Element Pack - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Element Pack - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

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Ultimate essential addons for Elementor Page Builder with 190+ of the most popular and essential elements that you need for everyday use in website page building.

Development of the Element Pack addons for Elementor has the world’s best practices in code standard and meets proper validation using the latest CSS, HTML5, and PHP 8.x technology to bring you a professional addons for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin that is WordPress 5.6.x ready and compliant.

Element Pack for Elementor includes the most commonly used elements (called widgets) that help you easily manage your website content by simply using the drag and drop ability. There is absolutely no programming knowledge required, seriously!

Because now you can easily one-click live copy and paste into your website. Even you can import them from the template library.

It’s also multilingual ready, including 15+ languages and support RTL language.

Included Ready Made Homepages:

250+ Pages and 1700+ sections/blocks + 330+ Header and Footer already included more pages, blocks, header and footer design are coming very soon…

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Every Widget Control is Now in Your Hand

Element Pack Included Widgets

3rd Party Plugins Supported

We are really happy to give support some of the most popular plugins. Here are some that we have widgets for now and more are coming soon.

NOTE: You need to download or purchase separately those 3rd party plugins. 3rd Party plugin NOT included with our package.

3rd Party Themes Compatibility

Our addons supports almost all themes but we tested some of the most popular can confirm that it works properly on the following:

Version Change-log [Full Changelog]

## 5.8.2 [9th June 2021]

### Added

- Wrapper Link added in Hover Video Widget (Thanks Jorge Mario)
- Default Mode,Toggle Position, Ignore Elements, Save User Action Options added in Dark Mode Widget.
- Item Counter features added in Price List Widget

### Fixed

- Fixed module base error for some rare cases
- JS issue fixed in Circle Info Widget (Thanks Julien Luciani)
- HTML Input fixed on Static type in Table Widget  (Thanks to Justin James)
- Avatar Size fixed in User Login Widget  (Thanks to Patrick Mullner)
- Couple of Options improved in Dark Mode Widget.

## 5.8.1 [3rd June 2021]

### Added

- Transition, scale, skew and overflow option added in Transform Effects Extend
- Follow Button spacing option added in Profile Card Widget
- Location Redirect on submit, reCAPTCHA Enabled options added in Simple Contact Form Widget
- Aspect Ratio Option Added in Hover Video Widget (Thanks Andrea Napierkowski)
- First Name and Last Name Remove Options Added in User Register Widget (Thanks jasim pk)

### Fixed

- Thumbnav opacity issue fixed in Thumb Gallery Widget
- Parallax/Scrolling Effect editor live view issue fixed

## 5.8.0 [12th May 2021]

### Added

- Features Hide On option added in Price Table Widget
- Badge Option added in Advanced Button Widget
- Arrows Hide on Mobile option added in Slideshow Widget (Thanks Gabriel Sirbu)
- Scroll Button Hide issue fixed (Thanks Sam Kary)
- Show Arrows always control added in Video Gallery Widget
- Parallax/Scrolling effects added in Section and Column
- Background Parallax/Scrolling effect added border and background color option
- Hover border color added in tabs widget

### Fixed

- 189 Widgets minor markup validation fixed and properly checked by W3C validator.
- Admin email overriding fixed in Simple Contact Form Widget (Thanks Ruben Romero)
- Hide On Before Scrolling simple bug fixed
- Link Attribute issue fixed in Trailer Box Widget (Thanks Jason)
- JS error fixed in Open Street Map Widget (Thanks Sailer)
- Marketing Tab Disappears issue fixed (Thanks Josh Eastman)
- User Login and Register widget Recaptcha JS issue fixed

## 5.7.7 [15th April 2021]

### Added

- Hide On Before Scrolling added on Scroll Button widget
- Glassmorphism option added in Lightbox Widget for some special cases
- Two Columns option added in Simple Contact Form Widget
- Human Different Time option added in Post Grid, Post Block, Post Block Modern, Post Card, Post Grid Tab, Post List, Post Slider Widgets

### Fixed

- Panel Slider title color fixed (Thanks to Greg Allman)
- Navbar widget issue fixed that conflict with hello elementor theme (Thanks to Mike Kandela and PHC Software)
- Featured Image not showing issue fixed in Post Block skin Genesis Widget
- Responsive column gap issue fixed in Woocommerce Carousel Widget

## 5.7.6 [22th March 2021]

### Fixed

- Active and deactivation error fixed
- Carousel, testimonial slider and carousel speed slider control issue fixed
- Advanced Heading + Animated Heading, accordion, Advanced Counter, Advanced Icon Box, Carousel, Circle Info, Custom Gallery etc widgets tag size security issue fixed
- Total count widget RTL css missing issue fixed

## 5.7.5 [18th March 2021]

### Added

- Total Count Widget Added (Thanks to Radzio)
- Glassmorphism option added in Countdown Widget for some special cases
- Vertical Border remove option added in Table Widget (Thanks to Randhir ek)
- Features Icon Hover Color, Pricing Border, border radius and margin, hover background option added in Price Table Widget
- Title and readmore button spacing option added in Panel Slider Widget
- Layout Style Eight Option added in Price Table Widget
- Global Link Option added in Interactive Card Widget
- Strip Emoji option added in Twitter Slider, Twitter Carousel, Twitter Grid Widgets (Thanks to Lukas Baeuerle)
- Item Match Height Option Added In Event Carousel Widget
- Image Ratio and Item Match Height Option Added In Event Grid Widget
- Navigation position center left, right option added in All carousel type Widgets
- Next/Previous day, month and year (offset) option added in current date shortcode

### Fixed

- Features Icon Color issue fixed in Price Table Widget
- Carousel date format issue fixed (Thanks to Sytze Notebomer)
- Dropdown issue fixed in User Login Widget (Thanks to Doron Yosha)

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