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Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)


Congratulations! Nice Work I want to ask if i can change language And make the frontend site and user dashbord RTL Second i can’t add google adsense on Advertising section And can user add content Download above 1G size

user add content Download above 1G size if server support, u can set anythings on it bcz its comes with source code

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)


Is this possible to have a post app store display like apkpure? If possible will I buy it?

what do u mean by “post app store”

If possible add Mercadopago for payments?

we able to add but u should pay for our time. if u agree then u may mail us:

Of course, I will send you an email to discuss the price

The charge is paid by the buyer and is destined to the correct site admin account? So if a user sells an item at 100USD, does the buyer pay 102USD and the seller gets his 100USD and the 2USD site is correct?

what is this? difference between percent and fixed? (I think it’s a mistake that both are mandatory)

yes, percentage is % value charge and fixed is fixed value charge for per item

thanks, i see that both are mandatory this okey?

u can set value zero if u wanna disable any1