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great gob!!

is it possible to upload some photos of your item on IE6 ? still 30% of my website visitors are using this dinosaur ages browser !

it should be easy to simulate the test with IETester!



At the moment I don’t support IE6 . I’m going to give it a try but I can’t promise I’ll support IE6 .



Hello, really nice file!!

I need your help with it though, I am using it as a menu but I can’t center your file, this is my code

<header> <div class="showcase"> <ul class="pages bluegrey group"> <li class="previous l-bullet current">Home</li> <li href="#" class="page">Blog</li> <li href="#" class="page">About</li> <li href="#" class="page">Products</li> <li href="#" class="page">Services</li> <li href="#" class="r-bullet">Contacts</li> </ul> </div> </header>

ok so header width is 100%, showcase width is 100%, pages width is 100% ans all of them are text-align: center;

but it doesnt center the menu! In your code there is a part that is:

.pages { float: left

and I remove this and everything looks bad, so can you help me align the menu to the center please??

or give me an email for support…

thanks :)

Thanks for the compliments.

send me an email support [at] arrowthemes [dot] com and I can have a look.



This is one of those times where I saw an author’s work and thought “oh nice, I should do that” – and while I can recreate it with a lot less extra weight (I don’t need 90% of the classes in here) I’m paying you for it because it seems like the right thing to do :)

Thanks for the inspiration man. It’s a solid body of work.

Note that the Pastebin links have deleted themselves on schedule.

The code I passed along also resolves Pedro’s issue (above). I’m sure you had already worked that out though. Cheers :)


Thanks for the code. I peaked at it before it expired but I’m not in a position to do any updates on this file at the moment. Once I’m ready I’ll consider all your suggestions.

Thanks for the efforts.

regards, Joel

Unfortunately this code does not work with Safari 8 so instead of saving some time it’s back to the drawing board…

I’ve just tested with safari 8 and it looks ok on my side. Could you clarify what’s not working?

cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales