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Any chance of getting post-roll ad support?

I’ve been doing some looking on CC and either it’s not possible or creators of html5 players here just aren’t incorporating it. :(


beside pre-rolls, i will implement mid-roll and post-roll ads in one of the future updates.


That would be great. I’ve been looking for this feature specifically in any html5 player here on CC, and cannot find a single mention of it on any of them.

Hope to see it soon. Props on getting a leg up on the competition. :)

it would be nice to add some type of tracking using asp or php to this player as well

amazing work here “beside pre-rolls, i will implement mid-roll and post-roll ads in one of the future updates” – Waiting for this !

Hello, Is it possible to add our own social media unstead facebook ? and do you think to make your plugin compatible with dailymotion and vimeo ? All the best

I can replace facebook with any other social network if needed.

Dailymotion not planned, vimeo is already supported.


Hello, Ok, Can you add with facebook others social media with their original color on the same line ? All the best

No problem, just email me after purchase and tell me which icons do you need exactly and i will send you new files.

Great work 1- (info window and social networks share and embed player) – not show in youtube or vimeo Important Note : social networks share for youtube very important for me and show social networks share on mobile also 2- playlists button not show in youtube

3- pre-roll advertising not work good in mobile

4- Is there a plugin for wordpress


youtube API and vimeo API has own default players with own share buttons. Player is tested on most recent mobile os versions and works fine. Wordpress version of Elite player will be available very soon.


I want to buy this but can you add a mask + buttons share +hide logo youtube and link + hide control bar youtube and vimeo like this : --— How the cost of this work for me

Hello wasaad100,

you can contact me on my email, i’m available for work.

hello zac, how can i use with “iframe” or “directly url” controlled a specific video from the playlist over all self hosted videos?


you mean like deeplinking? I will add it to the list of features to implement in the future updates.



Can I play videos with this player? I will use the embed code.


Player supports self hosted videos(mp4), youtube videos and vimeo videos. Im not familiar with,


You are wrong. I need it becouse my latest example is the search code JW player can read this and make from this search result a nice playlist
Check my web where it works on JW player

Ok,i understand your request, that’s not an option here, and i just explained how my player works with custom playlists and channels, if it suits you, you can buy :)


You can do this feature with search results
youtubeKeyWord: Katy Perry
Taken from your example (youtubePlaylistID: RDdK-PKeATKL4 )

If you tho that your player will be special compared to other players… And I will be happy :)


I would like to start the video in a specific time. This is possible?


Thnks. Another cuestion… how can i change the height of the div:

div id=”Elite_video_player” style=”height: 790.875px;”

You need to set player width and height in player options:
or place player in parent div that is responsive and set
to set player dimensions automatically according to div where it’s placed.

This does not work , I need my money back … very bad product

What “does not work” for you exactly?


1) Can we show ad in video like youtube and ads can be adsense in video?

All the best

Only preroll ads for now. Popup will be added soon.

To anyone that is thinking buy,Buy I have done extensive testing and it work as described. I am very pleased. I looking forward to upcoming versions.

I have also purchased this product and am simply amazed at the frequency of updates! This vendor really supports his product! This is much appreciated! (can’t say the same of some other vendors) Thank you zac_!

I also look forward to some of the implementations you plan to add to this fine player.

Thanks for your feedback :)

Not sure if it’s possible, but could you add in a future version where the player could display an image as part of the playlist (instead of a video) but be inline with the playlist :

In other words:

1st Video 2nd Video image (hold for XX amount of time) 3rd Video … etc

This would make the player more versatile in the types of media it can show. I miss this feature from SlideShowPro (when I use to use flash) Thanks in advance.

Noted, i’ll see if this is possible and if there’s more interests in that feature,



Do you do custom work for hire?

Hello, yes i do. What do you need? You can send me details over contact form on my profile page,


The only thing that bugged me is that this plugin doesn’t have quality control. I don’t want my visitor got his bandwith blow just because video quality. Can you add new feature to answer my problem?

Hi, i will consider that, for now, you can use .mp4 files of lower and higher quality, depending on your converting software.


are you considering fallback using flash tech?

Hi, flash is ‘dead’ for long while now, and i don’t see a much point there, also, HTML5 is supported in older versions of the major browsers in the last few years, so i’m more focused on the future developing.


Hi like your player was testing the demo on my iPhone,the player work prefect but the ads doesn’t show, is there a fix for it ,any time soon

Hi, on which iPhone version have you tested on? I will check that,


its a Iphone 6

2 More things I’d like to see on your player in a future update:

1) Deep linking

2) A button to toggle the side playlist on/off


Noted, i will try to implement this in one of the future updates,


Thanks zac_ really appreciate it!