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viikka Purchased

Hi, I am trying to send test email and it doesn’t work. So I assume users also don’t get emails. What can be wrong? Thanks


viikka Purchased

Did test order. No emails sent:(

Hi There. Please could you look through our documentation on the subject here and see if it helps your problem?

Hello. I like this but I need to certain that I can add and “customize” the customer_note. Can this be done?

Hi. Do you mean style the customer note separately? Unfortunately the customer note is included in the block provided to our plugin via WooCommerce and is not separately styleable. Thanks

Hello, How can I change the titles “billing address” and “shipping address”, to write them in French ? Thanks !

Hi Audella. Are you using a translation plugin like Loco Translate? That should work. Is your store set to French? We also have a new translation project happening where we are trying to crowd source pre made translations.

Hi, thanks for your reply. My store is set to French, yes :) I wouldn’t want to add another plug in that I don’t need just for this… Keep me posted when your pre made translations are ready ! :)


dwlkr Purchased

Hi. When I use this plugin customers emails not longer send, although test emails work ok to my wordpress account. Is there a fix for this?

I’ve noted this and asked the dev to look into it. Thanks


North0n Purchased

Hello,i just installed this plugin and after i changed basic theme to deluxe it stopped sending emails…

As mentioned above too, our dev will look into this and fix. Thanks

Pre-sale question: is it possible to adjust the text based on the condition?

E.g. I want to send a different mail when someone completes the checkout with ‘pay with cash’ instead of credit card. Or when someone buys a digital product instead of a ‘normal’ one.

I’m looking forward to your reply! Any help appreciated. - Tapeix


No this plugin won’t let you do that, Email Customizer lets you restyle the look of the emails and offers different design templates. It also lets you edit some of the text, but not as you’re wanting.



we’ve translated the plugin via Loco Translate but we were unable to translate one string, namely the word “note” (circled in red):

Can you help please?

Thanks! Bruno

Hi Bruno

That text should be translatable in the WooCommerce plugin, as that would be pulled in from the WC emails.

I’ll get the dev to look and make sure.



Our wooCommerce plugin is 100% translated.

The only single word Note that I could find in wooCommerce plugin was already translated:

Also it has a colon behind it, the one we’re trying to translate is without a colon.


Hello cxThemes,

I have a couple of questions before making a decision to buy Email Customizer for WooCommerce Plugin. #1 Can I add a product image to a mobile email like the one in a desktop email? #2 Can I add a custom link in a main text area? (If it needs to add some codes, please give me a brief instruction how to do that.)

Thank You!

Hi, is it WPML compatible? I mean can I customize all the emails of a multilanguage shop? Thanks