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The Autor doesn’t reply anymore also not at support tickets!!!

Hi, apologies if we missed any support issues over the festive season, we are here and will get to you issue asap. Thanks


JohnDF Purchased


Since the lastest update, my customers are getting an Error 500 on checkout and “New order” email is not being sent. Digging deeper on this issue, I found the following error in my logs:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function ec_special_title() in /path/to/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-email-control/templates/emails/deluxe/email-customer-details.php on line 16

Also, I checked your code and I couldn’t find ec_special_title() function so I think this is a bug. Are you keeping a function removed by yourself? If you don’t, please let me know which script contain that function and how can I solve this.

Disabling your plugin, everything works fine but I need it.

Thanks in advance.


This is peculiar because you should definitely be able to find where we define the function ‘function ec_special_title(’ by searching over all the plugin files.

Can I ask that you send us login details to your site so we can investigate further



Currently the ordre number in the processing email is a link to the “my account”. Where can I remove that link / href around the order number?

Sincerley, Mika

Yes. Because people do not have an account so we don’t want to send them to a 404 page.

Our plugin adds the content by default from the WooCommerce emails so you’re not able to edit the content directly at the moment.

Hi, ok thanks a lot.

WARNING!! Don’t buy that plugin! If you have a Issue or Support-Ticket the autor don’t write back!!

In WPML that plugin creates for EVERY ORDER MAIL Strings! That sucks for the DB!!

Hi. Apologies we have been on a skeleton staff over the Christmas period. We are back on support and will get to all your issues very quickly.

Hi There. We’re looking at this situation. Thanks for messaging.

hope it is fixed soon…

Hello , I have a question, i use Wordpress , the plugins “Woocommerce” Use Traditional Chinese But when using e-mail system replies Traditional Chinese have become ”?”

Whether it is a server-encoded setting ?

I have a wish to buy This plugin can solve this problem ?

This is most likely a site or server settings issue. Our plugin won’t be able to solve that.


bartonwyc Purchased


Pre-sale question: 1. Does this plugin provide high degree of customization (re-design the whole email template)? 2. Does the plugin require high technical competency in order to utilise it? 3. Functions such as table, is it available? 4. Can we extract product_id from woocommerce into the email? 5. Can we create a new layout so that it is similar to our store’s design? As we understand that the template based on woocommerce’s one (of course). 6. Can I have a quick look at the plugin document? I want to know what Link 1, Text 1 etc refers to.

Thanks Barton

1. Supports custom CSS but not whole template redesign (yet) 2. No 3. No. We use the table supplied by the WooCommerce object so you cannot highly customise it. 4. No. Because that information is in the cart table. You can use the following shortcodes though. ec_order ec_lastname ec_pay_link ec_user_login ec_user_password ec_login_link ec_site_link ec_shipping_method [ec_custom_field]

5. You get access to 3 custom templates we supply with the plugin of which you can customise colors logo etc to look like your store. You can’t create your own template from scratch (yet) 6. Links are for link text, link url and image which will link out to somewhere. Eg: social networks or your site navigation. Plugin docs can be found at

Thanks Sean

Hi, We saw an update notification in the backend. But it’s always there no matter how many times we updated.

Every time the updating is successful. The notification of version 3.05 is always there. What’s wrong with it?


That would be on our side… Our dev will fix this asap.


paatus Purchased

Updated plugin to ver. 3.0.5. When I try to go to Email Customizer settings in WooCommerce menu, the screen goes all white. Debug says: Fatal error: Call to a member function add_menu() on null in /wp-content/plugins/wp-native-dashboard/langswitcher.php on line 28

I also tried to enter Email Customizer settings via WooCommerce-Settings-Emails, but this also gives a white screen.

Reverting back to previous version does not fix it, so I’m a bit lost on what causes this behaviour. Please advice.


Is that only happening when you try to enter our plugin settings?

That error shows something to do with the wp-native-dashboard plugin… can you try disabling that plugin and checking if you can then go to the settings?


It only happens when I try to enter your plugin. Some dev installed the native dashboard plugin, so I deleted it and now everything is ok. Obviously there’s some compability issues between those two.

[ec_order show=”#,number”] doesn’t work


Quick question: Q. I tried changing the top-nav-holder (where the 6 links are held) and its not working. Could you give me the correct css code to do so? I had this : .top_nav_holder { color: #b7b7b7; }.

Q2. And we need to register a separate account at your website to use the support function?


Q3. How can we do line breaks? or is it even possible? In some places, I would love to have line breaks and centered text for highlight message. Please let me know if it is possible and how.

How can i adjust the height of the header…???

The header takes on the height of the image uploaded. Or you can use the custom CSS section to add some more height/padding etc.