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Wow, I do not post often, but these are really quite nice!!


Thanks for the compliment, TwoJStudios :)

looks awesome… do you think you will update it when the next iphone comes out?

Sure will do.

I had checked out the many sneak peaks doing rounds on the web but wasn’t satisfied. so as soon as its out, I’ll update the package. :)

Any other suggestions are also welcome.

Thanks for the compliments.


I think your work is good. But I do not feel that the idea came from you …

hi Mwea,

Thanks for the compliment.

Actually, I’ve been working on them from early this month – check out my tweet pics from the 10 sep!/arrowart/media/slideshow?

You do a good job too :)


As for me ! I’m sorry ^^

When i see your work, i was actually working on my pure CSS3 iPad and , i was finishing my pure iPhone ! :O

What do you think Envato will do , if i update my item and include this displays ?

Not to worry.

It happened to me as well when I was knee-deep on the third item then I saw the first model on CC using CSS3 and I was like ‘warrrr….he beat me to it!’

Am not sure what Envato will do, what I would advice is have a chat with Kailoon and he sure will give the right direction.

I had a couple of questions on this item and he got back to me with answers so way to go buddy :)


Okei !

Just a questiion : How do you contact Envato support ? ^^‘

Hi Mwea,

I beleive its here

It will help to mention the name of the staff that you wish to help you out, in that case Kailoon.


do you think you could add a android phone on there?


Yep. That has been scheduled in the next update: android phone and tv display. :)


This is awesome.

I have a doubt, how do I add video to vertical iPhone? I tried the same way as the horizontal, but didnt work.

Hello edse,

Thanks for the compliments :)

to make vertical video work, open phone.css and nav to the bottom and add this code

.rotate .screen-p iframe,  .rotate .video-container{
    left: 0;
    margin-left: 58px;
    margin-top: 11px;
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 1000;

.screen-p iframe, .video-container{
    left: 0;
    margin-left: 11px;
    margin-top: 58px;
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 1000;

Let me know if all’s fine.


I think your work is excellent! I do however have one question!

Is it possible to have a slider in place of a video or image? I am trying to get this to work on wordpress. The ipad shows fine but when I enter the shortcode for the slider, the slider shows up underneath the ipad?! Any ideas?



Thanks for the compliments.

I haven’t tried to use them with a slider but here is the concept: you wrap your content within the screen-t class

<div class="screen-t"> <div class="mycontent" /> </div>

Then your apply the following css to your content’s container;

.screen-t .mycontent{ border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px; height: 300px; left: 0; margin-left: 21px; margin-top: 31px; position: absolute; width: 240px; z-index: 100; }

Try that and let me know if it works.

If you like it, don’t forget to rate it.

Regards, Joel

Where can we use this for?

to showcase applications or graphics. Check out this page – 3rd slide.

regards, Joel

Thanks for your fast reply, i will check it out

okidoks. :)

hi i planning to purchase this. one question is there a way to put textarea in the iphone screen? im building a web sms application, so I planning to use the iphone for textarea and sms preview.


Hi Cyberfly,

anything can go in the iphone screen; from inputs, textarea to video. You may add/reduce the padding as you like to make it fit your purpose.

regards, Joel

Great product, is the Android version coming soon?

Thanks. Uuum…not at the moment. But this are the order of updates in my plan:

# fallback images for older browsers
^ Add TV model
^ Add android version 

regards, Joel

Really love this – and want to buy…but need some fall back or option for older browsers…I see you have it on your roadmap – any idea when we can expect an update that will accommodate older browsers? (I’d buy right away if you add this!)


Thanks for the interest.

Hopefully towards the end of this month. :) Sorry cant be earlier.

regards, Joel

Awesome. Thanks for the fast reply! As soon as the update comes out, you got yourself an instant sale :) Brilliant work!

bookmarked for purchase on new update.

:) Thanks.

Any updates coming soon? (IE8 Compatibility….:))

Hopefully in the coming month.

Hey arrowthemes – great product! I am having an issue scaling the tablet.

Where exactly do I place the transform – scale code?

I want to make it 2x the size.

Thank you!

Hi Dynastymedia,

Sorry for the delay. As per your other post, glad you got managed to got it working.

regards, Joel

Nevermind! Figured it out!

Any idea how I could make the laptop screens responsive? thanks

At the moment it’s not possible. To make it responsive, couple of classes would need to be re-written or media queries added to it.