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chefnelone Purchased


I added a custom field to the Billing form called ‘state_code’ using this plugin:

Question: is there any way to output this field in the emails, at leat in the ‘New Order’ email?



For now our plugin has not integrated with Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce .

But we have integrations with other fields editor.
1. Flexible Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor
2. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor
3. Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce

Please check this post for showing all integrated plugins and how to use them.

In the next updates, we will add a custom shortcode which will support backend, after that you can do it manually.


Thanks for your support.

You are welcome


SpaceNeil Purchased

Hi CidCode, great plugin, congrats! :grin:

I have a few issues though.

1. Custom order ID generated by WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro doesn’t work, [ec_woo_order_id] reports default order ID. Since WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro is a supported plugin in your documentation you may want to have a look at that perhaps. Just to let you know, using YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order has the very same result.

2. [ec_woo_order_shipping] behaves weirdly. For example: customer paid €10,00 for shipping while the shortcode outputs 8.2 which I reckon is shipping cost without tax. It would be great to have the shortcode to output the correctly formatted amount (just as subtotal shortcode does): in this example it would be €10,00.

3. Custom CSS goes blank when saving email type. Is it a bug perhaps?


Thanks for your kind words. We improving the plugin with our valuable customer’s feedback :)
1. I would like to mention that our plugin supports WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro. surely I will check it again. I will take consider your suggestion
2. thanks for reporting problem.
3. Did you write something in Custom CSS and after saving it is disapper?

Please check your plugin folder/logs/errors.txt if you found any records in there please share in our support center

Best Regards

Hi again,

I checked the plugin so :

1. It works properly. Please follow the below steps:
a. activate WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro
b. configure the plugin
c. use the [ec_woo_order_id] in your email

Note: after activating plugin please make a test purchase from your store and use that order when designing your email types in our plugin. Otherwise, you will see the default order id. For example. you have 5 order, then you started using that plugin. if you select any order till 5, you will get default ID, if you select any order which is purchased after activating that plugin in this case you will get proper information.

2. we added a new shortcode for showing shipping information with tax. ec_woo_order_shipping_total. we will publish it in the next release. if you wanna get earlier please contact our support center.



nvr21 Purchased

Hello…can you answer this ticket please?

Hi, Please check it :)