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Hi, nice script. Is this adapted for mobile site also? Thanks

Hi! Thanks for your nice comment. To answer your question: unfortunately no. It can only be loaded in browsers that can install the Google Earth plugin (at this time, most browsers running on the Windows and OSX platform). All the best!

I like it ! and I hope you can develop a lot of about google earth project~

thank you

Great! Thanks for your comment and your purchase. If you have nay suggestions as to further Google Earth dev, feel free to add a comment. If we see commercial potential in your suggestions, we’ll sure go ahead!

I can’t find the “Getting started” and “Geocode an Address” tabs in the “More about ElmGeo” page.

Please help.


We’re in the process of creating these forms, It should be completeted in a matter of days. We have manually configured and shared your ElmGeo account to get you going. If there are any issues, please send them to email address of our shared Google account. Cheers!

Thanks mate. Nice comments like yours make us want to work our best.

hello, this is a great one that I am looking for and i have some questions before I buy this:
  • could we browse the map offline ?
  • is the spreadsheet similar with Google spreadsheet mapper v.2 or 3 ?
  • can we control the popup appearance with separated CSS file
  • could we customize the left side site list appearance, eg: with image ?
  • could we insert video in the popup display ?


Thanks for your very thorough and precise questions! They are so good we have answered them in our product center. Check:

Regarding Google spreadsheet mapper v.2 or 3: we are not familiar with that spreadsheet, but if you have any specific questions regarding our spreadsheet, feel free to go to our product center @

awesome design