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Hi, when will you had Woocommerce Subscriptions? Waiting for it to buy the plugin :)

Hi, Currently, we are working on integrations and new features such as show related items for promotions. After finishing current implementation then we will start it. We will do our best to integrate it during this month.

If you have any suggestion let me know :)

Thanks for your interest.


keng007 Purchased

Hi, Order Refunded, I want Short Code about .. [ Can refund the full amount: Total: ]



keng007 Purchased

Templete Order refunded from Woo. There is a calculation of the refund for the customer. And summarize to inform customers that the refund has been made. I want to know if there is a Short code show this. I can’t find it.

Hi, For now we have not special short code for showing refund information. We will take consider your suggestion.


Hi, We added several new short codes, so you can show [ Can refund the full amount: Total: ] information.

[ec_woo_order_total_refunded_amount] Get Order refunded amount
[ec_woo_order_formatted_total] Get Order formatted total
[ec_woo_order_remaining_refund_amount] Get Order remaining refund amount
[ec_woo_order_total_amount] Get Order total amount

Please visit URL for more information.


Pre-sale question – just wanted to make sure these emails are fully responsive. Also, we have a lot of issues with gmail stripping code; does this plugin have any issues with gmail? Thanks.

Hi, Our emails compatible with Gmail and responsive. You can create some your own email template and test it . Demo URL
user : Demo
password : Demo321

If you have any question or suggestion just let me know



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I don’t want to show the code like this. It can cover text links. Or can the button link?. I tried and could not click the link.

Hi, Please export template as a JSON file then send our support center I will tell you what is the exact problem.

Note:For exporting, top right menu, second option and select JSON.



keng007 Purchased

Again, Wordpress Export JSON? how to do?

Hi, in our builder it is possible . Please see the top right menu ( green color) second menu for exporting. Thanks

Hi. Thanks for your great plugin. Is it possible to change the sort of the showing date i.e. DD.MM.YYYY?

Hi, Thanks for your kind words. For now it is not possible by automatically, but we are working on adding dynamic short code functionality.

If you need immediately please contact our support center we will add that short code for you and then will send you updated files :)

If you have any question or suggestion let me know

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.

Thanks for your quick response. It is not really urgent for me, if you already working on this. I can wait about two weeks :) Thanks anyway…

We are working on this. but after making some new features we will publish stable version, so it can take a little bit longer.


Presales question:

Is it possible to set custom triggers for WooCommerce emails? For example I would like to send an automatic email to a customer one week after he bought a product to ask for a product review?


Hi, It is not possible. With the help of our plugin you can edit your email templates. there is not such a feature.


Great plugin. Please add these integrations:

1 – Yith Gift Cards plugin.

2 – YIth Request a Quote plugin

Hi, Thanks for kind words and suggestion.

We will add those plugins our integration list.

Best Regards.


tassra Purchased


Why no one answers my ticket? I I’ve been waiting for 3 days and it’s a fatal error that ruins customer emails.

Ticket: #1858686

Best regards.


Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for reporting problem we fixed it and sent updated version to you.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi, is the plugin compatible with WooCommerce version 3.5? Thanks, Chris

Hi . Yes compatible