Discussion on Elemento - Bootstrap Skin

Discussion on Elemento - Bootstrap Skin

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Hardees website created in bootstrap 4 and zinger burger pop up show in boostrap 3.

I need that for the 2 person fishing canoe and need some reasonable prices.

Any plans to update this item up to version 3.3.5? The last update were almost one year ago…Thanks.

Hi, actually I’ve opted out from support some months ago. Anyway, I’m in the process to make some time to update all products when possible, so hopefully they will be progressively in the course of this month. Thansk.

Hi, Can we create a sub menu using this skin? I tried to code using the bootstrap standard’s class name but no luck. Please help.. Thank you.

I mean the sub-sub menu

Hello friend. Bootstrap customizer is included?

Hi, if you mean the themeroller application, it is not included.
I’ve made the customizer for the first versions of my items but I stopped developing it so it doesn’t support bootstrap 3.


A small fix for google chrome for the caption transition bug. (Leaves a border at the top when you move quickly hover in and out on the image)

CSS Class: .gallery.effect-1 .caption CSS Rule: -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

This fixed my problem.

That’s right, the issue is regarding to the 3d rendering engine in chrome-
Thanks for the fix Jamie94.

There is one pixel, when it switces from the normal menu, to the dropdown, where no menu is displayed, this happens to fit the Ipad size as well, but can be reproduced in a normal browser, if you resize the window. This happens on my own site, and on your preview site.

Thanks zeonos for reporting the issue. There’s now a new version with a fix this bug and also updated to last version of bootstrap 3.1.1

Best Regards


Let me know something. I have a website with bootstrap css design. I will like to upgrade the front design using your template. Could you explain how can i do that? There is too dificult? I have ready themes from bootswatch to choose on my website system but i dont like them.

Thanks Regards,


Installing this skin in your website should be simple, you will only need to replace the css and js files from Bootstrap.
You only need to take care if your website uses custom elements, which won’t be styled automatically.

Please, let me know if you have more questions


Great! thank you for information.


Me again. The whiner.

The off canvas menu doesn’t work in IE 11 on Win7. Thought you’d like to know. It’s just a blank canvas.


Hi, Thanks for the report the issue. I’ve it fixed. Unfortunately what fix IE breaks the rest of the browser so I’ve to add extra js. Before release this update, I’ll continue checking the android issue you’have mentioned before.


Any ETA on the fix?


Hi, hopefully this week I’ll release the update. I been delayed testing the android issue.

Bought this clean skin. Very nice.

However, on the stock Android browser ( Kitty Kat 4.4.2) the nifty side-slide menu doesn’t work. Instead it draws a vertical line down the middle of the screen and displays the menu options behind the page content. Ouch. And it’s busted on the UC browser too.

Works fine on Mobile Opera, Chrome, Firefox, tho, so that’s good.

We need more mobile browsers just to keep devs on their toes. ;-)


Hi, what device are you using to test it? I’ve tried in a couple of dev with android 4.4.2 and seems to work fine.


This skin works on pure HTML scenario, without any type programing language like PHP?

Hi, yes, the only feature that requires php is the twiter feed.


Great Skin!!! I found a issue with your modal popup back mask indexing over the modal when it’s re-sized down to a mobile response. Browser I’m using is: Latest Chrome version on Win. Hope you can resolve this problem ASAP.

Regards, Dwaune

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for report the issue. There is an upcoming update with last version of Bootstrap 3 and the fix for the modal backdrop covering the modal content.
FYI, the issue is a bug with chrome, the z-index order breaks when using css perspective. It only occurs when using the offcanvas navigation.


Typeahead is not working properly.

Can you suggest me what to do?

Hello, what is the issue you’re experiencing?

See the demo site you provided

Hi, there’s an update pending for approval with the fix for the typeahead styles. You should receive an alert when it’s approved.

Thanks for report this

Im having a problem on mobile, the nav shadow doesnt seem to be offscreen as its supposed too. (my site) (Your preview site)

Hello, could you provide the device name and which browser version?

I use a samsung galaxy S3 with cyanogenmod with the default browser.


bravo, very good job !
my question :
in home.html ( template ) is it possible to put the link on flickr in target blank ?
<script src="*******@N**"></script>


Hi, thanks! I think is not possible because the markup is not editable but you can use the following jquery to achieve the same behavior

    $('.flickr-feed').on('click', 'a', function(e){


Can anyone tell me if this skin can be used with Ruby on Rails?

Hi, sorry for the late answer.
I’m not an expert on Ruby, but, since this a css/js framework it has no direct relation with the Ruby implementation. I mean, your Ruby code will do the backend job and Bootstrap is a frontend framework.


Any plans to integrate FontAwesome 4 with this (or another) Bootstrap 3 skin?

Hi, yes, is in my plans but Im a bit delayed these days, hope to update it soon.
Just fyi, FA4 integration should be easy as replacing file font and LESS styles.


How to remove responsiveness in bootstrap 3 version ?

Hi, you need just to add a fixed width the .container class.
You can also take a look at this official demo



I just download the latest release, extract the bootstrap 3 in localhost. It seem in latest chrome (29.0.1547.76 m) most component in extras page (testimonial, effect gallery, ribbon, flickr, etc) doesn’t work at all but fine in other browser: FF 24, Opera, Safari.

But using same chrome version, the extras page in your live demo is fine tho.


There was a problem with the CSS compilation for Bootstrap 3 files. Im uploading a new version right now with the fixes. In order to avoid the approval time, please send me a message and I’ll send you the new version.


I purchased this a few days ago and couldn’t get some of the effects to work (such as the thumbnail hover states). I was pulling my hair out for a while when I realized that the bootstrap.water.min.css file doesn’t contain all the styling for the extra elements. It seems that only the bootstrap.min.css file does. Since that file only comes minified, it’s difficult to determine which styles are missing from the other files. The documentation says we shouldn’t include both the bootstrap.min.css file and the specific theme style, so I’m a bit at a loss. Is there something I’m missing?



Yes, you’re right and the docs are right too, but there was a problem with the CSS compilation for Bootstrap 3 files. I’m going to upload a new version with the fixes. In order to avoid the approval time, please send me a message and I’ll send you the new version.

Thanks for report the issue and sorry for this serious inconvenience.

I’ve sent you the new version, but received a delivery error from your mail. Please let me know if you didn’t receive the package.

Same again. Do you have skype?


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