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Dear sarah i have purchased the code yesterday and search function is not at all working in any section in my last communication if i buy code search will work but not working

Dear Sarah my problem is not solved yet please tell me wat will do with code if its not functional i cannot enter my data if it will take u long to solve it please refund the money

I have shared all information 3 days back but no action taken as yet

Sorry for the inconvenience, Support does not work during weekends and Holidays.

It’s already resolve. The search work only for 1st column. You can check for the feedback on your website now. Thank you.


kromaco Purchased

Hi! I just bought this item but the user manual for the software is not available, can you please provide me one ? Thank you!

Unfortunately the user manual is not available as we recently updated the software with Major Changes. We are working on Online Knowledge base system which will be available shortly for faster guidance. If you face any issue you can email us at support (at) rolftask (dot ) in. We will quickly guide you. Thank you : )


Can i set this plugin to work in spanish?


Yes we offer translation facility, it will cost $20 extra and 3 working days.


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Hi! The property’s back button is not working, can you help me to fix this please? thanks.

We have checked the script and unable to find any such error you have mentioned. You can check it from home page, Go to – Projects – Show properties


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do you have Skype?

Skype : sarah (dot) harwals

HI where is changelog? I see last update days back need to what was that. Thanks

HI where is changelog? I see last update days back need to what was that. Thanks

The change log will be available on our website shortly. It was some layout fixes, no major change. Thank you

i have custom development job for you please mail me your contact on omermd22(at)

You can use this link to send customization details for quote or you can email us at support (at) elfemo (dot) com

My Skype : Sarah (dot) Harwals

Dear Sarah I want to some customization in your script please tell me about the extra charges.

The charges and time frame depends on nature of job. Please share the customization requirement at support (at) elfemo (dot) com or use this link

Thank you

Sarah I have send a request on with contact form

received. Thank you

Wen I insert some no in PAN (/admin/clients/add) no data save in data base

Please create the ticket here . We will investigate and resolve your issue. Thank you

Sorry, can you explain differences between Plans, Leads, Deals ? Thank you

Leads stands for Marketing Lead. The potential clients with whom your sales team in talk. They can have status of the lead (Custom status can be created from Configuration ) and the date to follow up.

Deals is when client finally ready to purchase property. It help to separate the contact from clients.

Plans stands for EMIs or the installments for payment. For example if the property is of $10000 and seller wants to offer installments of 5 EMI, this can be created from plans.

Feel free to write us if you have any more concern. Thank you

can you sent demo for . agent , customer, supervisor, marketing inhouse,

and why i not found setting comission agent?

Perhaps by end of this week. Thank you

Sorry it got delayed due to lost of holidays in India. Will be done shortly. Thanks.


kromaco Purchased

Hi! can you make a customization for rental home? how much is it?

Please provide the requirement in details to get exact quote and time frame. You can email the requirement to support (at) elfemo (dot) com

Thank you

Dear Sarah when I purchased the script now its my 1st question i know my support time is end but i hope you will answer me, I am insert a new field in /admin/Agents Field Name is “Whatsapp” and whats app insert in Agent table but now when i submit the farm the all date submit but my new field data cant submit. Please help me where i will change the data will post.

I have submit the ticket with all file coding snaps step by step but Mr Zoofishan Yusufi closed this ticket and no comment on it.

She added the ticket to development disk and your work is in process. Accept my apology for closing your ticket, will check the reasons and revert you asap. Rest assured your work is in process and will be delivered shortly. Please understand, support works in queue.

Thank you : )


I have the same problem of nafakhari, I insert a new field in the database, but this field’s data can’t save in data base. I created a ticket, I was assigned to Zoofishan Yusufi, and he hasn’t answered me yet

Support works in queue, your ticket will be replied shortly. Please don’t worry. Thank you.

Hi, I want to remove ” Powered by GLOBAL CODE LAB INDIA ” from front end footer and backend dashboard. How can I ?

Please open the ticket at :

Will be done shortly. Thank you : )

Hi, I notice theme has been modified or changed ? - where is project option goes on live demo site ? - there is no commission for agents in live site? - do you have documentation of the script ? - what is different between leads and clients and deals ? on live demo there is no clients option ?- will I get new theme on download or previous one ? - error on live deals link ” An Internal Error Has Occurred. Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred.”

No problem. Thank you for help, Actually I am testing software before use and because of not have proper documentation I need your help. and I may need in future also If I get any problem or bugs. Thanks.

Thanks for cooperation and understanding. Will make sure you get reply asap. Thanks again.

Thanks for cooperation and understanding. Will make sure you get reply asap. Thanks again. Internal Server Error in installation i think from htaccess

Please create the support ticket here :

Thank you

Hi what’s include in New update ?

Nothing Noticeable. Just minor changes. Please don’t bother about this one. We will include change log if anything major come. Thank you

Hello Sarah I’ve added the Skype ID but can not contact you in any way. Can anyone tell me who can I contact to ask some questions about this CRM. I am interested in buying it !

You can email your query to support (at) or please PM your Skype ID. Thank you : )