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I do like these…Bookmarked. We’ll see, maybe an extended license soon ;)

Thanks Clarke,

Every time I hear ‘extended license’ I get back to work :D

Cheers Mate.

Nice tags, well done! Just when I hit video preview I see buttons video.

Hi CroDigital,

Thanks for the kind words. Love your work too – very inspirational :)

I did notice the video problem, which was mixed up when uploading, and I have re-submitted it.

Thanks for pointing that out.


Wohaaaa they got even sexier with the update. You truly do an amazing work Arrowart.

This work should be way much more than $3.

I wish you many sales.

Thanks Pixalax :)

This is amazing and i liked it very much,it looks nice and very smooth.

also the documentation with it was very helpful and easy to understand.

I’m very satisfied :chuckle:

Thanks PHPMoon,

That’s really encouraging. Thanks for the purchase too. :)

Works great, very easy to implement. Great job

Hey RonSell,

Thanks for the compliment :)

regards, Joel

is it possible to do multiple colours?


Thanks for the purchase.

what do you mean by multiple colours? The tag color is controlled by the color class that you set in the .tag-body. So in a set/group of tags you can set multiple colours, if that’s what you meant.

Let me know if otherwise.

regards, Joel

say i have a post and i have 5 tags to display. Is there a way to show each tag on the page as a separate colour instead of all blue, red, etc


Well if you are working on a blog like wordpress I’m not sure how you’d go about it but here’s the html part on how to do so:

<a class="tag-body bluegrey" href="#"><span class="tag">Joomla</span></a>
<a class="tag-body yellow" href="#"><span class="tag">Wordpress</span></a>
<a class="tag-body olive" href="#"><span class="tag">html</span></a>
<a class="tag-body orange" href="#"><span class="tag">cms</span></a>
<a class="tag-body red" href="#"><span class="tag">themeforest</span></a>

In newer browsers there is a diamond-shape where the hole in the tags are, is there a fix for this?

Ok I’ll check with the browsers.


it would probably be the same fix that is done to the fontaine template


If you are using classic style, open the classic.css and search for ‘308deg’ then replace it with ‘-230deg’ If you are using the bright style, open the bright.css and search for ‘-45deg’ then replace it with ‘-230deg’

Let me know if that helps. Have a nice weekend.

regards, Joel

Thanks a lot Joel! That solved the problem :)

I’ll hope you have a nice weekend as well


You’re welcome, Austin :)



This looks great! Is it possible attach this tags on an image? i have a product images, and want to have a nice price tag in one of the corners of the image. A bit down in top right corner I guess. is it possible?

Yes you can use css to position right below an image to act as a price-tag. If you need help with this please let me know.

regards, Joel

Awesome product,GLWS!

Hi. Thanks for a good job.

I have a problem with “modern” style.


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