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Assalam o Alaikum Sister Sarah! Hope you are well by the Grace of Allah.

Please guide me it’s not working.

When i try to delete contact, it say “Please delete deal first”. When i try to delete Deal, it say “Please delete Payment Plan first”. When i try to reach on payment plan, there is no button in Payment plan to delete them. I also want to delete Paid Invoices, but there is not option to delete them..

Here are images: 1. Please delete Deal first: 2. Please delete Deal Payment Plan first: 3. Payment Plan snapshot:

Hello there, Walekumaslaam,

Please create support ticket here for your issue.

Please note the ticket works in queue and we have National Holiday Tomorrow. Good wishes. Thanks.


jbein Purchased


I have below questions before purchase: 1-


jbein Purchased


I have below questions before purchase: 1-to add fields to properties (up to 5 fields) and see it on reports to filter by these fields, can I add it myself? is there any documentation? Otherwise, how do you charge for that and how much time? 2- Can we remove/hide the finance part of the system, I don’t need invoicing and anything related to money. Does it affect the main functionality.


Hello Jack, Unfortunately the developers guide is not available with this system but we can do the changes as per your need. We can add more fields and also remove the invoicing stuff. The cost would be around $80 extra and 3-4 working days.

You can PM me for more information and details.

Thank you.


jbein Purchased

The fields will be available on reports?

Yes it will.

Hi Sarah I drop few emails and message you, thankyou for your support there are bugs and I need to solve that out kindly answer me, I am very badly stuck..

Plus, This is old cake php version, and upgrade is not easy as said cakephp site CakePHP 3.0 features a new ORM that has been re-built from the ground up. The new ORM is significantly different and incompatible with the previous one. Upgrading to the new ORM will require extensive changes in any application that is being upgraded. See the new Database Access & ORM documentation for information on how to use the new ORM. “

"New ORM


Hello Umair,

First of all accept our apology for taking so much time to reply. We moved to different city and lacking in development resource. Since the ticket is handled by different team and it works in queue, it is taking longer than expected. We will resolve your issues as soon as we can. Once again sorry for such a delay.

Thank you

Is there any possibility to automaticly publish properties published in CRM on wordpress sites? Thank you!

We might do this via custom development using API development for this product and WordPress. You can PM the details for quote and time frame.

Thank you


Is this system white-labelled? Footer etc can be edited?


Replied on your email : lly*2^^

Thank you.

Thanks i have seen it. I am going to consult my boss tomorrow morning and then i’ll get back to you.


Hello, I see that your script is open source 100% so i can edit the code and add some functions to fit the business of my client but if i did that can i remove powered by from the footer or not. Thanks

Yes you can remove the powered by footer. Only reselling is not allowed. Cheers : ) Thank you.

Hi, I would like to check if you can add some features i need, there is an email address I can use to send you the information ? thanks!

Thanks will do!!

Thank you

Great work! A posible discount ? :)

Sorry Envato don’t offer discounts or coupon code options. Very sorry : )

If I want to add another language, how to do that?

Sorry there is no option to add languages manually. We provide instruction to edit PO file or add one for you. It cost Rs 1500 and 2 working days.

For details you can PM me.

Thank you

I upload pictures. It does not appear on the slide

Hello there,

Please create a support ticket here :

We will investigate and resolve your issue.

Please note we don’t work on weekends.

Thank you

Hi Sarah, prepurchase questions: the upgrade version CakePHP 3.0 very important. Can you provide a date for this Upgrade? Thanks!

I am so sorry, we don’t have any plan to upgrade to CakePHP 3x in near time, if you want we can do it specially for you. I need to discuss with development team for the same. Please PM for time frame and quote.

Thank you

Is there login for agent ? and what task agent can do

Yes there is a login for agent. Agent comes under agency and the rights can be assigned from Admin – User right Assignment forms.

Thank you

If I buy this script on the individual, not the company, it also pays VAT?

Please contact support, they will surely do the customization for you. Thank you

good. please send me email the old version :

Please create ticket for the same .

Does your script supports Arabic, RTL?

Yes it has RTL which can be enabled from Admin – Configuration.

1. Is it acceptable to write in Arabic?

2. Is it acceptable to liquidate a lease contract? For example, a tenant of my apartment rented an apartment every year and paid every 3 months and paid two installments and asked to leave the property how will the lease be liquidated? I have used the apartment for 6 months and paid a 6 month period. How is the contract terminated?

3 – Is there a system of payment and recovery of insurance upon termination of the contract

1. Yes you can write any language in Unicode.

2. The contractual EMI for rent is not available in the system for now but you can send me PM containing the detailed requirement for the same. We can custom develop it for you.

3. The payment method is available but no mode of recovery option yet.

Please PM me with your entire requirement so that i can supply you with cost and time frame for the custom development. Thank you very much for taking interest in our work. Good wishes : )

Do you have a willingness to create the required modifications and additions that the system lacks?

If yes, please send an email in order to send your request

Yes we can custom develop things are per your requirement. For cost and time frame, please PM me the details.

Thank you


drmedia1 Purchased

Hi. If I buy an extended license with the additional full 1 year support, am I allowed to charge customers for the client side use of the software? What is the full extent of use of the extended license as it is quite expensive as is the additional support payment for the year? Considering this nearly a thousand dollars which is a lot of money, I want to know what I get for a thousand bucks:-)

We can offer this to some of our end clients like a saas who would be interested in using this maybe. I’m ready to purchase if we can offer our customers a paid small monthly usage. It will take me some time to get my investment back on this. I see in the extended license is says we are allowed to charge customers for the use of it. Kindest thanks.

Hello there,

The extended license does not allow reselling of this product to end users even as SAAS service. You can resell the product to one client as an end product if you purchased the extended license.

Also this software is not designed to work as SAAS module. The quote for the same is already provided.

You can pay $3599 to get re-seller license and sell it at your own price. While label product with document will be offered and support of 6 Months included. We also offer $500 custom development service free with this.

To convert this to SAAS it will cost approx 20 working days and cost of $2500.

Thank you

Hello Sarah, You finished translating?

Hi there,

Unfortunately due to holidays (Good Friday and Weekend) your work got delayed, We will deliver it by Monday Evening. Kindly PM me or email me for status rather than using this comment box.

Thank you