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Hi, I have a problem wuth plugin. Plugin conflicts with SEO and doen´t display information in facebook, only display author info in facebook posts. please help me.


Hey, sorry about that.

Can you email me a link to your site via my profile page. Also, in the email can you let me know what sort of SEO conflicts, you are experiencing. Thanks

Hey, the plugin has been updated now. You can download the new version.

In addition to showing the author at the bottom of the post, is it possible to show the author image at the top of the post?

I will look into that and update you.

Hi, purchased and like your plugin. Is it possible when using [emembers theme = list] to have the list of authors listed alphabetically?

Sure thing. I will look into that for you and get back to you.

Thank you!

The [emembers theme=”list”] short code is not listing all my authors, just 1 of them. Any help?


Sorry about the delay in my response. What you can do is set a duration of periods. For instance, check for top authors in the past 6 years

[emembers theme="list" period="year" duration="6"]

How can i increase the people that show up on a list? not all my authors are showing up. And how do i increase bio length?

Sorry, I took so long to respond.

1. You can use the parameter “limit” to control the amount of authors.

[emembers limit="100"]

2. The bio length is controlled from the settings in the admin.

I hope this answers your question.

Website url from user profile dont print in the author box. what should i do?

That seems a little strange. Can you provide a link to your website by sending a message via my profile. Thanks.

Just bought the plugin which installed without any problems. There are a few things I’m curious about however.

- Does it need an additional plugin in order to add personal photos for other authors. - Can other authors have their own description rather than the same one for everyone. - Can links be added inside the description to other sites. - Can Youtube/ Vimeo icons be created and added to the author box.

Without these features the plugin is unusable for us and I’m currently regretting the purchase a little. With these features the plugin would definitely get a 5* rating from us.

Kind Regards, Elliott

Hey, Thanks for your purchase. You can email me via my profile for more support.

In short
  • It grabs author photos from Gravatar
  • Authors have their own description
  • Yes, links can be added
  • That is possible, please email me for more details.

Hey, did my email come through ok?

This works well with Easy Author Image http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-author-image/

Upload your own author image if you don’t have a gravatar image.

I will download and work on an integration now.

Would it be possible to be able to manually add the author box description via shortcode?

byline description[/emembers]

I have several authors on my blog and accept guest posts. The byline would be different for every post. So having a default profile byline/author description does not work for me.

Heya. I sent you an email, hope it works as you would like.

yes, thank you! Shared it with myblogguest.com too, thanks!

Hi. I’m an Elite members’ plugin user and I wonder if it’s possible to show 2 author boxes in co-written posts. Maybe using a shortcode? It’d be a really great feature. Thxs!

Hey. I am just seeing this message. Sorry about the delay. Can you message me via my profile.I would like to know more about what you are using for co-written posts. Also, I can add an area for an User ID in the shortcode for you.

Hey. Thanks for your answer. Did you get my private message via your profile? I sent it to you more than one week ago. Just wanted you to know that It’d be great if you could add an area for an User ID for me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Live Preview don´t work…

You can try now.

OK, it worked. I’m more interested in the author box, but need to know if it works with custom posts. It is responsive?

Nice plugin, but can’t customize it, had to use something else.

Does this work on in WP 3.9?

Yes, it does.

I need help!

Where do i upload a picture so it shows in the plugin ?

never mind i fixed the issue.

Good night. I have a doubt and I need to eliminate it before buying this plugin. Is it possible to insert other social pages, such as instagram? I havent see this social in anywhere and it´s essential for me having this.

if before buying the support sucks i can´t even imagin the “post buyin” support. horrible not having an answer. mr. developer, are you nearby?

Greetings Pabro66. Sorry, about the inconvenience. It is possible to insert instagram however, it is currently not integrated.

Hello, your website hosting account with Live Preview has been suspended. Pay attention.

No youtube social? Maybe listing all the available networks?