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Good luck with selling! :)

thanks :(

hi. very need function – ability to use hashtag to customise some fields, like Name, email, and other details, so email could be personalised

no, see i have 1000 contacts and would like to send email to each but so that will be name of each in email. and do it fast

you can add your client email with name in the section of add client.

if we buy this we never more need mailchimp?

you can send unlimited email.. add client unlimited everything unlimited.

next few days we buy and try

ok….. good…...


*response in script is delay *view email template in live not there as a necessary option *statistics. very important point in any script in this area, and it’s not there too

thanks for your feed back… i will fix this in next update

just bought, please let me know how to import 2000 contacts at once ?!

its can’t established database connection…. ....please confirm your database credentials are correct…. mean database name, db username, db password

for sure are correct, also I done 755 to all files, but nothing…

you mean….. you completed setup…. now its working proper

Hello shoaib39! I’m interesting in buying Email Flow. Before i do that, can you tell me please if it has an option or can be added the option for the sender (me) to custom deelay between emails, to setup a maximum email ammount to be sent per hour, etc? Thanks. Nick

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Thanks for suggestions of hosting provider, but i preffer local hosting use and CDN. Thats why i asked if you have in plan to implement this delay in Email Flow, because i’m sure some people prefer local hosting, due to many local advantages. Some prefer International GoDDY, BlueHost, HostGator, etc. It would be a PLUS if you do this addon in the script and the possibility to make delays by timing and send ammounts of emails as wished (ex: one email at 10 secs delay between each other / 500 per hour, or delay at 20 secs from each other email, and so on…). Many hosting providers have this spam email security limit. Thanks for your answers.

control is in your hand you can create group per 500 email and send to that group every hour by selecting.

Oh great Nick3o, great ideea. Hope author will add this option. Thanks in advance mr Shoaib39

1st create your group and devide your emails with that groups, and sent email per hour per group. Its simple.

personalised email shold be good… ex: dear mr.john,

ok…. I will include this system in future

Ok, Thank you. heck MailChimp. In the email Body we can use the dynamic values through variables. This is very important for the marketing. Good luck for your sales…

ya i know that…. in next update i will do it….

can you tell me do your plugni have samer feature like mymail

you can see in the emailflow…... and specify the features…. what features you need

oh i dont know i never use plugin like this few mailchimp campagne thats all wee need something liek this i read descriptin of mymail and see many sells but 50€ your plugin 29€ if this have same feature i buy yours

good…. Thanks For buying….

Less features & expensive…?

ok…. it would …..what price do you think….

ok… i less the price

is there statistic to track open unsubscriptio….like this

i did not understand….. you mean unsubscribe the user if he dont want to receive email from you

you ask for features i copy from mymail plugin

i was not getting…. what are you trying to say….. What features and…. and for what

Is it mandatory to use smtp?

yes its mandatory

Hey I have a few questions about your product, how do I get in touch with you?

Whatsapp me on this NUMBER : +918149587579

Or contact me on my Skype id: shoaib_developer

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