Some additional software needs to install (to handle large-scale data) to your VPS that could not possible at a shared server.

For this price I’m sure you can you create RSS newsletters (like mailchimp)? If not, when are you going to add it so i can buy?

We strongly considering add RSS feed in our next release.