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Beautiful job! :)

Thank you for appreciation !! Your products are also awesome !!

Looks cool! Might be good to add opt-in form generator so people can optin leads from other sites as well including their phone number.

If you could then add Twilio integration for phone numbers/sms/call features you’d have a winner!

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We’re already working on Form with API to integrate it to any website. Following are also in roadmap

1.Custom Form

2. Invoicing

3. Payments

4. Project Management

Thank you once again for your appreciation.

is it multi language?

The google translation is integrated which can be accessed via Admin – Configuration. Thank you


I made a fresh installation and I’m having some problems.

The category page, Source page, Types page and Statuses page are simply blank.

I need some help

I mean you gonna collect lead for I.T, E commerce, Medical etc. I can guide you then what category or type you create.

My doubts aren’t about creating the categories and types . The view, editing and creating pages are showing up blank.

Alright, share your installation URL and website access details to support(at)rolftask (dot) in . We will investigate and resolve your issue.

Thank you

hi it’s cakephp or codeigniter framework ? regards

It’s CakePHP 2.x

We’re already working on Form with API to integrate it to any website

Any ETA for this update? Thanks!!!

Since the sales of this product is not as expected we are not currently doing any update on it. Still if some one purchased and want’s some extra things to be included we will be more than happy to deliver in return of very small customization fee.

Thanks : )

Hi Sarah23,

Before considering your Software, I want to know if it be usable for the following use case:

I have an association of Four roles (CEO, IT, Executives and trainers).

We do many events for charity and health campaigns. We want a given trainer to fill a pre-defined form (campaign prevention from cancer form). Once the form is filled, it shows up on the Executive dashboard to validate it. Once OK, it will show up at the CEO dashboard as Activity Done. If NO, it should be resubmitted to the Trainer for recheck and so on. Each Form should be unique and corresponds to a given activity. For example, the fields in Events Form are not the same as those on the Campaigns Form, not the same as on the Travels Form.

There is no anonymous user, only registered users should choose and fill forms, that will then be transmitted to other in the workflow chain.

How can we do this using your software? If it can’t be done, please can you customize or advise?

Thank you so much for reading this.

Yours, Alaa NIZAR

Thank you for taking interest. I have gone through the requirement. We can provide a custom solution for you for the same. It will be approx $150 including the license fee.

Thank you : )


How can we proceed about this?



My Skype is : sarah.harwals

or you can send email to as well.

Can custom fields be added for leads?

There is no option to add custom field automatically inside the software but Yes we can easily add custom field for you.

Thank you

Hi there, are you available for freelance? I would like customization done to this product, if so, please provide an email address so that I can send my requirements.


Hi there,

Yes we are available for Custom development. You can get in touch with me at Skype : sarah.harwals or send us email at

Thank you : )

Doing the install: When I click “Let’s Start” get a 404. It’s looking for: Your directory has no folder called: installers?

Can you please share the credentials at support (at) rolftask (dot) in

sending now

Sure, it will get resolved in next working day. It’s late night at my side. : )


I need a platform PPC (Pay Per Click) system

to count only unique visits provide affiliate code for each affiliate

I can see how many clicks did each affiliate separately (Weekly – monthly)

of this platform? You can create for me?

Yes, i can create it for you. Please share the details to support (at) rolftask (dot) in for quote and time frame for the same.

Thanks for taking interest. Good wishes :)

Hi good day

I want to buy this Theme but just want to know aboutTheme 2) create accountant account to see only who paid and who not from each building 3) owner account to see how many total paid and how many not

We are dealing with 1500+ students and 500+ rooms and 4 Buildings , i have few questions about theme
1) Its possible to Create manage account so manager can manage only his buildings customer

Hello Inayat, thanks for taking interest. Yes it is possible but with custom development services, in general it may cost approx $100 extra to get it done. I request you to share the details to support (at) rolftask (dot) in for more accurate quote and time frame for the development.

Good wishes : )

Hi sarah I send you Requirement Did you manage to check ur email i send from

So sorry, was on Holiday, will revert the quote and time frame estimate in couple of hours. Thank you

Hello I am facing problem in installing this.. I have uploaded the all the file in server, you can view it on I am facing 500 internal server error which is normaly caused for invalid htaccess, so i tried to remove the htaccess file which removed this error but it didn’t go further to next step of installation. I request you to please look into and let me know if you need anything.

Please send the details to support (at) rolftask (dot) in. We will install the application for you. Don’t forget to provide Cpanel details. Thank you.

I have sent you an email!

It’s in queue. Thank you

Hello Its been many days i am waiting for your reply on the error i am getting.. Please see all the email i sent from

Sorry for the delay. We have moved our Tech Support to new place with better and faster resources,

Please create a ticket at to get instant resolution of your problem. Very sorry again. Thank you

Ok will that in future.. In the meanwhile can you please do this job for now!! Read my mail and get it done.. Will create tickets in future!

I know it’s embarrassing but can you please create a new ticket for the same, i’ll make sure it will be done on most urgent priority. Support is now handle by different peoples. My apologies for such an inconvenience.

Your demo is missing

Updated the correct link.

Thank you for letting us know. Good wishes.

Incorrect username/password!

Password Reset Sir.

Hi, do you have a front end html code to capture leads from website and then save them to the back end?

No sir this script don’t have front end but we can surely built one for you if you wish at very reasonable price.

Thank you


kayboxa Purchased

I tried to install on local wamp server and i get a 404 after clicking “lets start” it points to the url:

Please raise a ticket here for the same.